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GoGuardian: Chromebook

Management Software


Dear Long Beach Middle School Parents,

We are excited to announce that we have now rolled out Chromebooks to all students at Long Beach Middle School! We have a full 1:1 initiative which is very exciting and allows for new learning opportunities that strengthen our educational program. Over the course of our rollout, we have solicited feedback from parents, students and staff to make our program better. We have also visited other schools with 1:1 programs to share ideas. Throughout these visits, we have made suggestions for improvements to our Technology Department and we have already implemented some here at our building.

One of these improvements is the use of GoGuardian: Chromebook Management Software for Schools ( which is now up and running. GoGuardian is a powerful tool that includes web filtering at home and school, activity monitoring and geolocation features for locating missing devices.

The purpose of this email is to make you fully aware of the settings we are using at the Middle School.

Filtering - We have now updated our settings to filter these devices at school AND at home. This means that if a site is blocked at school, it is now blocked at home as well on these devices. Right now the devices are only blocking pornography and other sexual content at home, however, we are working to fine tune the filters so that additional inappropriate material will be filtered as well. It should be noted that there is no perfect system to filter everything on the Internet and that close supervision is still the best method. We are working to find the perfect balance between not making the filters too restrictive, and, not allowing our students to be exposed to inappropriate content.

Monitoring - GoGuardian has the ability to monitor the Chromebooks 24/7, however, we have made an administrative decision to only monitor student activity at school after carefully considering privacy concerns. As you know, to ensure the safety of our students, we have already been monitoring student Chromebook usage at school which is outlined in our Chromebook Procedure manual and user agreement, and, posted on our website ( With GoGuardian's Chromebook monitoring, we can get an in-depth look into which sites are accessed, what searches are performed, and what documents are opened during the school day with just a few clicks.

Geolocation Services - GoGuardian has the ability to track the location of all devices at all times. We will not be using this feature on a regular basis, however, we can use the location services in the event that a device is lost or stolen. Administrators with full administrative privileges in Google Apps can move particular stolen devices into Theft Recovery mode. From there, the Theft Recovery software starts to collect data to help track the stolen Chromebook. Using advanced geolocation techniques, GoGuardian will pinpoint the location of the stolen Chromebook on a map for easy reporting to authorities. In addition, the GoGuardian's software will take screenshots of webpages in order to help capture the identity of the criminal. Keeping important privacy concerns in mind, GoGuardian will not enable keystroke logging or remote activation of the webcam at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. As always, feel free to contact me at any time to discuss this further. We look forward to working with you to keep our students safe and improve their educational experience at Long Beach Middle School.

Paul Romanelli
Principal - Long Beach Middle School