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Long Beach Middle School

English Language Arts Department

Core Values

We believe in cultivating a sense of community in our classrooms wherein students feel nurtured, safe to express themselves, and encouraged to take risks. These class communities will be challenged to work together to solve problems, and students will be required to be fair and respectful. We strive to help them to understand the inherent value of effort. We value students' individuality and talents, and we teach to diverse learning styles using multiple strategies. We believe students deserve multiple opportunities to be successful, but they must also be held accountable for their work and behavior. It is our goal to make clear connections between what is happening in the classroom and what is happening in the world at large. We work to help students develop an appreciation for literature and how it relates to their own lives. Ultimately, we want students to grow as individuals, readers, writers, and thinkers.


The LBMS Language Arts program uses an integrated language approach to teach reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Teachers provide activities which encourage students to:

  • read for content and enjoyment
  • write complete sentences and well organized paragraphs
  • employ correct usage in writing and speaking
  • speak well before a group
  • listen and follow directions
  • use library reference and research skills
  • use new and colorful words in writing creatively
  • build vocabulary
  • compile narrative, argument, research, explanatory, and expository samples of writing in a person writing portfolio.  See an example of the range of writing experiences our students will create this year: See MS Writing Portfolios

Whole-Class Novels List