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Long Beach Middle School

Attendance Office – (516) 897-2155  

Attendance is essential for successful learning. Students who attend school
regularly can expect to reach a higher level of achievement. Attendance is also
important to the taxpayers and residents because every absence means lost state aid. When all absences are added up, those lost funds can mean higher school taxes.

However, a child who is ill should not be in school. There are also other
circumstances when an absence may be necessary, but every student should
attend school every day he or she possibly can. Students are expected to make up work they miss during an absence and should communicate with classmates
regarding schoolwork. In the event of a prolonged illness, home instruction may
be provided.

In the case of any illness, parents must call the attendance office in their child's
school on the first day of an absence.

The Long Beach School District attendance policy permits the following as
valid excuses for absence, tardiness or early departures:

  • Illness of the student
  • Serious illness to immediate family member
  • Death in the student’s family
  • Serious, contagious or epidemic disease in the household where the student resides
  • Urgent doctor or dental appointments which cannot be arranged for any other time
  • Mandated attendance in a court of law or related court proceeding
  • Documented college visits (high school students only)
  • Religious observance
  • Attendance at a school-supervised program
  • Other reasons subject to building principal’s review

A note explaining the cause of absence is required on the day the student
returns to school. Tardiness may be excused for the above reasons. A written
explanation of lateness is required.

Please click here for Middle School attendance form