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East Elementary School Principal's Page

Dear East School Family,

Welcome to East Elementary School!  Thank you for visiting our website. East School provides a unique learning experience for approximately 380 students in grades kindergarten through five located in the canals of beautiful Long Beach.

From the moment I arrived at East School, I have been impressed by the warm welcome from the staff, parents and students. There is a distinct feeling of family atmosphere once you are inside the walls of East. This atmosphere has been created by a dedicated staff, an active PTA and committed parents who work together to provide East School students with an enriching elementary school experience.

East School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and challenging educational environment that promotes achievement for all students. We recognize and celebrate the diverse learning styles of all students and encourage students to think critically, be creative and strive for success.  Most importantly, as a school community, we strive to instill a love of learning for each child.

The Long Beach City School District provides unique and diverse learning experiences for all students to achieve academic, social and behavioral success. Some of our signature programs include SPIRIT (Specialized Program Integrating Research, IB Principles, & Twenty-First Century Technology) ; an enrichment program for all students in grades three through five, The students in SPIRIT are engaged in library research skills, creative problem solving and team building skills.  LARC (Learning Activities to Raise Creativity) Program is our “gifted and talented” program for select district-wide students in grades three through five. LARC students are engaged in an environment which focuses on critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. Grade two students are provided with a Swim Program in order to teach them how to swim as well as swim safety. All students in kindergarten through grade five are taught Spanish through our FLES Program. Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are provided to students based upon individualized needs either as a pull-out and/or push-in support.

Students who are in need of special education services are supported in general education, integrated co-teach classes grades one through 4, or our special class. In addition, special education support services are provided to students based upon their individualized needs. Our English Language Learners are provided with daily language and literacy skills through our ENL (English as a Native Language) Program.

East School naturally embeds social and emotional skills and strategies on a daily basis through our Social Emotional Program (SEL). The students learn about their emotions and how to deal with them as well as their peers
emotions and social dynamics. East School’s Book of the Month initiative ties into the five SEL competencies (self-awareness, social-awareness,  self-management, relationship management and responsible decision making) thus reinforcing strategies during literacy.

The East School Staff and I are looking forward to a successful partnership and school year with you and your children! We are always here for you so please feel free to call, email or stop in if you have any concerns and/or questions. 

Educationally yours,
Mrs. Kathleen Connolly

Current News

International Dot Day Inspires Creativity, Courage and Collaboration in LB

Students celebrating Dot Day thumbnail197662

The Long Beach Public Schools’ elementary buildings participated in a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration on Sept. 15 when they observed International Dot Day. This movement is inspired by the book “The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynolds, which illustrates people’s power to make their marks on the world.

Throughout the schools, classes read and discussed “The Dot” and other books related to the theme. Students participated in Dot Day declarations, artwork and other activities, and many incorporated dots into their attire as well.

Students at Lindell shared their reflections during their morning announcements. “I make my mark by being kind,” “I make my mark by being creative” and “I make my mark by being different” are some of the thoughts they expressed.

East, Lido and West students showcased their abilities to make their marks through illustrations and paper dots, and West students additionally demonstrated the day’s message by raising funds for those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

East School Students Keep on Dancing

Students Dancing thumbnail187541

Fifth graders at East School in Long Beach put on their dancing shoes for a culminating Spring Fling showcase of their 10-week-long Dancing Classrooms of Long Island program on June 21. The playground area’s pavement became a stage for the students, who are now experienced in various forms of ballroom dance.

Following welcoming remarks by Principal Kathleen Connolly, DCLI Educational Liaison Eileen Clarke and Teaching Artist Kristin Altfather described the program and commended the students for acquiring dance skills during a difficult year. They introduced each class and announced the performance pieces.

Mrs. Breen’s Team presented the Merengue and Rumba, Mrs. Bauer’s Team demonstrated the Foxtrot and Cowboy Hustle and Mr. MacConnell’s Team featured the Tango and Swing. The three groups then gathered for a finale, and family members in the audience were invited to step up and join the students for a special dance.

While many districts and schools participated in virtual opportunities offered by DCLI this year, East is the only school on Long Island that implemented its in-person Safe Residency program, which involved professional dance instructors and practice sessions that kept participants spaced apart. East is also proud to be the only school that has never missed a year of dancing since the program began in 2008, even when faced with challenging circumstances including the pandemic and Superstorm Sandy. As a result of this dedication, DCLI featured East in its May gala video, and East has received special awards from the program in the past.

“We are very fortunate to have the support of district administration and Eileen Clarke to run this fabulous program at East,” Ms. Connolly said. “Our students benefit from Dancing Classrooms in so many social ways, it’s a beautiful event every year. We are proud of our students and their achievements.”