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NIKE Work Based Learning Center

Christopher Webel, Coordinator of Alternative Educational Programs
(516) 897-2131

The NIKE Work Based Learning Center prepares students for post-secondary plans for the 21st century. Career awareness and exploration is an important aspect of all students’ educational experience, and integral part of college and career readiness. The NIKE Work Based Learning Center provides real world experiences by extending the classroom to include the whole community, and gives students the opportunity to apply academic and technical skills to actual work. Students connect classroom instruction with learning in the workplace, and the experience becomes a meaningful and engaging educational opportunity.

Program Highlights

  • Students earn credit for a Long Beach High School diploma, and graduate toward post-secondary options in college, career training, employment, and the military.
  • Students develop the academic, personal, and social-emotional skills to be successful in realistic post-secondary education and training choices.
  • Student instruction focuses academic requirements, creative thinking, curiosity in content areas, application to technology, career awareness and exploration, workplace safety, social skills, civil responsibility, and community service.
  • Students will complete a Career Plan and Employ ability Profile necessary for the Career Development and Occupational Standard Commencement Credential, and NYSED multiple pathways to graduation requirements.


Additional instruction focus

  • College and career planning
  • Industry research & projects
  • Pre-employment skills
  • Development of job success skills
  • Interview practice and resume writing