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The Tide turns at LBHS

The Tide turns at LBHS photo
Long Beach High School’s Tide newspaper achieved great success at Press Day 2019, held at Adelphi University on Feb. 6. This competition featured the online and printed newspapers of 40 schools across Long Island, and the first issue in more than a decade of the recently resurrected Tide garnered two prominent awards.

The entire Tide staff won first place for Best Page One Layout, and sophomore Uma Arengo earned an honorable mention for an arts review piece she wrote titled, “Bank on Banksy.” The full issue can be accessed at

A total of three issues of the Tide will be produced this school year and the staff meets weekly under the guidance of teacher Joseph Van Wie. Jaylyn Umana serves as senior editor while Uma and fellow sophomore Tyler Collinson are junior editors. Participants have combined a variety of skills such as designing and writing in order to bring the newspaper to fruition. 

“The students have put a lot of time and effort into getting this going from scratch,” Mr. Van Wie said. “We are very happy with the results of their hard work.” 

Congratulations to the Tide contributors! Visit the high school website at to view future issues.

Middle School Students Explore Music

Middle School Students Explore Music photo
Five Long Beach Middle School students participated in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York’s "One SINGular Sunday" event on Feb. 10, held at the Jeanne Rimsky Theater at Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington. Seventh-grader Sam Adler and sixth-graders Melinda DeSantis, Jessica Greenblatt, Maggie Keating and Matthew McCaffrey attended several informative workshops that strengthened their skills and introduced them to new experiences in music. 

The students had the opportunity to take part in choral music rehearsals led by Hofstra University Director of Choral Studies Dr. David Frying, a musical theater workshop run by Jericho Schools Mindfulness Specialist Andrea Gonnella and a mindfulness workshop presented by Long Island Music Theatre Festival Founder and Artistic Director Steven Altinel. 

Board of Ed Work Session - Thursday, February 28 - Lido Multi-Purpose Room @ 7:30 PM

Work Session Topics:  Budget - Capital Projects, Food Services

Lindell Creates Colonial Museum

Lindell Creates Colonial Museum photo

Fourth-graders at Long Beach’s Lindell Elementary School brought the 17th and 18th centuries into their classrooms on Feb. 6, when they presented a Colonial Fair for parents and other guests. The students wore traditional colonial attire as they shared information about life during the historical era.

Prior to the event, students spent time researching various aspects of colonial times and created reports and display boards. The projects were produced through inquiry-based learning and incorporated literacy, technology, research and visual components. They covered topics such as education, jobs, transportation, games, entertainment, health and clothing that were characteristic of the 1600s and 1700s. 

LBMS Student Honored for Volunteer Efforts

LBMS Student Honored for Volunteer Efforts photo
Long Beach Middle School seventh-grader Jake Young has been recognized as a Distinguished Finalist in the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program, presented through Prudential Financial in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals. He was selected based on his involvement in community service and volunteer work. 

Jake regularly volunteers his time to aid the New York chapter of the Little Saint Nick Foundation, leading children in community groups to pack anti-anxiety gift bags that serve 600-1,000 pediatric emergency room patients every month. He and his siblings also dress in costume to distribute the items to hospitals and interact with patients and staff members to brighten their day. 

Congratulations to Jake for making a positive impact on so many others!

Middle School Makes History Again

Middle School Makes History Again photo

Long Beach Middle School seventh-graders participated in National History Day for the second consecutive year, featuring extensive studies on historical topics of their choice. The schoolwide history day event was held on Feb. 5, when approximately 130 students showcased work that was underway since October.

Students had the opportunity to present their research in the form of their preference. Some created exhibits, which were displayed in the gymnasium. Performances took the spotlight in the auditorium and brought audience members into the experiences of historical figures and events. Other students utilized their technology skills by creating digital projects such as documentaries and websites. All reflected this year’s theme, “Triumphant Tragedies,” with thesis statements that supported it. 

Projects represented a variety of events such as the Salem Witch Trials, the 1970 Marshall Football Crash, the Battle of Little Bighorn, the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Civil Rights Movement and the Manhattan Project, as well as the impact of individuals ranging from athletes to presidents. 

The seventh-graders spent months exploring their topics through their Chromebooks and the school library. As another component of history day, they wrote process papers and developed annotated bibliographies. Select projects from each category will now advance to the regional Long Island History Day competition, to be held at Hofstra University in March. 

East School Shares American Revolution Explorations

East School Shares American Revolution Explorations photo

The entire fourth-grade of Long Beach’s East School gathered in the building’s gymnasium on Feb. 5, when they portrayed life during the American Revolution for an audience of parents and other guests. Classes spent time researching topics related to the theme, and showcased their discoveries through displays, presentations and performances.

An American Revolution timeline, a living museum of historical figures and a play that reenacted the Boston Tea Party were among the highlights of the Social Studies Fair. Throughout the event, students took on the roles of individuals that made an impact during the featured era and dressed in realistic homemade costumes. They eagerly shared details of their subjects’ contributions and experiences with spectators. 

The afternoon concluded when all students came together in front of the stage and sang “Proud To Be an American.” 

Long Beach Middle School Students Unite to Make Meaningful Mural

Long Beach Middle School Students Unite to Make Meaningful Mural photo

Long Beach Middle School students brought their artistic skills together to create an uplifting Unity Mural that will displayed in the building’s main lobby. Thanks to a partnership with acclaimed artist and children’s book author Joyce Raimondo, the school’s “No Place for Hate” initiative is supported through bright illustrations that signify unity and diversity.

Ms. Raimondo and her team of art educators visited the middle school on five separate days between Jan. 17 and Feb. 4 and worked with groups of students that rotated by period. They incorporated words such as “Empathy” and “Respect” into the design, as well as phrases like “Express Yourself” and images that represent kindness. The mural was developed in several panels that will be assembled to form the finished product. 


Fun, Fruit and Fitness Come Together at Lindell

Fun, Fruit and Fitness Come Together at Lindell photo

The Long Beach Public Schools’ Lindell Elementary School was transformed into a health hub on Feb. 1, during the building’s annual Fun, Fruit and Fitness Day. This event promotes overall wellness and teaches students fun ways to stay active, make wise decisions and embrace healthy lifestyles. Classes rotated an assortment of workshops and activities that fit the day’s theme.

Lindell staff members and guest fitness, dance and medical professionals from the community led a variety of workshops that focused on health, safety and physical activity. Among the highlights were jump rope, bootcamp, fitness, relay and dance sessions. Students explored African and Irish dance choreography in addition to other styles. They put their academic and athletic abilities to work during Movement Math challenges, practiced stress-reduction techniques in mindfulness sessions and learned bicycle safety protocol. 

Registered nurse Gabby Mancuso and chiropractor Dr. Robert Marks presented on their careers and how they help patients. Paralympian volleyball athlete Lora Webster shared her experiences and showed students how to play sitting volleyball. 

The day also included a nutritional component and provided healthy snacks and plenty of water. 

Lindell’s Fun, Fruit and Fitness Day is held every February in conjunction with American Heart Month. It supports the many ways that physical activity, positive choices and mindfulness are incorporated into the educational program throughout the school year. 


Lido Celebrates a Wonderful World of Reading

Lido Celebrates a Wonderful World of Reading photo
Lido Celebrates a Wonderful World of Reading photo 2

The Long Beach Public Schools’ Lido Elementary School took on the district’s World Read Aloud celebration with enthusiasm on Feb. 1, when the entire building participated in activities that focused on literacy.

The event kicked off with a schoolwide read aloud led by Principal Brenda Young, who shared the book “What a Wonderful World” by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. Throughout the remainder of the day, grade levels met in the Multi-Purpose Room to listen to stories from guests that included Long Beach Middle School Principal Paul Romanelli and a librarian from the Long Beach Public Library.

Students also completed a project that involved making clouds to go on the end of a rainbow painted on the windows in the main lobby. The clouds were filled with students’ statements and wishes for a wonderful world. 

Lido’s World Read Aloud Day culminated in the afternoon with a gathering in the hallway. Students and staff members, many of whom wore specially designed T-shirts for the event, sang Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” 

“Community Reads” Events Postponed

The Long Beach Public Schools “Community Reads” Events have been postponed.  The event will be scheduled at a later date. 

East Students Get Read-y for Unity Day

East Students Get Read-y for Unity Day photo

Long Beach’s East School celebrated Unity Day on Jan. 25 with the theme, “United in Reading.” Students, many of whom wore East colored shirts, participated in a variety of collaborative, literacy-based activities planned by the building’s Unity Committee.

The morning kicked off for kindergartners, first- and second-graders with a read-aloud led by Assistant Principal Cristine Zawatson. In the afternoon, Principal Kathleen Connolly presented a read-aloud to third- through fifth-grade students. The day also featured buddy reading sessions in which classes from different grades came together and students read their favorite books to peers. Some groups completed assignment sheets that tied in Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 

Additionally, each teacher read a story to a different class on their grade level and students followed up by creating projects such as bookmarks. Students enjoyed joining in for this celebration of literacy and school spirit. 


West School honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during Unity Day

West School honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during Unity Day photo
The Long Beach Public Schools’ West Elementary School celebrated Unity Day on Jan. 11, when students and staff members came together for valuable activities and lessons. With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day just ten days away, the event tied in the impact of this leader and his contributions to the world. 

Unity Day opened with a viewing of Martin’s Big Words, which is a narrative of Dr. King’s life. Students learned about his dream and its significance, performed songs and presented a play that portrayed the meaning of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and why it is observed nationwide. 

East, Lido and Lindell Elementary Schools will hold their own Unity Day initiatives on Jan. 25. More information will be shared following these events!

East takes on the Amazing Race

East takes on the Amazing Race photo

Third-graders and their parents at the Long Beach Public Schools’ East Elementary School teamed up for a friendly competition on Jan. 18, when they answered geography questions in the Amazing Race. This event emphasized map skills, curriculum and interdisciplinary learning as students collaborated for a problem-solving voyage.

Teams were tasked with uncovering clues that directed them as to where to go in the gymnasium. Fourth-grade officials checked the responses, and if correct, select team members “travelled” to stations that represented different parts of the world. During their visit, they picked up an envelope containing a question and challenge that the group then worked together to complete. 

Students and parents explored maps of Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. They filled out questionnaires and enthusiastically took on the exciting and often funny challenges while putting their map and geography knowledge to the test.

Winter 2019 E-Newsletter

Click here to view the newsletter

Lido class makes wishes come true

Lido class makes wishes come true photo

Fifth-grade students in Susan Garcia’s class at Lido Elementary School hosted an exciting carnival that supported a worthy cause to help others. The event, titled “Make Wishes Come True,” raised close to $400 for the Birthday Wishes organization that provides “birthday parties in boxes” to children residing in homeless shelters.

On Jan. 11, thanks to families’ donations that were used to obtain supplies, the class transformed the multipurpose room into a fun fair complete with decorations, games and other amusements. Students throughout the school purchased tickets in order to participate in activities such as a tissue box and cup stacking challenges, bean bag and ring tosses, a birthday candle estimation contest and more. Students also displayed facts about homelessness based on their research. Lido spirit buttons were sold the following day as part of the initiative. 

Proceeds are being used to purchase birthday party supplies that will be delivered to the Birthday Wishes office in Hicksville for distribution to homeless shelters. 

The idea for this team effort came about after Ms. Garcia’s class read the book “Fly Away Home” by Evan Bunting, which tells the story of a homeless boy and his father. The students were moved by the very real issues of homelessness and poverty, which affects more than 2.5 million children. They discussed the topic at length, read related articles and eventually decided to hold a fundraiser. They put about a month of planning and brainstorming into the development of the successful carnival. 

Long Beach IB Diploma Candidates Forge Ahead

Long Beach IB Diploma Candidates Forge Ahead photo
Long Beach IB Diploma Candidates Forge Ahead photo 2
Long Beach IB Diploma Candidates Forge Ahead photo 3
Long Beach IB Diploma Candidates Forge Ahead photo 34
Long Beach IB Diploma Candidates Forge Ahead photo 5
Long Beach High School’s International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates are in the midst of their extended essays, dedicating much time and work to developing the intense, 4,000-word paper. At this point, they have all settled on subjects and conducted research, and now the writing process is well underway. The seniors participated in an all-day, in-school workshop held in the library on Jan. 9 to further focus on their essays and make greater headway with the assistance of their mentors. 

The diploma candidates are writing about themes they selected based on their own strengths, interests and curiosity. Each essay begins with an essential question that the content supports through valid information sources such as articles, videos and others obtained through databases. 

Alec Chasin, an All-State clarinetist, is focusing on music, while Sophia Munier and Nicole Celis are incorporating different aspects of their science research project on oyster restoration. Jamie Allegria is incorporating her interest in forensics by studying the transcripts of serial killers such as Ted Bundy, while Eddie Vrona is working on an essay about George W. Bush’s transparency in policies. 

“I’m very involved with local government and wanted to look at the Freedom of Information Act through a historical lens,” Eddie said.  

Madison Gusler was inspired to study the impact of the American Red Cross after doing a service project in the Dominican Republic for one of the organization’s programs that provides the community with sustainable work. Angelica Gonzales is doing a rhetorical analysis of the Consoler-in-Chief concept, comparing the effectiveness of speeches given by former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama following the Sept. 11 attacks and Boston Marathon bombing, respectively. 

“I looked at both speeches and evaluated the ways the presidents used rhetoric to console the American people,” Angelica said. 

IB graduates have reported that the extended essays were of great value in preparing them for college. Members of the Class of 2019 will continue to polish their rigorous, advanced assignments in the upcoming weeks. 

Lindell Students Dream Big

Lindell Students Dream Big photo
Lindell Students Dream Big photo 2
Lindell Students Dream Big photo 3
Lindell Students Dream Big photo 4
Lindell Students Dream Big photo 5
Fourth-graders in Lisa Rundo’s class at Lindell Elementary School have been reflecting on their dreams with creativity, tying in the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Using the open work environment and resources of the building’s new Innovation Lab Makerspace, the students expressed their aspirations and passions inspired by Dr. King.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will be observed nationwide on Jan. 21. Students have been studying his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement and equality in the United States through interdisciplinary lessons and discussions. They listened to his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, which spurred the creation of their projects – “I Have a Dream” boxes that display their own interpretations of the theme. 

The class initially designed the boxes and wrote out plans, then visited the Innovation Lab Makerspace to bring ideas to fruition. Students cut, assembled and covered boxes of various forms that they adorned with meaningful words and pictures. They filled the interiors with items, more visual images and encouraging phrases and many incorporated their personal interests such as music and sports. 

Jake Impagliazzo embellished the exterior of his box with pictures of a peace sign and sun. Around the sides, he shared handwritten dreams including “For war to stop,” “That the sun will always shine,” “For violence to stop,” “For animals to live free and “For pollution to stop.” The inside contained a portrait of Dr. King and a note thanking the historical leader. His classmates ornamented their box layouts with positive notes as well. Anala Teemer wrote, “Look in the mirror. Do you see you? So don’t let anyone change who you are.”  

Other students chose messages such as “It’s cool to be kind,” “faith” and “peace,” and some honored Dr. King directly and decorated their boxes with his quotes and speech excerpts. 

LB Middle School congratulates two writing wonders

LB Middle School congratulates two writing wonders
Long Beach Middle School eighth-graders Saoirse Marx and Yashoda Jaikaran both achieved awards in recent writing competitions. Saoirse was selected as the local winner in the VFW District No. 1 Patriot's Pen Essay Contest, and Yashoda won the Young Writers’ Stranger Sagas Writing Contest.

Saoirse’s piece focuses on showing appreciation for veterans and will now advance to the regional level of the competition. She was inspired by her grandfather, a Korean War veteran, as well as her father. Yashoda submitted a short story to the Stranger Sagas contest, which encourages creativity in middle and high school students. 

Congratulations to both of these outstanding writers on their outstanding accomplishments! 

Coffee Hour with the Superintendent

Join Dr. Gallagher for coffee and share your thoughts on all of the ways we are working to make Long Beach a place where students shine.

Tuesday, October 23, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Monday, December 10, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, February 12: 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 16, 5:00-6:00 p.m.

All gatherings are in the Administrative Office Conference Room.