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District Equity Summary

Report on Equity Work in Long Beach Public Schools

Congratulations, LBHS Graduates!

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The Long Beach High School Class of 2020 brought sunshine to Veterans Field on June 26, when students received their diplomas during a special commencement celebration. While the pandemic put a twist on this year’s graduation, the district carefully planned an event that honored the seniors in ways that they will remember. 

The 97th Commencement Ceremony featured a full day spotlight on the Class of 2020 — a group of students that overcame unforeseen obstacles and demonstrated determination, compassion and community spirit. The graduates arrived at the middle school, many in decorated cars, during designated time slots in which they were called up to accept diplomas and walk across the stage. As they took their first steps as the newest alumni, they were met with cheers from members of the board of education, administration and faculty members who stood along the sidelines with congratulatory signs.

The Class of 2020 wore the traditional blue caps and gowns and took photos in several locations prior to exiting the field. Seventy-seven seniors who completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program donned their stoles, and 26 Seal of Biliteracy recipients displayed medallions signifying their achievements. 

The graduation ceremony also included a tribute to Island Park Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rosmarie Bovino, who is retiring after 12 years in her role. The board of education and administration presented her with an honorary diploma. 

A video that will be provided to the graduates includes remarks from New York State Senator (and Long Beach alumnus) Todd Kaminsky, Board of Education Vice President Tina Posterli, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher and Principal Jeffrey Myers. 

 “You have a front row seat to all the change that is upon us and no better voices right now exist to carry us forward and onward,” said Ms. Posterli. “The spirit of your community will be with you wherever you choose to go and keep you grounded and Long Beach strong. History will remember you, Class of 2020. What will your story be?” 

“You will never regret a life of service,” said Dr. Gallagher. “I hope that you will use your gifts to do great things, to help us find cures to global pandemics and to build communities where everyone can reach his or her full potential regardless of race, income status, country margin or any other factor other than basic human dignity.” 

““You all made it through, and you will use that courage and grit to make it through tough times again,” said Mr. Myers. “The fact that you took everything that was thrown at you and maintained a focus on achieving your goals has been an inspiration to me.” 

“You’re going to continue to thrive, and I want you to know how much I believe in you,” said Senator Kaminsky. 

The forthcoming video features reflections from valedictorian Arjun Gupta, salutatorian Hayden Henry and Class President Isabella Salsone, in addition to other student speakers. They shared impactful messages with their peers about perseverance and making a difference in the world. 

“We are prepared to make our marks because we are destined to do so,” said Arjun. “It is inevitable that the world will continue to change. It is also clear that we are prepared for the challenges set before us.” 

“Even though after today we will all be heading down our own paths that will bring us to our own unique places in life, we all succeed by following one painfully simple principal, and that is striving for our absolute best in everything we do,” said Hayden.
Isabella focused on the topic of resilience. 

“This class is beyond ready for whatever lies ahead in our journey to higher education and independent life,” she said. “I ask each and every one of you to use your resilience to continue to inspire others in your future endeavors.” 

Congratulations to the Long Beach High School 2020 and all other students who are moving up after an atypical year. The middle school and elementary schools honored their graduates in the form of virtual promotion ceremonies.

Fifth Graders Move Up

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Congratulations to our fifth grade graduates! Please view the virtual moving up ceremonies by clicking your school name below. 





HS Athletes Steer Fifth Graders Toward Success

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Long Beach High School’s Athletes Helping Athletes seniors did not allow the pandemic and school closure to bring them down – instead, they put their energy into a positive project that benefitted their younger peers. Approximately six students, along with club advisors Lori DeVivo and Lynn Volosevich, held Zoom sessions with fifth graders from all four elementary buildings to help them prepare for middle school. 

The initiative was developed by senior Sage Bernstein, who pitched the idea to administrators as a way to make a difference and put the elementary students at ease during tumultuous times. Audrey Cozine, Isabella DeFonte, Jillian Domingo, Max Maquet and Claire McQuade joined her efforts and participated in the weekly meetings. Every Friday, they came together virtually with different groups of fifth graders and discussed the transition into sixth grade. They kicked off the series with Lindell classes on May 22, chatted with those from Lido on May 29, conferenced with East on June 5 and culminated with West on June 12. 

In a traditional school year, Athletes Helping Athletes members visit with the district’s elementary students and assist during field day activities. They were able to continue their leadership and serve as role models through the remote gatherings. They described the middle school schedule, class options, grading system, extracurricular opportunities and much more, emphasizing the importance of trying new things and becoming involved in the school and community. They also noted that teachers are always available for support and answered questions that the elementary students submitted in advance. 

The seniors were in fifth grade in the 2012-13 school year, when Superstorm Sandy disrupted their lives and routines. They integrated their experiences into the recent presentations and assured the younger students that better days are ahead. Both age groups wished each other well as they prepare for their next steps!


Odyssey of the Mind Honoree

The Long Beach Public Schools’ Office of Curriculum and Instruction secretary Patricia Carlucci is among six winners of New York State Odyssey of the Mind’s 2020 Virtual OMER’s Awards. She was nominated by teachers/coaches Douglas MacConnell and Justin Sulsky based on her support of the elementary teams. 

According to Odyssey of the Mind, OMER’s Awards recognize those individuals, coaches, team members, parents, officials and others who, during a tournament, serve as exemplary examples or role models through their actions or words. 

Ms. Carlucci has been supporting the district’s Odyssey of the Mind program behind the scenes for almost a decade. She has given countless hours to the group by coordinating travel arrangements and other details. Her extensive knowledge about the OM program keeps students and their coaches aware of information and on schedule for important tasks.  

“When the kids are smoothly competing in Binghamton, Michigan, and in the virtual world, they are having so much fun,” Mr. MacConnell and Mr. Sulsky wrote in their nomination letter. “The coaches know this wouldn't be possible without Ms. Carlucci! She represents being tireless in pursuit of goals, a commitment to students, and having patience and understanding.” 

The district congratulates Ms. Carlucci and thanks her for helping make these Odyssey of the Mind experiences possible.