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Badminton Winners

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Congratulations to Jared Starman & John Aebly for winning High School Physical Education badminton tournament.

The future looks promising for LBHS 2018 grads

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Long Beach High School’s Class of 2018 headed out into the world after receiving diplomas and words of inspiration during a meaningful graduation ceremony held on June 22. The school’s 95th annual commencement ceremony brought the seniors together one last time to share in each other’s victories and support one another in following their dreams.

Veteran’s Field at Long Beach Middle School was energized with proud family members, friends, teachers and district leaders who applauded the seniors for well-earned accomplishments and cheered them on in the ventures ahead. The graduation band performed “Pomp and Circumstance” as the Class of 2018 members filed onto the field and the graduation choir performed the national anthem. 

Principal Jeffrey Myers welcomed all honorees and guests and shared his own high school graduation experience. Board of Education Trustee Dr. Dennis Ryan also addressed the graduates, in the form of a song that he wrote specifically about their class. Audience members chimed in for the chorus.

Salutatorian Patrick Morris described some difficult circumstances that he and his classmates faced together and ways that they used these times as opportunities to grow and learn. “I hope you continue learning and growing – evolving each and every day whether in a traditional classroom, at home, or in a manner all of your own,” he said. “Look at challenges as opportunities, as moments to improve. Be the improvement. Make the difference. And any time you doubt yourself or your ability to overcome, just remember back to where it all began and how wonderful it all turned out. Remember that you write the narrative of your own life – always make it a good one.”

Valedictorian Dillon Razler spoke about the steps it took for the seniors to get to this important moment. “So much of what we have accomplished could never have been done without a feeling, deep down, that nothing could stop us from achieving it,” he said. He drew upon the advice of Theodore Roosevelt: “Believe that you can and you’re halfway there.” 

An award-winning athlete, Dillon listed many sports highlights that members of the graduating class have earned and noted that each feat was the result of belief in oneself and hard work. “Confidence in all that you can do is key, and the mentality that you can do whatever you set your minds to will bring you all very far in life,” he said. “Having a great deal of determination to succeed and a strong work ethic in general will empower you to pursue what your heart desires.”

In Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher’s address, she introduced three theoretical “guest” speakers: Ed Sheeran, Malala and the Rainbow Fish. She summarized each of their stories in overcoming adversity and left the seniors with a collection of valuable life lessons about doing what they love, being courageous in standing up for their beliefs and sharing their gifts with others.  

“When people ask you about your graduation speakers, you can say that they were Ed Sheeran, Malala, and the Rainbow Fish, and that they urged you to follow your passion, live your life with courage, and be men and women of service,” Dr. Gallagher said. 

Senior Class President Chrysalis Mandell spoke about the significance of this milestone for the graduates, and Mr. Myers then presented the Class of 2018 to the audience and joined members of the Board of Education and administration in the distribution of diplomas. Diana Weiss led her classmates as they turned their tassels from right to left to represent their transition from students to graduates. 

To commemorate the official announcement of this significant and long-awaited moment, the graduates tossed their caps into the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. 


LBHS Students Accepted Into Prestigious Summer Arts School

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Long Beach High school freshman Chandler Rosenzweig and sophomore Liz Kelly were accepted into the 2018 New York State Summer School of the Arts. Joshua Kapilian, a junior, was also selected as a violist as announced in a previous news story. Liz will participate in the art component and Chandler will attend as a French horn musician. All will attend summer courses led by renowned professionals in their respective areas of specialty. 

Liz is a digital artist and also takes drawing and painting at Long Beach High School. She was recently inducted into the National Art Honor Society. She plays the oboe, flute and trombone, is a member of the Symphonic Jazz Lab and has participated in NYSSMA. Chandler is involved in the Concert Band and Symphonic Band for French horn and plays guitar in the Symphonic Jazz Lab. A member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, she is a two-time NYSSMA All-County performer. 

Seniors Ready for Collegiate Sports

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The Long Beach Public Schools is proud of the many high school seniors who have committed to collegiate sports teams for the fall. Congratulations to the following Class of 2018 athletes: Logan Bauer, Ethan Bonney, Sam Brinster, Scott Gernhardt, Gordon Gerstner, Samuel Gibson, Tamiyah Massey, Alexander Michelman, Troy Morris, Johan Penaranda, Emma Pfaff, Deon Ray, Sarah Reznick, Elijah Rodriguez, Edward Roesch, Chris Scandole and Jacori Teemer.

Seventy-one seniors complete IB Diploma Program

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Long Beach High School congratulated graduating seniors who successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program during a recognition ceremony held on May 31. The seventh annual event featured risktaking as the theme, as this is one of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile traits. 

Seventy-one students were presented with stoles, signifying their completion of two higher-level and three standard-level International Baccalaureate courses, internal assessments, external exams, Theory of Knowledge course, extended essay and 150 hours of community service this year, a monumental task on top of an already challenging high school academic program. 

Long Beach High School became an International Baccalaureate World School in 2010. International Baccalaureate classes are known for their academic rigor and encourage students to be well-balanced, caring, reflective, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded and communicative inquirers, thinkers and risktakers.  

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher, Principal Jeffrey Myers and IB Coordinator Jennifer Quinn addressed the audience and praised the students for rising to a momentous challenge. David Prince served as the evening’s keynote speaker and seniors Danielle Breen and Daroma Persaud were emcees. 

“A few years ago, you made a commitment to the IB Diploma – and you did that even though that commitment took a lot of work,” Dr. Gallagher told the students. “Tonight is a celebration of your diligence. This is an accomplishment that few high schoolers can claim and one that will not only prepare you for college but the world beyond college.” 

Ms. Quinn spoke about the risktaker trait and referenced the book “Daring Greatly,” by Brené Brown. “One of the themes she writes about often is based on her belief that vulnerability, or willingness to be ‘all in’ even when it can mean failing, is great. I believe that all 71 of you have chosen to be brave and vulnerable by putting yourself ‘all in’ to the IB program and your education beyond it.”

Jesse Scott and Darcy Roman recited poems in French and Spanish, respectively. Jesse shared Maurice Carême’s “Liberté” while Darcy featured “Queda Prohibido” by Pablo Neruda. Diamond Lambert was selected by the students to speak on their behalf and she reflected on the program and experiences. The seniors then presented a special “Thank You” video in which they expressed their gratitude to the supportive teachers and counselors that have encouraged them along the way. 

Each student’s name was announced and administrators presented stoles to Tyler Aitchison, Benedict Albergo, Derek Bannon, Dylan Bannon, Danielle Breen, Dylan Brickman, Alexander Brown, Matteo Camarda, Paulina Cardona, Grace Carsella, Rachel Cheung, Kathryn Cleary, Grace Conway, Rosemary Cozine, Michael Cuzzo, Paulina Czartoryski, Ava de Bruin, Blaise Derenze, John Diaz, Danielle DiCristi, Frantz Doerrer, Robert Dumitriu, Meredith Fagan, Abigail Farrell, Logan Friedman, Jake Galgano, Eduardo Gonzalez-Heymann, Tristan Groh, Pearl Gross, Dylan Harrington, Aidan Heffernan, Helena Henry, Jahan Khan, William Klain, Diamond Lambert, Jordan Landsman, Adam Leavitt, Emma Levin, Richard Lily, Mallie Littman, Gianna Lobel, Xiomara Lopez-Leon, Chrysalis Mandell, Colleen Mannle, Breandan McHale, Patrick Morris, Morgan O’Brien, Terence O’Neil, Vincenzo Pagano, Ardina Perezic, Daroma Persaud, Emma Pfaff, Jennifer Puca, Dillon Razler, Samantha Reichert, Emmaluisa Riano, Darcy Roman, Jennifer Rotando, Lindsey Rudtner, Taylor Rudtner, Vincent Saciolo, Jesse Scott, Carly Siegel, Stella Smith, Laura Sunder, Lucia Techera, Liam Thornton, Taneka Tucker, Jared Weissberg, Wes Yanowitch and Lily Yeomans.