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A colonial experience at Long Beach Middle School

A colonial experience at Long Beach Middle School photo
Long Beach Middle School’s seventh-graders received an informative and interactive lesson about the American Revolutionary War and life in the 18th Century on Nov. 21, when the Huntington Militia brought history into the modern day. 

Colonial Day kicked off a unit on colonial times by providing a realistic portrayal of some of the events that occurred and practices that existed. Dressed to the theme, Patrick Mantel and Andy Taubers of the Huntington Militia presented reenactments that involved students and displayed artifacts such as a historic cannon. Long Beach Middle School teacher John Marr gave a lesson on colonial attire and the manual of arms. 

Long Beach High School students learn about global issues

Long Beach High School students learn about global issues photo
Long Beach High School students learn about global issues photo 2
Approximately 300 students at Long Beach High School received important lessons from award-winning international human rights statistician and author Dr. Davina Durgana on Nov. 20. She discussed the troubling yet prevalent issue of global human trafficking, a matter in which she specializes and works to help abolish. 

Members of IB Social and Cultural Anthropology, Theory of Knowledge and IB Global Politics classes attended informative and impactful presentations led by Dr. Durgana. She emphasized examples of modern slavery crises that exist in parts of the world and how women and children become forced into it. 

Dr. Durgana also attended the IB Global Politics class, where she answered follow-up inquiries from students. They asked how she contacts victims, how to avoid buying products made by slave workers, what the government can do to stop trafficking and other thought-provoking questions. She shared her contact information so that students can reach her for their engagement activity. 

A report co-author and senior statistician on the Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index, Dr. Durgana has developed leading global models to assess risk and vulnerability to modern slavery. She is also an assistant professor of sustainable development at SIT Graduate Institute in Washington, D.C. and serves on several expert groups for the United Nations, the Department of Justice and the National Science Foundation. She has also worked as a sex trafficking specialist with the National Court-Appointed Special Advocates in Washington, D.C. and has used her knowledge as a member of Volunteer Fire Departments and an EMT to develop human trafficking-specific protocols for training and continuing education requirements. She has additionally been involved in numerous other outreach initiatives that focus on women and children.

STEAM Night Takes Off at West

STEAM Night Takes Off at West photo
Long Beach’s West School brought learning and fun together during STEAM Night, held on Nov. 15. Joined by teachers and family members, students gathered at the school for an evening of activities and games that incorporated the components of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. 

Students rotated interactive stations such as “Lemontricity,” “Rockin’ Rollercoasters,” “Stability Straws,” “A-maze-ing Mazes,” “Estimation Station,” “Cupstruction,” “Eggs-travaganza,” “Muscle Math” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Jar.” They engaged in hands-on challenges that supported inquiry-based learning and worked both collaboratively and individually to solve problems. Throughout the activities, they observed and reflected on which strategies were successful. 

Seven Long Beach Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

Seven Long Beach Athletes Sign Letters of Intent
As one of the largest groups in ten years at Long Beach High School, seven seniors signed National Letters of Intent on Nov. 14 to signify their commitment to college sports teams. 

The athletes gathered in the high school library, where they were joined by family members, coaches, Principal Jeffrey Myers and Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Arnold Epstein for a celebration of their accomplishments. Mr. Epstein welcomed attendees and each student came up to the front of the room to make their decision official and receive applause. 

Ryan Aroesty is preparing to join the swim team at Southern Methodist University, while Kailey Skarren will do so at the University at Buffalo. Jillian Canner, Lexie Correia and Daisy Willard will play lacrosse at Marist College, Bryant University and Binghamton University, respectively. Grace Rosenberg and Kathleen Verastegui both plan to join college volleyball teams –Seton Hall University for Grace and Molloy College for Kathleen. 

“Only two percent of all the athletes in the country are awarded athletic college scholarships,” Mr. Epstein said. “When you consider that seven of our students are among two percent of 8 million high school athletes, this is a pretty elite group. Congratulations!” 

Girls Volleyball Wins State Championships

Girls Volleyball Wins State Championships photo
Girls Volleyball Wins State Championships photo2
Congratulations to the Long Beach High School Girls Volleyball Team for being named State Champions! They earned this accomplishment in a triumph against Victor on Nov. 18 at the Cool Insuring Arena in Glen Falls.

Board of Ed Meeting - Thursday, December 13 - Lido Multi-Purpose Room @ 7:30 PM

Presentation:  Report of the Health & Safety Committee on traffic study related to Lido Complex/LBHS

Harlem Wizards Head Back to LB!

Students from East School, West School and Long Beach Middle School received lessons in sportsmanship, determination and effort on Oct. 12, thanks to a visit from Harlem Wizards basketball player Dwayne Simpson. Known as “Swoop,” Simpson shared his skills and talents, then involved students in drills and other activities.

Swoop’s first stop was East School, where he addressed kindergarteners through fifth-graders. He engaged several students and staff members in a basketball drill and challenged them to be on the lookout for tricks. He then made his way over to the middle school and concluded his tour with an afternoon presentation at West.

The day helped build excitement for a game that will be held on Nov. 5, when the Harlem Wizards will face off against Long Beach teachers and community leaders with a halftime show featuring guest singer Alexandra Starr. Hosted by the East School PTA, it will be held in the High School gym at 7 p.m. and tickets can be purchased at Prices vary, so please visit the website for specific details. 

LB Artists Display Advanced Visions

LB Artists Display Advanced Visions photo
Long Beach High School International Baccalaureate artists Grace Rosenberg and Jaclyn Javakian will have their work showcased at Advanced Visions 15: High School Artists of Excellence exhibit. Held at the Student Art League Gallery in the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, this show will be on display from Dec. 11-Jan. 9. Congratulations from the Long Beach Public Schools!

Long Beach Board Meeting highlights achievements and programs

Long Beach Board Meeting highlights achievements and programs photo
The Long Beach Public Schools’ Nov. 8 Board of Education Meeting honored students for their achievements and highlighted district initiatives. Accomplishments in music and the arts were commended, and administrators presented on Long Beach High School’s expanding business program.  

Long Beach Middle School sixth-grader Jesse Hubbs was congratulated as one of only 13 students throughout the state that were selected to the 13th Annual Piano Showcase at the 2018 New York State School Music Association All State Conference. He shared a riveting performance before members of the Board, administration and community at the meeting and was met with a standing ovation. 

Five high school students were recognized for their acceptances to All-State music ensembles. John Aebly joins the All-State Symphonic Band. Joshua Kapilian and Thomas Walsh will participate in the All-State Vocal Jazz Ensemble and are also alternates; Joshua for the All-State Orchestra and Thomas for the All-State Mixed Chorus. Alec Chasin will be part of the Symphonic Band and Layla Hakimzadeh and Shea McMahon were selected as All-State alternates. 

Also honored was high school senior Nina Capofarri for her Scholar-Artist recognition through the Long Island Arts Alliance. She was awarded in the category of Media Arts. 

High School Principal Jeffrey Myers, Interim Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Ayesha McArthur and Coordinator of ENL and Student Internships Evelyn Daza led an overview of the business program, which is designed to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge to be prepared for college and a career, and to be productive citizens in a global community. A variety of business courses are offered, students receive authentic learning experiences through opportunities such as Virtual Enterprise and DECA, and the up-and-coming internship program will enable students to connect their interests and education to work experience. 

The meeting also included a report from Cullen & Danowski, the district’s auditing firm. The financial report noted that the district is in good financial condition from watching its budget and generating revenue whenever possible. The auditors highlighted the $2 million of savings for community taxpayers based on refinancing some of the outstanding school preservation plan debt.

The district looks forward to sharing more student achievements and news about the business program in the future.

Lido Classes Take Top Places in Nationwide Math Contest

Lido Classes Take Top Places in Nationwide Math Contest photo
Lido Classes Take Top Places in Nationwide Math Contest photo 2
Lido Classes Take Top Places in Nationwide Math Contest photo 3
Students at Lido School participated in the SumDog National Online Mathematics Contest from Oct. 19-25 and achieved outstanding results. Beth Prostick’s fourth-grade class and Dorothy Lopez’s third-grade class came in first and third in the nation, respectively. 

They were up against approximately 1,630 classes from across the country that took on the challenge of solving math problems designed to sharpen and strengthen concepts covered through the curriculum. Ms. Prostick’s class completed 18,818 questions and Ms. Lopez’s class answered 17,648.
According to Sumdog, this online learning service uses engaging game-based learning to motivate and build confidence while a learning engine reports progress to their teachers and parents. 

Lido Hall of Heroes Honors Veterans Day

Lido Hall of Heroes Honors Veterans Day photo
Lido School has created a Hall of Heroes in honor of Veterans Day, which will be observed nationwide on Nov. 11. The building’s main lobby currently features a display of stars representing those who have served, are serving or will serve the country as well as Sept. 11 First Responders. The stars contain photos of these heroes and display their names and respective branches of the military. Students throughout the school were invited to recognize the servicemen/servicewomen in their lives, and Lido extends gratitude and appreciation to all.

LB Celebrates Record Number of All-County Students

LB Celebrates Record Number of All-County Students photo
A record number of 78 musicians in the Long Beach Public Schools have been accepted to participate in the New York State School Music Association’s All-County Music Festival. The students represent all six buildings and will perform in the Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Instrumental and Vocal Jazz ensembles. 

Long Beach Middle School student Isabelle DePalma was accepted into all three ensembles, and elementary strings students excelled in the highly competitive instruments of viola and violin in All-County as well as the Long Island String Festival Association concerts.  

 The All-County performances take place at the LIU Post Tilles Center for Performing Arts in January. The students earned this prestigious opportunity based on the scores they received at the NYSSMA Solo Evaluation Festival. They represent the most outstanding young musicians in Nassau County and dedicate a great deal of effort to music, with much support and guidance from the Media, Visual and Performing Arts Department. 

The All-County students are listed as follows: 

Sophiana Arroyo, Alto, Choir
Zoe Biern, Alto, Choir
Lucinda Nash, Alto, Choir
Avery Schab, Alto, Choir
Vanessa Solis, Violin, Orchestra

Sara Biancamano, Soprano, Choir
Winter Collinson, Violin, Orchestra
Alanna Damiani, Violin, Orchestra
Tabitha Freeny, Soprano, Choir
Hannah Hummel, Soprano, Choir
David Jespersen, Soprano, Choir
Jacob Piechoniski, Trumpet, Band

Leah Clutter, Alto, Choir
Charlotte Free, Flute, Band
Mary Hagen, Viola, Orchestra
Aneisa Nicholas, Viola, Orchestra
Lucia Petty, Flute, Band
Reilly Sanfilippo, Soprano, Choir
Marielle Small, Alto Sax, Band
Anne Wachs, Alto, Choir

Aiden Derupo, Trumpet, Band 
Eva Gargiulo, Alto, Choir
Brigid Kelly, Alto, Choir
Archie Lithgow, Alto, Choir
Luke Morita, Alto, Choir

Long Beach Middle School
Samuel Adler, Alto, Choir
Liora Brown, Bb Clarinet, Band
Kyra Brunick-Davis, Alto, Choir
Alejandro Celis, Trumpet, Orchestra
Isabelle DePalma, Soprano, Choir
Isabelle Depalma, Trumpet 3, Jazz Band
Isabelle Depalma, Trumpet, Band
Melinda DeSantis, Alto, Choir
Jessica Greenblatt, Alto, Choir
Gerrin Hagen, French Horn 2, Band
Sarah Heller, Soprano, Choir
Joseph Henry, Baritone , Choir
Sienna Hornberger, Alto, Choir
Jacob LoCascio, Baritone, Choir
Matthew O'Connor, Alto Sax 1, Band
Shea O'Hara, Alto, Choir
Summer Reed, Alto, Choir
Noah Robinson, Alto, Choir
Aryelle Teran, Alto, Choir
Theo Turbek, Trombone 2, Jazz Band
Alvin Wright, Trombone 1, Jazz Band

Long Beach High School
John Aebly, Bb Clarinet, Band
Maya Arengo, Viola, Orchestra
Maryn Ascher, Soprano, Choir
Charles Ashmead, Snare Drum, Orchestra
Jaden Bloom, Trombone, Band
Kenneth Bailing, Tenor Choir
Kira Centenni, Flute, Band
Alec Chasin, Bb Clarinet, Band
Caitlin Devine, Alto 2, Mixed Chorus
Dylan Edelman, Snare Drum, Band
Sophia Elenson, Double Bass, Orchestra
Emma Goorland, Soprano, Choir
Layla Hakimsadeh, Bb Clarinet, Band
Joshua Kapilian, Bass, Vocal Jazz
Ariel Keynan, Tenor, Choir
Mia Mangels, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
Shea McMahon, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
Jennifer Murphy, Alto 2 , Mixed Chorus
Ariel Nachman, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
James O'Connor, Tenor 1, Mixed Chorus
Madeline O'Connor, Bb Clarinet, Band
Harrison Phillips, Bassoon, Band
Alex Ramirez, Tuba/Sousaphone, Band
Amanda Roman, Alto 2, Mixed Chorus
Chandler Rosenzweig, French Horn, Orchestra
Matthias Roth, Baritone Sax, Band
Danielle Shokrian, Bb Clarinet, Band
Samantha Snow, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
Thomas Walsh, Alto 2, Mixed Chorus

Living History at East

Living History at East photo

The entire fourth grade at East School in the Long Beach Public Schools created a Living Museum on Oct. 31, when they brought history into the building’s gymnasium. Organized by teachers Rebecca Wesselhoft and Christine Walsh, students portrayed influential individuals from the past and shared engaging lessons with parents and other guests.

Students in each fourth-grade class spent time researching their subject in the school’s library as well as at home. They chose facts to communicate, made props in the innovation station and developed speeches. The event featured an expo of presentation boards displayed by students dressed to the theme. While Halloween brought costumes of all types, these students sported attire that told true, impactful stories. 

The represented figures ranged from athletes to inventors, from famous authors to positive leaders. Among them were Thomas Jefferson, Helen Keller, Sacagawea, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anne Frank, Jackie Robinson, Cleopatra, Coco Chanel, Robert E. Lee, Stan Lee, Wayne Gretzky and many more. The fourth-grade teachers dressed and assembled to form Mt. Rushmore.  

Dr. Lorraine Radice Moves Into Director Role

Dr. Lorraine Radice Moves Into Director Role photo
Long Beach Public Schools’ longtime teacher, Dr. Lorraine Radice, has taken on the role of Director of Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. She was a teacher in the district for 10 years before this appointment, which was made in September, and has been strongly committed to teacher professional development in Long Beach and many learning initiatives, particularly those involving literacy. 

Dr. Radice has taught English Language Arts/ENL, Activities Promoting Thinking (enrichment) and science at Long Beach Middle School and also served as a literacy specialist for grades 6-8. As a member of the district’s Literacy Task Force, she has collaborated with administrators, teachers and coaches on efforts to promote literacy culture across the district. She helped to coordinate a district-level narrative writing project as well as the middle school’s annual book talk and wrote curriculum for the sixth-grade Literacy course. She has taught the ENL summer school program, ENL Content and Language Support programs after school, Summer Language Enrichment Program for English Language Learners in grades 6-12 and summer school for high school juniors. 

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Radice served as coordinator of the new teacher Mentor Program, led a committee that contributed toward the No Place For Hate initiative, served as a grade 6 team leader, and led numerous districtwide professional development workshops as a staff developer with the Long Beach Teacher Center.   She coached Odyssey of the Mind teams for five years and led groups to attain Long Island regional championship status for several years. 

Dr. Radice also shares her literacy expertise as an adjunct professor at Hofstra University, where she earned both her Ph.D. and Master of Science Education degree in Literacy Studies. She teaches courses in the Department of Specialized Programs in Education, specifically Literacy Studies.  She has presented at national conferences, including National Council of Teachers of English and Whole Language Umbrella, as well as various Hofstra University forums, including the Literature and Imagination Conference and the student chapter of ASCD.  Dr. Radice recently submitted a book chapter to be published that features her dissertation research that was conducted in Long Beach Middle School.  

Lindell Historical Museum

Lindell Historical Museum photo
Lindell Historical Museum photo 2
Fifth-graders at Lindell School brought the past to life on Oct. 26, when they presented a Historical Museum. Students portrayed individuals who have left lasting, significant impacts on the world and learned from one another through presentations and activities!

Lindell moves forward with kindness and tradition

Lindell moves forward with kindness and tradition photo
Lindell moves forward with kindness and tradition photo 2
Lindell moves forward with kindness and tradition photo 3
Lindell moves forward with kindness and tradition photo 4
Lindell Elementary School students and staff stepped out for a cause on Oct. 19 during the annual schoolwide “Walk it Forward” event. The effort was a great success and raised $2,400 for the Joe Farrell Foundation. 

The Lindell family marched over to the Long Beach Recreation Center, where festively-dressed, spirited students and staff members were radiating with positive energy to share. The school’s drummers helped to create an atmosphere of excitement and celebration. This year’s walk also supported Lindell’s “Creating a Positive Vision” objective for Red Ribbon Week.

The group recited cheers and songs that encompassed the themes of respect, acceptance, compassion and helping others. Thanks to the PTA, everyone had a blue Lindell t-shirt to wear. 

Long Beach Welcomes Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Long Beach Welcomes Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction photo
The Long Beach Public Schools are pleased to welcome Dr. Ayesha McArthur as interim assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. She officially began her new role on Oct. 9. Dr. McArthur comes to Long Beach from Maryland, where she honed her administrative experience as an elementary school principal since 2007. 

In Maryland, Dr. McArthur was principal of Greencastle Elementary School, prior to which she was principal of Twin Ridge Elementary School and Hillcrest Elementary School. Before that, she held a principal’s post at Claxton Elementary School in North Carolina, and earlier on was an assistant principal at Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School in Freeport and a supervisor of middle level instruction in the Uniondale Schools. She began her career in education as a teacher. 

During her time as a principal, Dr. McArthur was heavily involved in curriculum, instruction and assessment. She evaluated programs and made recommendations for improvement, coordinated aspects of Academic Intervention Services and Response to Intervention processes, led implementation of new curricula, developed mentoring and outreach programs, created professional development opportunities, fostered relationships with community organizations and trained teachers, among many other responsibilities. 

Dr. McArthur obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from South Carolina State University and her Doctor of Education and Master of Education degrees from Columbia University’s Teachers College. 

LBHS announces 2019 valedictorian and salutatorian

LBHS announces 2019 valedictorian and salutatorian photo
Long Beach High School is proud to announce Joshua Kapilian and Dmytro Vremenko as the Class of 2019 valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Both seniors have numerous achievements to their names and are National Honor Society members as well as International Baccalaureate Diploma Program candidates. 

Recently named a National Merit Commended Student, Joshua has excelled academically with numerous awards and achievements. He attended the Columbia Science Honors Program since seventh grade, earned the Intel Award for Excellence in Computer Science and second- and third-place distinctions at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair and took second-place at the Long Island Science Congress before advancing to receive an honorable mention at the state-level contest. He is also an outstanding math student, having placed first in the Nassau County Science Fair for Mathematics/Computer Science, earned acceptance to the Institute for Creative Problem Solving and been named a Long Island Scholar. He attended the Math Research Institute and won the Gold Medal at the Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair for his work. He also served as president and captain of the school Math Club and achieved the second highest individual score in Nassau County at the New York State Math League. He plans to pursue the computer science field in college.

“Being able to go to science research competitions and seeing the great things students are able to do locally inspired me,” Joshua said. 

Joshua is also an accomplished musician and member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. His talents as a vocalist, violist and pianist have led him to participate in the symphonic orchestra, select choir, Soundwaves a capella group, jazz band and chamber orchestra. He was selected for three All-State ensembles, is a six-time All-County musician, performed in the Long Island String Festival Association concerts twice and attended the 2018 School of Orchestral Studies of the New York State Summer School of the Arts. He has also held roles in theater productions. 

Dmytro is a member of the Math Club’s board and participates in DECA and the Senior Class organization. He is also a successful science research student, with aspirations to study biological chemistry or medicinal chemistry, and worked in an organic chemistry lab at Farmingdale State College over the summer. He has played travel soccer for four years and is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, as well as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

When reflecting on his high school experience, Dmytro noted that the science classes he has taken, along with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, have been of immense value. 

“The IB curriculum and its application to life outside of school is really able to mold us into well-rounded individuals,” he said. 

Both students have sound advice to share with younger peers as far as managing time and being successful in their endeavors. They agreed that following one’s passion is a priority and that students will find the utmost benefit in taking classes that interest them. 

“In terms of classes, start early in the routine of getting ahead on your work,” Joshua said. “The earlier the better.” 

“Figure out a routine that works for you personally and apply it to as many forces as you can,” Dmytro added. 

Attendance Letter from the Superintendent


Coffee Hour with the Superintendent

Join Dr. Gallagher for coffee and share your thoughts on all of the ways we are working to make Long Beach a place where students shine.

Tuesday, October 23, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Monday, December 10, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, February 12: 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 16, 5:00-6:00 p.m.

All gatherings are in the Administrative Office Conference Room.

Middle School students send support to hurricane victims

Middle School students send support to hurricane victims photo
Long Beach Middle School seventh-graders Kayla Cadou and Kelis Walsh organized a stuffed animal drive to bring comfort to students at the College Road Early Childhood Center in Wilmington, North Carolina. The area was impacted by Hurricane Florence in September, and after experiencing the devastation brought on by Superstorm Sandy in 2010, the Long Beach students had a strong desire to help. 

Kayla and Kelis developed the idea for this initiative as part of a goal-setting assignment in their Home Economics class, and decided to expand it to involve the entire school. Principal Paul Romanelli put them in touch with the CRECC principal Rachel Greer, who was appreciative of their outreach. They explained how much they were affected by Hurricane Sandy, and expressed that the loving support they received from other communities as they rebuilt left them eager to pay it forward.

The two girls spread the word amongst their peers and teachers and made morning announcements to help promote it. Approximately two weeks later, they had collected numerous boxes and bags filled with teddy bears and other stuffed animals that they hope will make the North Carolina children smile.   

LBHS Wall of Fame Welcomes Newest Inductees

Long Beach High School held its 21st Wall of Fame dedication on Oct. 6, welcoming four exemplary individuals as they were officially made part of the district’s history. They now have their names listed among others who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to students, athletics and the community as a whole. 

This celebration distinguished Joe Brand, Derrick Fontaine, Patrick E. Gallagher and New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, each of whom received plaques and acknowledgment from speakers. Members of the Board of Education, administration and community gathered in the high school commons for this meaningful event. 

Superintendent of Schools Jennifer Gallagher and Principal Jeffrey Myers presented remarks, as did Harvey Weisenberg and master of ceremonies Steve Kohut. Board of Education President Dr.  Dennis Ryan addressed each of the honorees personally and praised them on their accomplishments. 

Joe Brand has coached the Long Beach High School hockey team for 25 years, leading it to great success. Under his guidance, the team achieved three state titles and 11 county championship victories. He additionally founded and has directed the Long Beach Lightning Youth Hockey program and introduced many programs in the city of Long Beach as commissioner of parks and recreation. 

Derrick Fontaine is a member of Long Beach High School’s Class of 2001 and made his mark as an athlete. He won two county championships and achieved All-State and All-American distinctions for wrestling. The two-year captain of the wrestling team was voted “Champion of Champions” and “Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament” at the Nassau County Wrestling Tournament and placed second at the High School National Championships. He went on to teach and eventually become an assistant principal in Florida. 

Long Beach High School Class of 1964 graduate Patrick E. Gallagher served as a member of the district’s Board of Education for 12 years, four of which he spent as president. He spearheaded a bond referendum that led to numerous educational enhancements and improvements to facilities. He also worked as a Long Beach lifeguard for 22 years and held the chief of lifeguards role for two of them, and initiated the local Police Athletic League girls lacrosse program. A retired principal, Gallagher is now an adjunct professor and curriculum associate. 

Sen. Kaminsky is also a Long Beach High School alumnus, having graduated in 1996. He has been a strong advocate for education and led causes for those affected by Superstorm Sandy, differently abled students and 9/11 first responders. Prior to joining the New York State Senate, he held a successful career as a prosecutor and won the True American Hero Award at the United States Attorney’s Office. 

Buy a Brick!

Long Beach High School’s National Honor Society is pleased to offer our community the Buy a Brick fundraising campaign. Honor your legacy at Long Beach High School by purchasing a commemorative brick to be laid at the entrance to the school.

Your contribution will add to the beauty of our high school. In addition, proceeds will be used to provide scholarships to National Honor Society graduates.

Commemorative bricks, which cost $100, are 4x8 inches and can accommodate up to three lines of text. The bricks will be installed in the spring of 2019, and donors will be invited to a special celebration to view the finished entryway.

Each brick can fit a maximum of 14 characters per line. Use the boxes below to indicate what you would like your brick to say. Your inscription must fit into the boxes below. Each box represents a letter, number, space or punctuation mark. (No special characters please.) The text will be centered on the brick, but you do not need to center it on the order form.