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Nike Environmental Center

 The salt marsh features an ecosystem where the transition from a terrestrial biome to a salt-water biome can be observed. Along the east coast of the United States one finds a ribbon of green marshes, part solid land, part mobile water having a definite but elusive border, now hidden, now exposed, as the tides of the Atlantic fluctuate.  These transitional areas occur along the intertidal shore of estuaries and sounds where salinity (salt content) varies greatly from near fresh water to that of the open ocean. The Nike Environmental Center offers a unique opportunity to explore a relatively undisturbed stretch of salt marsh.
   The salt marsh is a critical habitat for the survival of many species. Many varieties of marine life live in the marsh or utilize the marsh as a place to spawn; the marsh is often referred to as the “nursery of the sea”. Dozens of species of birds live in, visit or migrate through the marsh. The Nike Environmental Center is a wonderful site for observing migrating birds along the Atlantic Flyway during the spring and fall migrations. Migratory species rely on the marsh as a vast refueling stop as they make their long flights.