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Common Core Survey


The New York State Education Department recently launched an online survey encouraging New York residents to provide detailed feedback on the state's English Language Arts (ELA)/literacy and math Common Core Learning Standards for pre-kindergarten through grade 12.  Teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, and the business community are encouraged to participate in the review.

“This survey provides an opportunity for every New Yorker to go online, review each standard and comment on what is liked, not liked, or offer a suggestion for a change to a particular standard. Respondents do not need to comment on every standard. Please comment on as few or as many standards as desired.” (AIMHighNY)  The Commissioner states the objectives of the review as follows:

  1. to increase awareness and understanding of New York’s current standards in ELA and math that were adopted in 2011; and
  2. to gather actionable feedback from all New Yorkers as part of the department’s regular review process of the academic standards with an eye toward continuous improvement.                       

The survey will be open until Nov. 30, 2015, and the results will help inform changes made to the standards. An advisory group made up of stakeholders including teachers, school administrators, and parents will review the survey results and make recommendations based on those results. 

To access the survey, please visit the link below.