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Long Beach Middle School

Reading Department


A communication process in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, the LBMS Language Arts program uses an integrated language approach. Teachers provide activities which encourage students to:

  • read for content and enjoyment
  • write complete sentences and well organized paragraphs
  • employ correct usage in writing and speaking
  • speak well before a group
  • listen and follow directions
  • use library reference and research skills
  • use new and colorful words in writing creatively
  • increase vocabulary knowledge
  • compile narrative, creative, and expository samples of writing in a personal portfolio.

Each 6th grade team includes a reading teacher who works with every student. Critical reading, reading for understanding, and reading for details are just a few of the skills addressed in this class. Students are exposed to both fiction and non-fiction pieces. 6th grade students also attend a study skills class for half of the school year. In order to help the students with their adjustment to the middle school environment, study and organizational techniques are taught during this time.

On the 7th grade level, every student has a writing lab. Teachers focus on all types of writing, especially stories, narratives, reports, and informational essays. Students in these labs are exposed to direct writing instruction and produce samples of each type of writing. Close attention is paid to the individual needs of each child.

Although New York State test preparation is on the mind of each and every English or reading teacher in the Middle School, 8th grade teachers spend a great deal of time integrating ELA activities and skills into their curriculum. A concerted effort is made to prepare each student to do his/her best on the exam, while also providing a well-rounded, complete English education.

To stimulate interest in reading and critical thinking, literature anthologies and various classic, multi-ethnic and high interest novels are incorporated into the curriculum. An innovative whole language approach is emphasized, whereby students react to literature in their writings and through discussions. Enrichment activities and skills development emerge from this approach to language arts.

Parent involvement in this communication process does make a difference. Your discussion and though provoking questions about books, films, and television programs will improve critical thinking skills. Please contribute to your child's enrichment by encouraging newspaper and magazine reading, and by sharing appropriate literature with your children. At least one half hour each day should be devoted to reading and writing in the language arts area.