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MS Research

Long Beach Middle School Science Research Program

Middle school students should experience science on a personal level, whether through their participation in a classroom group inquiry activity, or, individually, as they explore a topic of their interest.  In this way, students become scientists, and are challenged to extend and deepen their scientific knowledge as they problem solve through the scientific method.

All students in Long Beach Middle School will engage in the science research process through a class project this year.  At the 6th grade level, students will develop an experiment to solve a scientific problem as a class.  In the Science 8 course, students will solve a variety of problems within their group during regular classroom instruction.

In the 7th grade science and 8th Grade Earth Science Honors programs, students will engage in independent research projects, either as an individual, or in groups of two or three students.  Instruction for all components of these projects will be provided during regular classroom instruction.  Additional support for these students is provided after school on Wednesdays at the Science Research Club. Students in these courses who are interested in presenting their projects at local science competitions, such as the Long Island Science Congress and the LISEF – Broadcom MASTERS, will be able to do so through the Research Club.

The information for the 7th and 8th grade research projects, including due dates, grading rubrics, and other expectations are below:

Seventh Grade Research Project

Eighth Grade Research Project

Earth Science Honors