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Science, Technology, Engineering

and Mathematics (STEM)


Welcome to STEM!

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
and their connections in grades 6-12

STEM disciplines in the secondary schools offer students exciting opportunities through the International Baccalaureate programs, departmental programs of study, the science/engineering research program, and facilities such as the TV Production Studio.  We hope that all students explore the many available options to expand their interests in the STEM fields and to be better prepared for college, career and beyond!


Deborah Lovrich, Ph.D.
Director of STEM 6-12
P (516) 771-3960
F (516) 771-3961



The following students were winners of the grade 8 American Mathematics Competition:

Rio Arengo won gold (top 1% nationally); Brady Romano, Aaron Conte, and Zachary Kramer won silver; and Samantha Feingold and Brendan Hellman won bronze. Principal Mr. Romanelli and STEM Director Dr. Lovrich congratulated the students. 


The 2018 annual Science Symposium in the Middle School


Dr. Ido Davidesco of New York University demonstrates brain waves during social interactions seen in the classroom. 


Oysters in the Long Beach High School tidal pond! In collaboration with the Town of Hempstead Dept. of Waterways and Conservation, science research students will monitor the oyster development and species recruitment to the reef of this once plentiful species. Students made the shell bags for the oyster reef foundation on Earth Day of 2016. According to science research teacher Mr. Onufrock, oysters increase water clarity, attract biodiversity, sequester carbon, and act as hard barriers that absorb wave energy thereby preventing marsh erosion.

oysters image


Columbia University has selected Alyscia Batista and Joshua Kapilian to participate in their Science Honors Program. Congratulations!

science honors image


At the second annual Tech Expo and Car Show on Saturday, May 20, students displayed benches constructed in woodshop, MakerBot objects, and a re-built 1947 Ford hot rod truck. Visitors were able to view the shops in the high school. 


Tech Expo image


At LIU Post’s Video Festival on April 28, Scott Powers won for best documentary and Sean Reilly, James O'Connor and Logan Kohn won for best narrative. Congratulations!


LIU Film Fest image


At the Long Island Math Fair on April 28 at Hofstra University, 10th grader Joshua Kapilian and 8th grader Uma Arengo earned gold medals and 8th grader Maya Arengo, a bronze medal. Great work!



At the Molloy College Science Fair, Joshua Kapilian won bronze for his project, Creating a More Robust and Efficient Model of United States Airspace Control. Lauren Bulik and Emily McDonnell also won bronze for their project, Analyzing, Collecting and Studying Microplastics in Reynolds Channel. Congratulations to Josh, Lauren, Emily and Mr. Onufrock, their science research teacher!


molloy image

Congratulations to the top students on the American Mathematics Competitions for grades 10 and 12! Joshua Kapilian was the highest scorer for the Long Beach High School’s AMC 10, and Eric Ricci was the LBHS highest scorer for AMC 12. Both students are pictured with Math Club advisor, Mr. Prince.


AMC image

At the Locust Valley Film Festival, the Long Beach TV Studio Production students submitted 30 films. Out of the 300 submitted in total, 60 were chosen as finalists that played during the festival. Our students had 9 of the 60 finalists!
Our finalists were:


  • Face Your Fears (Drama) by Shaena Sennett
  • Running On Empty (Drama) by Shaena Sennett
  • Pay It Forward (PSA) by Lea Jaffe, Carly Siegel, Jeannie Ripley-Grier
  • The End (PSA) by Zach Farrell, Hanna Kagansky
  • A Way Out (PSA) by Logan Kohn
  • Spooky House (Comedy) by Sean Reilly, James O'Connor
  • Work is Hell 2 (Comedy) by Sean Reilly, James O'Connor
    Finalists and Award Winners were:
  • Kick Me Over (2nd place - Music Video) by Max Scelfo, Scott Powers, Gavin Byrne, Katie Whelan
  • Invisible (1st place - Trailer) by Melody Moy


At the local Science and Engineering Fairs, Vinny Pagano won a NYSSEF first place award in the Mathematics category, a LISEF Honorable Mention in Mathematics, and the Mu Alpha Theta math awards (at both fairs!) for his project, Comparison of Multivariate and Lagrangian Interpolation. At LISEF, Lauren Bulik and Emily McDonnell won third place in the Earth and Environmental Science category and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for their project, Analyzing, Collecting and Studying Microplastics in Reynolds Channel. Congratulations to the students and science research teacher Mr. Onufrock!

lisef image

Savannah Kile and Leah Shokrian were the first to publish a partial DNA sequence for the parasite Pleurogonius malaclemys in the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s international database, GenBank. With the help of Long Beach High School science research teacher Mr. Cody Onufrock, Savannah and Leah worked with the Barcode Long Island program at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center and Hofstra University.





In the Nassau County Drug Awareness PSA Contest, Television Studio and Production Student Melody Moy won second-place and received a Fitbit watch and $100 prize. Congratulations Melody (pictured at the Locust Valley Film Festival)!

PSA image

Congratulations to the Long Beach Middle School students who performed at a distinguished level of achievement on the national American Mathematics Competition (Grade 8)! From left to right in the photo below, they are 6th grader Brady Romano (2nd place in school), 8th grader Uma Arengo (1st place in school; Top 5% in the nation), 6th grader Alexandra Wiesendanger (2nd place in school), and 8th grader Maya Arengo (3rd place in school).




Long Beach Middle School eighth-graders Maya Arengo and Uma Arengo were acknowledged at the December 8 Board of Education meeting for being two of the 86 students selected as Long Island Young Scholars of Mathematics. More than 600 students had applied to attend the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students at SUNY College at Old Westbury. Congratulations Maya and Uma!





Long Beach Middle School students worked diligently on novel and challenging math problems during the American Mathematics Competition (AMC 8), an event designed to cultivate our next generation of mathematicians. On Nov. 15, all students were invited to come after school to compete for 40 minutes. In 2015, about 150,000 students participated in this competition internationally.


Long Beach Middle School students presented hundreds of research projects during the annual Science Symposium on Nov. 17. Many visitors came to learn about the students’ findings and enjoy an evening of science. Please see the link below to the LBMS homepage for action photos!





Congratulations to Joshua Kapilian, who won first place in the Computer Science and Mathematics category for his project entitled, Remodeling the United States Airspace using Direct Routing, at the Nassau County Science Competition.





At the Long Island Science Congress (Junior Division), Erik Roll won High Honors and a $50 ASM International Long Island Chapter Award for his project entitled, The Salinity of Dew as a Measure of its Corrosive Effects. Congratulations!




At the Long Island Science Congress (Senior Division), Nicole Celis and Sophia Munier received the highest honor award and the Green Planet special award and 50 dollars. Their project was entitled, The Effect of Different Concentrations of Tannins in Oak Leaves on the Larval Growth of Vanessa cardui.

Congratulations to all!




At the New York Science and Engineering Fair Andromeda Competition, four of our students received awards for their science research projects.

Congratulations to all!

Pheobe Appel and Emily Reilly won third place with the project entitled, The effect of N-type doped graphen as a catalyst for a photovoltaic reaction on variability of hydrogen output due to electrolysis of water.

Blaise Derenze and George Ventura won third place with the project entitled, The Effect of Ionizing Radiation on the Structure and Assimilation of Hypogymnia physodes







At the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair round two competition on March 10, four of our students received awards for their science research projects!

Alexandra & Jonathan Kapilian won the regional awards from the American Meteorological Society and the Robert and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives for their project entitled, Building Sustainable Communities: Determining the Ideal Population Density to Minimize Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, and Sulphur Oxide Pollution.

Savannah Kile & Leah Shokrian won third place in the Environmental and Earth Science category for their project entitled, Ascertaining the Correlation among Ilyanassa obsoleta Size and Pleurogonius malaclemys Presence.

Congratulations to the students and science research teachers Mr. Onufrock and Mr. Lerner!



Congratulations to the Long Beach Middle School Math Olympiad Team! Students placed in the top half of the 27 schools who competed at Kellenberg High School on March 8. A job well done by the Long Beach team of Coach Ms. Parisi and students Maya Arengo, Uma Arengo, Arjun Gupta, Evan Michaels, and Erik Roll.




Our science research students showcased their projects at the very competitive Long Island Science and Engineering Fair on February 3rd at the Crest Hollow Country Club. Two student teams moved to Round 2 to be held in March. Congratulations and best of luck to Alexandra & Jonathan Kapilian as well as Savannah Kile & Leah Shokrian!

Mashiyat Ahmed, Kelly DiResto and Jessica Marcote
Rewilding: Floral Biodiversity and Productivity Response in a Unique Environmental Setting

Joshua Kapilian
Remodeling the United States Airspace using Direct Routing

Alexandra & Jonathan Kapilian
Building Sustainable Communities: Determining the Ideal Population Density to Minimize Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, and Sulphur Oxide Pollution

Leah Shokrian & Savannah Kile Ascertaining the Correlation among Ilyanassa obsoleta Size and Pleurogonius malaclemys Presence


Justin Weissberg
The Construction of An Ecological Model for Reef Structure and Sustainability in Crassostrea virginica



Bright High School Students Get An Insider Look at the National Synchrotron Light Source II

Click here to read the article


Middle School Science Symposium

Long Beach Middle School featured an array of scientific findings and explorations during its annual Science Symposium on Nov. 24. The research work of sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders was on display throughout the building for guests to view and learn from.

The students worked individually, with partners or in small groups to created visual exhibits that outlined their hypotheses, experiments, observations and conclusions and explained their discoveries to spectators.

The young scientists explored topics that were of interest to them. Eighth-grader Dominick Cieleski, who plays lacrosse, tested which brand of lacrosse ball travels fastest. His study revealed that the Brine variety carried the most speed. Evin Tacata and Evan Tacata, also in the eighth grade, conducted an experiment on black holes and the force of gravity — a subject that had sparked their curiosity. In a project involving snails, seventh-graders Louise Dattolico and Lucia Tomicick found that the creatures preferred the color orange to green after feeding them carrots. Eighth-grade students Matthew Amato, Anthony Doall and Jack Rand were surprised to see that water had a quicker evaporation rate than rubbing alcohol despite its higher density, and seventh-graders Maleiah Wells and Mairead Powers determined that coffee had the greatest effect in their investigation of caffeine’s impact on plant growth.

The Science Symposium and the work that went into it supported the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program by focusing on student engagement, student-centered learning, and inquiry-based projects and explorations. Students extended and deepened their knowledge as they attempted to answer their own questions through the scientific method. They also demonstrated the IB Learner Profile traits of being inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.



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