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Pupil Personnel Services

Home Schooling

Parents can exercise their right to provide required instruction at home to students by fulfilling their responsibilities under New York State Education Law.
Information pertaining to home schooling can be found below:

Click Here for Part 100.10 of Regulations of the Commissioner of Education regarding Home Schooling
Click Here for Fact Sheet

In order to home school your child, the Long Beach Public Schools have certain forms that must be completed.

To begin the home schooling of a student, a "Letter of Intent" from the parent/guardian must be received by the Pupil Services Office by July 1st of each school year.

An Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) detailing the proposed syllabi, curriculum, textbooks, etc. that will be used must be completed immediately.  
Click Here for IHIP District Form. .PDF File

Quarterly Reports describing the student's progress must be submitted on November 15th, February 1st, April 15th and June 15th.
Click Here for QUARTERLY REPORT District Form PDF File

An Annual Assessment must be provided by June 20th.  See Part 100.10 of Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

Useful information regarding home schooling can be obtained on-line by searching "Home Schooling" on any search engine.