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Long Beach Middle School

School Counseling Department

Mrs. Kerry Fallon
Coordinator of School Counseling, 6-12

Middle School Counseling Office: 897-2167
Christine Bulik, Secretary


Middle School Counselors

Mr. Robert Bajit - 6th Grade
Ms. Ama Darkeh - 7th Grade
Ms. Nilka McDonnell - 8th Grade






Long Beach Middle School Counselors are educators uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills. We implement a comprehensive school counseling program to support students through this important developmental period. Our school counseling program provides education, prevention and intervention activities, which are integrated into all aspects of students’ lives.

Our program supports students in developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for academic, career and social/emotional development. Our middle school counselors do not work in isolation; rather they are integral to the total educational program. They provide a proactive program that engages students and includes leadership, advocacy and collaboration with school staff, administration and community/family members in the delivery of programs and activities to help students achieve success. Our middle school counselors also collaborate with teachers and parents on early identification and intervention of children’s academic and social/emotional needs, which is essential in removing barriers to learning and developing skills and behaviors critical for academic achievement.