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Elementary Education

Hello Parents,

In Long Beach we have four elementary schools and half day pre-kindergarten program.  The primary goals of the Long Beach elementary schools are to develop children’s literacy and numeracy abilities while supporting their social and emotional growth.  We combine these goals with a rich offering of co-curricular classes including physical education and the arts, instruction in science and social studies, and academic supports to build the foundation necessary for students to succeed in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Long Beach Elementary Schools provide instruction aligned to learning standards within a locally developed curriculum.  Our Units of Study in ELA (English Language Arts) have been developed over the past several years with teams of dedicated teachers.  They incorporate a balanced literacy approach based on the Teachers College workshop model.  Our math instruction incorporates the Story of Units from Eureka / Great Minds with refinements made by teachers to best meet the needs of their students.  Teachers provide instruction within these frameworks to develop independent thinkers and learners.  Preparation for college and career readiness begins in our elementary schools with these foundational skills and understandings.

We invite you to frequent our site as new information is posted regularly.  Our postings on this page will be expanded throughout the year and should give you greater insight into the expectations, rigor, and exciting learning opportunities for all students within the Long Beach Public Schools.