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Long Beach Middle School

Information Skills Builder - How You Start Doing Your Report



The following steps are a systematic approach to doing a research report, whatever the format (written report, oral presentation, poster or PowerPoint presentation.)

1. Reading your assignment

  • What format should you use? (written, spoken, digital)
  • How long does it have to be? (number of pages, minutes)
  • What does it have to include? (bibliography, chart, map, interview)
  • What information do you need to collect?


2. Information collecting

  • What type of resources should you use? (encyclopedia, book, Website, interview)
  • What information do you already have and what do you need to find?


3. Finding information

  • Where should you go to find the information? (school library, public library, on-line)
  • Once there, how do you find the information you need? (search engine, index, library OPAC)


4. Using information

  • Read, listen to, or view the information.
  • Extract the information you need. (take notes, highlight pages, make photocopies, record interviews, take pictures)
  • Evaluate the information you find. (fact or opinion, when was it published, how expert is the author/publisher)


5. Creating your report

  • Organize your material.
  • Type your written report.
  • Proof-read your report.
  • Rehearse your oral report in front of others.
  • Test your digital presentation on the equipment it will be presented on.


Thanks to Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz of Big6 for their assistance in preparing this page