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Long Beach Middle School

239 Lido Boulevard, Lido Beach, NY 11561
Principal:  Paul Romanelli
Vice Principals: Keith Biesma
  John Emmons
Principal: (516) 897-2162
Vice Principals: (516) 897-2164
Main Office: (516) 897-2166   
Deans' Office: (516) 897-2154
Attendance: (516) 897-2155
Guidance: (516) 897-2167
Nurse: (516) 897-2150
Hours: 7:55 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.



 Middle School Summer School Information


Hello Everyone,

Attached is our End of the Year Calendar for LBMS. June 13th is the last full day of classes. Starting on June 14th, through the 23rd, students will be dismissed at 10am. There will be extra help on specific dates noted on the calendar from 10am-11am.

In addition, students enrolled in Algebra and/or Earth Science will be provided transportation to school starting at 11am on the days of those exams. If students are being dropped off on those dates, they should arrive by 11:30.

We are looking forward to a successful completion of the school year!

Paul Romanelli

LBMS Principal

Hello Parents,

I am writing to tell you about a very exciting event that we have coming up at Long Beach Middle School!

On Tuesday, June 6th, 2017, at 12:45 PM, 900 students, staff and community members from the Long Beach Middle School will take the shape of a gigantic surfboard. In the field directly behind our district office building, participants will become "human drops of paint" in an image that will only make sense from the sky. This event is student led in collaboration with building staff and Oregon conceptual artist, author and educator, Daniel Dancer.

Dancer conducts Art For the Sky projects across the US with the goal of creating living paintings of endangered species and global messages in each state. Images of his collaborative work with schools can be viewed in the "sky gallery" on his website: The surfboard image we will be creating embodies the vision of our school to have our students work collaboratively towards their goals with a global perspective in mind. The surfboard image will be formed by participants wearing clothing colored white for the surfboard and blue for a wave. Students will also create a recycling symbol and model of the Earth using items (collected at our beach cleanup) and other re-purposed and recycled materials. Dancer will photograph the huge design from a ladder truck raised 100 feet in the air. Working in conjunction with the Point Lookout Fire Department, firemen will coordinate the efforts of the ladder truck with Daniel Dancer to make the image come alive.

Long Beach Middle School will depict the surfboard with a wave that brings knowledge regarding reusability and sustainability benefitting our community and the future of our planet. This day is a celebration of the city of Long Beach "Going Green" and we are excited to be a part of this important movement.

Important Information:

Students wearing WHITE shirts:

Entire 6th grade & Team 7-1

Students wearing ROYAL BLUE shirts (NY Mets Blue):

Team 7-2, Team 7-3, Entire 8th grade

*These shirt colors should be worn to school on June 6th. Matching pants or shorts are a plus as well!!!

We will be having a beach cleanup on Sunday, June 4th, to collect items that will be painted and used in our project. Interested students can meet at LBMS at 10:15am on this date. We will be walking across the street to Lido West Town Park and then into Long Beach and will return by 12PM for parent pickup.

Students will be attending an assembly on Monday, 6/5, to learn about the six teachings outlined on and discuss the logistics of the event. Students will also be attending an assembly on Wednesday, 6/7, where we will unveil the video and photo that were created for this event. This will be the first time we reveal our "Sky Sight"!

What can you do to help?

We need Royal Blue (NY Mets Blue) and White T-Shirts donated to the MS. If you have Middle School size shirts (or larger) we are collecting them at the main office. Thank you in advance!!!!!

We need a place in Long Beach for the Artist to stay while he is in town! Would you be willing to host the Artist at your house? Daniel arrives on Friday night at 6:30PM and will be leaving late afternoon on Friday. Please let us know if you are willing to host the artist for any amount of time. Thank you in advance!!!

We are very excited about this big event and appreciate all of your support!!!

Paul Romanelli

Principal - Long Beach Middle School

LBMS Beach Cleanup - Art for the Sky


Art for the Sky - Online Scavenger Hunt

Please use the website to complete this online scavenger hunt in your Social Studies class this week:

We are looking forward to this amazing full school event!!

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Long Beach Middle School is sixth through eighth grade setting in which we promote the social, emotional and intellectual growth of our students. Our focus is to provide a school setting that is responsive to their educational and developmental needs. We offer a rich array of extra-curricular activities. Check our calendar, club and athletics pages for details.
Our school has an interdisciplinary approach. Teaming is the hallmark of middle level education. The teams are comprised of four core subject area teachers (English, Science, Social Studies, and Math.) These four teachers share a common group of students. Each group of teachers has a common planning time to meet every day to discuss students, curriculum, assessment and projects. They have time set aside in the schedule for conferencing with guidance counselors and meeting with parents.



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