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Alfy The largest web portal for kids, was developed so that for the first time ever 3-9 year olds could safely and easily experience everything the cyber world has to offer. ALFY is a fun, accessible, educational center stocked with interactive stories, games, crafts, activities, and much more.

Animal Haven Those looking for a complete online zoo with pictures of every animal from aardvark to zebra may be disappointed. However, the animals that are included, such as the Pandas, are "virtually exhibited," providing much more than a few lines of description. Educational animal games also are provided, as are animal "postcards" that you can use to write messages to friends.

Catch the Science Bug- Investigate this site with your children to learn more about the exciting world of science exploration!

Coloring Fun-For our younger students and their younger siblings! 

Discovery-A must visit for all West School Students and their families!!

Fun Brain- Interactive site for parents and their children. Many math games and puzzles that will stimulate learning! You have to play Math Baseball!@

Fun School-Super  site for all of our West School students and their families.  Interactive games reinforce skills and learning in the classroom.  Try it!

Kids Com Visit here to play games and have fun.  Don't miss the internet safety game!  

Liberty's Kids-Check out this revolutionary cartoon about the real stories of the American Revolution. You will be right in the middle of the action with two apprentice reporters working for Benjamin Franklin

National Geographic- Great site to find out more about the world around us.  Be sure to check out the creature feature!

PBS Kids Fantastic site to explore for information on your favorite PBS characters. (i.e. Arthur) Look at the coloring pages, Reading Rainbow selections and exciting games to enjoy.

Scholastic Kids-Fun site for West School students and their families. Look for information about your favorite story characters including Harry Potter. Check out their word of the week and other games and puzzles.  This is a great "family" site.

Sign Language-Learn to sign with Koko the Gorilla.  Be sure to investigate more about this amazing Gorilla.

Smarty Games More interactive games to enjoy.

Starfall- Wonderful phonics site for our early readers.

Storynory-Stories you can download into i-pods and more. Great for all ages!

Spatulatta presents kids with beginning cooking tips and recipes while encouraging them to eat well and to understand the connection between farms and the dinner table. The site also encourages kids to ask family members for recipes they can cook together

What's that Stuff? Ever wonder what lipstick is made of? Chemical and Engineering News brings you answers and explanations about what materials go into some of your favorite items.

Women in Science learn more about women who have made a mark in the field of science. Interactive games are a plus!

Yahooligans-Fabulous reference site for children.  Games, puzzles, and homework help available.

Yucky-Fabulous site to learn more about the world of Science.