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Long Beach Middle School

Bibliography - How to Cite Your Sources


Why do you need a bibliography of the sources you have used for your report?

1. To find your way back to a resource if you should need to refer to it again.
2. To give someone reading or viewing your report a way to find the resources you used.
3. To give your teacher a way to verify your research.

Here are some sample bibliographic entries:

Basic format for print sources
       Author (last name, first name). Title. Location of publisher:
              Name of publisher (indented), Date of publication.

Book (one author)
       Fries, Charles. The Structure of English. New York:

 Book (two authors)
       Hoff, Mary and John Rogers. Life On Land. Minneapolis:
              Lerner, 1992.

Book (many authors)
       Jenkins, Gladys, et. al. These Are Your Children. Chicago:
              Scott Foresman, 1993.

Book (edited by)
       Gunn, Giles, Ed. Literature and Religion. New York:
              Harper, 1991.

Book (no author listed)
       Occupational Outlook Handbook. Indianapolis:
              Jist Publishing, 2000.

Encyclopedia article

       "World War II." World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago:
              World Book, 1999. 21:470-501. (note the listing of volume and page numbers)

Magazine or Newspaper article
       Gordon, Rich. "Saving Our Animal Friends." Planet Magazine.
              15 Mar. 1999: 23-27.

Television or Radio program
       "Latch Key Kids." Primetime.
              WABC, 8 Jan. 2000

       New Zoo Babies. Online.
              1 June 2000.

       "Egypt." Microsoft Encarta. CD-ROM.
              Microsoft, 2000.

       Clinton, Bill, President. Personal Interview. 10 July 2000.