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Date Change! Tri-M Induction Ceremony April 3

Please note that the Tri-M Induction ceremony date has been changed to April 3 at 7 p.m. in order to accommodate students who are performing at the All Eastern Conference on the original date. The ceremony will be held in the LBHS auditorium.

Middle School Book Club Makes a Splash

Middle School Book Club Makes a Splash photo

On March 13, Long Beach Middle School culminated its six-week-long book club with an event that brought students, parents, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members together to build community through literature. As a special highlight, the evening featured a visit from author Ann Braden.

Ms. Braden, who wrote the book club’s spotlighted selection, “The Benefits of Being an Octopus,” discussed how her life impacted the story. Her strongest message was to be part of #TeamOctopus, which represents a promise to always try to recognize the superpowers in oneself and others. Attendees also split into small groups throughout the library for book talks. 

The book club was introduced on Feb. 1 for World Read Aloud Day, when all third-period teachers read the first chapter of “The Benefits of Being an Octopus” to their classes. The middle school loaned out 250 autographed copies and a calendar of suggested reading. Each week, a book chat went live on the BAND App, during which Vice Principal Lorie Beard posed questions that sparked dialogue among students, teachers and parents. Approximately 110 members joined, including the author.

Part of the middle school’s “No Place for Hate” initiative, the book club was a collaborative effort, organized by Ms. Beard and made possible by a staff Book Club Team and PTA members. Special thanks go to Tutti Frutti, East End Café, Starbucks, Coffee Nut Café and Country Boy Bakery for providing treats for participants.  

LARC Leads the Way in Robotics

LARC Leads the Way in Robotics photo
LARC Leads the Way in Robotics photo 2
LARC Leads the Way in Robotics photo 3
LARC Leads the Way in Robotics photo 4
Four of the Long Beach Public Schools’ fourth-grade LARC Robotics Teams were among only 6 percent of teams around the world that earned coveted spots in the International Wonder League Robotics Competition Invitational Round. The WLRC is an international coding and robotics competition for future tech leaders and innovators. 

Almost 8,000 teams participated in the WLRC competition from 69 countries. They participated in five rounds of intensive missions over a five-month period to compete for a chance to earn a spot in the Wonder Workshop-sponsored International Invitational Round. Through a series of story-based missions, the teams developed problem-solving, growth mindset, and creativity skills through coding and programming. The LARC robotics teams, coached by Dr. Caitlin King and Justin Sulsky, designed solutions for real-world science and technology challenges by programming their robots. 

Congratulations to Team 1 members Sydney Bergstein, Cian Donaghy, Ian Olivo and Maia Rossi; Team 2 participants Dylan Brennan, Amy Alvarado-Lopez, Miles Murphy and Aaliyah Trichter; Team 4 students Michael Amato, Magnolia Campbell, Ariana Lye and Charles Muskin; and Team 7 members Sadie D'Amico, Theodore Gargiulo, James Long and Tamer Unver. 

Middle School Science Symposium

Middle School Science Symposium photo
Long Beach Middle School held a sixth-grade science symposium on March 14, featuring research and discoveries that students have made this school year. Students started by selecting different questions, then explored and presented their findings using the scientific method.

This was the first year that the sixth-graders used their Chromebooks for their science projects. The assignment was interdisciplinary, incorporating subjects such as math and English Language Arts into the experiment steps and writing components. 

Students conducted a variety of scientific tests. Among those featured were the effect of different types of sodas on tooth discoloration, how the distance of a toy car based on the ramp height to test Newton’s Law, how paper towel price and brand affects the amount of water absorbed, whether or not complex designs of a paper plane would make it fly further and how different swimsuits affect a swimmer’s speed. 

Constructed with Care

Constructed with Care photo
Students in the wood shop classes at Long Beach High School are using their handy skills for great purposes, as they construct Adirondack chairs that will be donated to veterans. They are making 12 chairs, four of which will go to the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The remaining eight will be placed in areas around the high school.

The project entails measuring, cutting, sanding, assembling, painting and more, all of which are skills that the classes cover. Students have been preparing the braces, seat slats and supports and look forward to unveiling the finished products. Earlier this school year they made cutting boards, Nok hockey boards and speakers, among other items.

LBHS Auto Puts Wheels in Motion

Students in the automotive classes at Long Beach High School have had a busy year, and are currently in the process of restoring a 1939 Chevy pickup truck. Having already finished the frame and installed the motor, students are now working on the body of the vehicle. Their goal is to have it running and driving by the end of the school year.

The classes already completed a motorcycle project this past fall, when they restored a 2009 Harley Ultima Chopper, and updated a 1964 C10 with a new engine, suspension work and tires in December. Now they are tackling a 1956 Chevy, assembling a new Mustang II front suspension.

The high school’s automotive courses include Automotive Fundamentals, Automotive Systems and Automotive Mechanics. Students learn how cars work and are maintained, diagnose problems and prepare solutions and perform hands-on rebuilding, repair and service tasks. Follow @LBHSAutoMetal on Instagram to see their latest progress!

Board of Education Meeting - Thursday, March 28 -LBMS Auditorium @ 7:30 PM

Budget presentation: Athletics, Facilities, Benefits

Elementary Math Program Information


West Students Share Songs with Seniors

West Students Share Songs with Seniors photo
Recorder Club and NYSSMA vocalists from West School visited the EAC-Long Beach Senior Community Center on March 12 to share some joyful music. They performed a variety of classic songs, such as “My Favorite Things,” “Danny Boy,” “The Rainbow Connection” and “Yellow Submarine.” The event brought different generations of the Long Beach community together for a musical celebration. 

NYS Assessment Testing Letter


Middle School Student Makes a Difference

Middle School Student Makes a Difference photo
Jake Young, a seventh-grader at Long Beach Middle School, was presented with a medal from the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program. Recognized as a Distinguished Finalist this past February, Jake officially accepted the honor during a formal celebration held at the school on March 13. 

Prudential Financial Manager of Financial Services Chris Carrieri and Financial Advisor Michael Fontana Financial addressed Jake and acknowledged his volunteer efforts with the New York chapter of the Little Saint Nick Foundation. The charity’s founder, Ray Mohler, also attended in support and appreciation of Jake’s contributions. 

Each month, Jake packages 600-1000 gift bags that serve pediatric care patients. He and his brother also dress in costume to deliver the items to hospitals and interact with the recipients.

“Thousands of people apply for this, and only 5 or 6 people in each state win,” Carrieri said. He noted that Jake’s bio was one of the most impressive he has seen. 

Jake was joined at the gathering by Principal Dr. Paul Romanelli and Assistant Principals Keith Biesma and Lorie Beard, as well as his parents. 

LB DECA Students Demonstrate Business-Savviness

LB DECA Students Demonstrate Business-Savviness photo
LB DECA Students Demonstrate Business-Savviness photo 2
LB DECA Students Demonstrate Business-Savviness photo 3
Members of Long Beach High School’s DECA club represented the business program with outstanding skill and professionalism from March 6-8, when they attended the State Career Conference in Rochester. Collectively, the group earned two second-place awards and three top-ten finishes. 

Thomas Walsh won second-place in the Business Service and Marketing event, while Brett Weiner did so in Business Finance. Alexis Palmer, Arjun Gupta and Jeremiah Cochran all achieved top ten placements in their respective categories. 

Participants also included Tyler Armak, Jaden Bloom, Samantha Breen, Lauren Bulik, Nicole Codianni, Gabby Pine, Brooke Shapiro, Sam Shklyar, Jared Starman and Zen Yokel. Long Beach High School congratulates all the DECA students and their advisor, Blake Malizia, on these excellent results.  

Business Booms at LBHS

Business Booms at LBHS photo
Business Booms at LBHS photo 2
Business Booms at LBHS photo 3
Business Booms at LBHS photo 4
Business Booms at LBHS photo 5
Long Beach High School students showed promising futures on March 11, when they pitched a total of nine different company models that they designed themselves for the third annual Business Olympics. This event brings the School-Business Partnership together and provides opportunities for business students to express their creativity and engage in networking. The audience was filled with supporters and local professionals who served as judges. 

Each team provided thorough presentations that covered their concept’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and locations.  Andrew Geller, Tyler Armak and  Jordan Moses were named winners for their business, HyPot – a self-gardening pot for any apartment and studio. Made of a plastic container and manufactured in Long Beach, the pot would be utilized by residents of homes that do not possess a backyard to garden.

Jakub Parker, Jacob Mikelberg, Jack Littman, James Yeomans and Thomas Corso presented their C2C Energy venture, while Kelly Monahan, Layla Hakimzadeh and William Tighe explained their concept for Eco Energy. Zen Yokel, Declan Conway, Thomas Sofield and Gregory Sofield shared their plans for Hydroponics By the Sea, and Kaia Cheung, Grace Ventura, Victoria Famighetti and Gabrielle Selter  presented Compost on the Water.

Arjun Gupta, Jeremiah Cochran, Evan Michaels and Noah Goren developed the business, Long Beach Biofuel, while Thomas Walsh, Brett Weiner, Jake Ignatow, Dylan Edelman and Dmytro Vremenko showcased their idea for Eco Consulting. Giovanni Mangiafreno, Eric Abneri and Jeffrey Persky described The Solumbra, and Brooke Shapiro, Jared Starman and Eddie Vrona shared their idea for Ride the Wave Power.

The Business Olympics was introduced in 2017 as a way to enhance college- and career readiness and equip students with skills that they can use in the future. The experience broadens students’ understanding of the factors involved in developing a business. This year, students completed their projects on their own free time, not for a grade or as a class assignment. 

Winter Sports Awards a Cause for Celebration

Winter Sports Awards a Cause for Celebration photo
Winter Sports Awards a Cause for Celebration photo 2
Winter Sports Awards a Cause for Celebration photo 3
Winter Sports Awards a Cause for Celebration photo 4
Winter Sports Awards a Cause for Celebration photo 5
Long Beach High School athletes and their families gathered in the auditorium on March 5, during Varsity Winter Sports Awards Night. The event spotlighted the boys and girls basketball, boys and girls bowling, cheerleading, gymnastics, ice hockey, boys swim and boys track teams as coaches summarized the season’s highlights.  

The ice hockey team, coached by Joe Brand and assistants Keith Casey and Dickie Chimienti, brought applause and enthusiasm, having won their fourth State Champion title on March 3. They completed their second consecutive year of an undefeated season and received a proclamation from Senator Todd Kaminsky during the ceremony. Another exciting highlight was the introduction of the girls and boys bowling teams, which were newly added this school year. Additionally, the boys swim team were named Division Champions while the wrestling team won League and Qualifying Tournament titles.

Also honored were All American athletes, Ryan Aroesty in swimming and Allison Cohen and Rivers Cunningham in gymnastics.

On a bittersweet note, the evening bid a fond farewell to Billy Muirhead, who is retiring after 38 years as Long Beach’s gymnastics coach. Alumni, students, parents and staff members presented him with special acknowledgment and viewed a video compilation of his moments over the years. 
The girls basketball, girls bowling, boys bowling, gymnastics, cheerleading, boys swim, boys winter track and girls winter track teams were recognized as Scholar Athlete Teams for maintaining grade point averages of 90 or higher.

LARC Takes on Trivia for a Cause

LARC Takes on Trivia for a Cause photo
LARC Takes on Trivia for a Cause photo 2
Long Beach’s LARC program raised almost $3,000 for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County through the CP Nassau Trivia Challenge Fundraiser. The fourth-grade LARC curriculum includes a service learning project in which students use their talents to help people in need. For this project, all students took a trip to CP Nassau, during which the principal of CP Nassau's Children's Learning Center and other officials explained why children and adults with CP require extensive funds for devices to assist with their mobility and communication. 

The students toured the facility and school, sitting in on classes and observing how teachers of children with CP adapt instruction to their learners. After the visit, all LARC fourth-graders took a 100-question trivia challenge in teams. The highest scoring team answered an impressive 88 questions correctly, and represented the LARC program at the Trivia Challenge finals on Feb. 25 where they faced off against teams from all over Long Island. The Long Beach LARC team, comprised of Sadie D'Amico, Theodore Gargiulo, James Long, and Ronin Morita, was the only group to win the "treasure chest" prize at the Trivia Challenge for answering a specifically designated question correctly! 

The LARC students reached out to family, friends, and other community members to raise almost $3,000 for CP Nassau. One student, Ben Levinson, raised over $1,000, said the trip specifically inspired him to work hard to seek out donations.

East Goes Full STEAM Ahead

East Goes Full STEAM Ahead photo
East Goes Full STEAM Ahead photo 2
East Goes Full STEAM Ahead photo 3
East School fifth-grade students and their parents participated in a STEAM fair on Feb. 28, when they gathered in the gymnasium for an afternoon of hands-on learning activities. Attendees worked in groups and rotated among numerous stations, which featured science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics activities. Together they solved problems, answered questions and made discoveries.

Long Beach Board Meeting Honors Writing Stars

Long Beach Board Meeting Honors Writing Stars photo
Long Beach Board Meeting Honors Writing Stars photo 2
Long Beach Board Meeting Honors Writing Stars photo 3
Long Beach Board Meeting Honors Writing Stars photo 4
Long Beach Board Meeting Honors Writing Stars photo 5
Long Beach Board Meeting Honors Writing Stars photo 6

The Long Beach Public Schools honored numerous student achievements in writing at the Feb. 28 Board of Education meeting.

The 2018 issue of Long Beach High School’s literary magazine, Fragments, was recognized by numerous press organizations. The publication, which featured the theme “Life of a Star,” was awarded a gold medal with All Columbia Honors for Essentials from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and a gold medal from the Empire State School Press Association. It earned a First Place with Special Merit for Outstanding Theme title from the American Scholastic Press Association and a First Class with One Mark of Distinction in Editing and Writing honor from the National Scholastic Press Association. Fragments’ student staff members Maya Arengo, Uma Arengo, Alyscia Batista, Lauren Bulik, Paige Carpenter, Nicole Celis, Nicole Codianni, Tyler Collinson, Sarah Halley and Anna Xiao and teacher Rachel Koegell were congratulated for their group accomplishments. 

Fragments contributors also received many individual awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Thomas Miller won the Columbia Gold Circle for his piece, “Ramblings,” while Sarah Halley and Jessica Thursland earned gold awards for their respective poems, “Thank You” and “C’est Mon Monde.” Nicole Codianni was presented with a silver award in single-page layout, while Jack Palmer achieved silver for his “Falling to Pieces” nonfiction work and David Newman did so for the poem “Claudia in Vernazza.” A bronze award was obtained by Maya Arengo for specialized content entry “Quartet 1,” and Daisy Willard earned an honorable mention for her “Twisted Cinder” fiction piece. Ms. Koegel was recognized for her outstanding support for student achievement. 

From the middle school, Saoirse Marx was commended for placing first in District 1 and third in New York State in the Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest, sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Yashoda Jaikaran received accolades for her honorable mention in the Stranger Sagas writing contest. High School student Andrea Dispo was recognized in the Lake Effect National High School Poetry Contest. 

High school students also attained excellent results in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program. Esther Molloy won a Gold Key, Silver Key and honorable mention for “Charcoal Woman,” “Meu Fiho Nao e Meu” and “If We Could Make the Bluebells Look Right.” Anna Xiao achieved a Gold Key for “When the Monsoon Rain Comes” and an honorable mention for “Europe.” Uma Arengo received a Silver Key and honorable mention for “Will I Be Dirt” and “Pisces,” while Benjamin Armus earned a Silver Key in “E^p+1=0.” Alyscia Batista won two Silver Keys for “A Summer Filled with Sweat” and “Manzanilla,” and an honorable mention for “Tu Amor es mi Vida.” Samantha Breen, Jason Ferrante and Matthew Landsman earned Silver Keys for their respective poems, “Change,” “Sun Drunk,” and “Incarcerated.” Honorable mentions were received by Tyler Collinson for “Vagrants and Vagabonds,” Victoria Lugo for “Changing Colors” and “Los Muertos” and Jordan Moses for “Clair de Lune.” 

The meeting also included a 2019-20 budget presentation on interfund transfers for capital projects and food and nutritional services. The full report is available on the budget section of the district’s website, 



Four LB Teams Place First at Odyssey of the Mind Competition

A total of four Long Beach Odyssey of the Mind teams took top results at the regional tournament held on March 2 and 3 at the Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School in Freeport. At both the middle school and elementary levels, students collaborated successfully to secure first-place trophies and advance in the program.

The elementary teams were coached by teachers Justin Sulsky and Douglas MacConnell, while Long Beach Middle School students worked under the guidance of coaches Christina Kile and Susan Kasper.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international competition in which participants solve defined problems using a predetermined set of rules the team must follow. It supports the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile traits that the district emphasizes throughout its curricula. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and other countries participate in the program. For the middle school students, there is also an administrative component involving paperwork that supports the solution to their problem. 

Three elementary school teams achieved first-place wins. Team Two, comprised of Aaron Blau, Tabitha Freeny, Catherine Maguire, Geddy Moss, Jordi Perez and Aaliyah Trichter, engineered a searcher creature that made three required changes to escape discovery from a searcher sent by a king. Team Three members Dustin Basnyat, Winter Collinson, Shane Haglich, Benjamin Levinson, Lucinda Nash, Lucia Petty and Kate Ragona portrayed Leonardo da Vinci as inventing the solar panel during his lifetime, but being debunked by a naysayer who did not believe that the sun could create energy on Earth. Sydney Bergstein, Alanna Damiani, Matthew Diamond, Violet Richter, Avery Schab, Jordan Soriano and Sebastian Tricola formed Team Five, which taught audience members to avoid manipulation by sneaky characters trying to divide different groups.

The Middle School’s first-place team consisted of Ryan Aba Riebli, MacKenzie Brodsky-Torres, Jack Clancy, Isabelle DePalma, Sammy Feingold, Vincent Napolitano and Annabel Pines. They received impressive scores in both the long-term skit and spontaneous small-group competition. The students wrote an eight-minute skit, for which they created the costumes and scenery and performed before judges, about a debunked invention from Leonardo DaVinci. 

 Congratulations to these teams, all of which will move on to the state-level competition on March 23 at Binghamton University. 

LBMS Sock Drive

LBMS Sock Drive photo
Long Beach Middle School student Parker Schab and other members of the National Junior Honor Society held a “Winter Sock Drive” in the month of February. They collected 274 pairs of socks, which were donated families in need and the homeless through the INN Organization of Nassau County.

Hockey Team Wins State Championship

Hockey Team Wins State Championship photo
Congratulations Hockey Team for winning New York State AAU championship. With a sharp defensive effort lead by the Tournament MVP sophomore goaltender Kieran Byrne, the Marines stifled a tough Roy-Hart/Barker/Medina team to coast to a 3-1 victory to capture the State crown.

LBHS Presents an Evening of Excellence

LBHS Presents an Evening of Excellence photo
LBHS Presents an Evening of Excellence photo 2
Long Beach High School’s African American Club hosted its first annual Evening of Excellence on Feb. 15. This Black History Month celebration was held to honor individuals and organizations that make significant contributions to the Long Beach community.  

Students, staff members and guests gathered at the high school for this event, which featured welcomes from Principal Jeffrey Myers, club advisor Janna James and club member Jaylyn Umana, among others. Award recipients were recognized for their outstanding service and presented with certificates and citations from Senator Todd Kaminsky and the LBHS African American Club. Honorees included fashion stylist Chris Banks, Hon. Councilwoman Anissa Moore, MLK Center Chairman James Hodge, Class of 2018 graduate Diamond Lambert and Lido School Principal Brenda Young. 

The Tide turns at LBHS

The Tide turns at LBHS photo
Long Beach High School’s Tide newspaper achieved great success at Press Day 2019, held at Adelphi University on Feb. 6. This competition featured the online and printed newspapers of 40 schools across Long Island, and the first issue in more than a decade of the recently resurrected Tide garnered two prominent awards.

The entire Tide staff won first place for Best Page One Layout, and sophomore Uma Arengo earned an honorable mention for an arts review piece she wrote titled, “Bank on Banksy.” The full issue can be accessed at

A total of three issues of the Tide will be produced this school year and the staff meets weekly under the guidance of teacher Joseph Van Wie. Jaylyn Umana serves as senior editor while Uma and fellow sophomore Tyler Collinson are junior editors. Participants have combined a variety of skills such as designing and writing in order to bring the newspaper to fruition. 

“The students have put a lot of time and effort into getting this going from scratch,” Mr. Van Wie said. “We are very happy with the results of their hard work.” 

Congratulations to the Tide contributors! Visit the high school website at to view future issues.

Middle School Students Explore Music

Middle School Students Explore Music photo
Five Long Beach Middle School students participated in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York’s "One SINGular Sunday" event on Feb. 10, held at the Jeanne Rimsky Theater at Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington. Seventh-grader Sam Adler and sixth-graders Melinda DeSantis, Jessica Greenblatt, Maggie Keating and Matthew McCaffrey attended several informative workshops that strengthened their skills and introduced them to new experiences in music. 

The students had the opportunity to take part in choral music rehearsals led by Hofstra University Director of Choral Studies Dr. David Frying, a musical theater workshop run by Jericho Schools Mindfulness Specialist Andrea Gonnella and a mindfulness workshop presented by Long Island Music Theatre Festival Founder and Artistic Director Steven Altinel. 

Lindell Creates Colonial Museum

Lindell Creates Colonial Museum photo

Fourth-graders at Long Beach’s Lindell Elementary School brought the 17th and 18th centuries into their classrooms on Feb. 6, when they presented a Colonial Fair for parents and other guests. The students wore traditional colonial attire as they shared information about life during the historical era.

Prior to the event, students spent time researching various aspects of colonial times and created reports and display boards. The projects were produced through inquiry-based learning and incorporated literacy, technology, research and visual components. They covered topics such as education, jobs, transportation, games, entertainment, health and clothing that were characteristic of the 1600s and 1700s. 

LBMS Student Honored for Volunteer Efforts

LBMS Student Honored for Volunteer Efforts photo
Long Beach Middle School seventh-grader Jake Young has been recognized as a Distinguished Finalist in the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program, presented through Prudential Financial in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals. He was selected based on his involvement in community service and volunteer work. 

Jake regularly volunteers his time to aid the New York chapter of the Little Saint Nick Foundation, leading children in community groups to pack anti-anxiety gift bags that serve 600-1,000 pediatric emergency room patients every month. He and his siblings also dress in costume to distribute the items to hospitals and interact with patients and staff members to brighten their day. 

Congratulations to Jake for making a positive impact on so many others!

Middle School Makes History Again

Middle School Makes History Again photo

Long Beach Middle School seventh-graders participated in National History Day for the second consecutive year, featuring extensive studies on historical topics of their choice. The schoolwide history day event was held on Feb. 5, when approximately 130 students showcased work that was underway since October.

Students had the opportunity to present their research in the form of their preference. Some created exhibits, which were displayed in the gymnasium. Performances took the spotlight in the auditorium and brought audience members into the experiences of historical figures and events. Other students utilized their technology skills by creating digital projects such as documentaries and websites. All reflected this year’s theme, “Triumphant Tragedies,” with thesis statements that supported it. 

Projects represented a variety of events such as the Salem Witch Trials, the 1970 Marshall Football Crash, the Battle of Little Bighorn, the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Civil Rights Movement and the Manhattan Project, as well as the impact of individuals ranging from athletes to presidents. 

The seventh-graders spent months exploring their topics through their Chromebooks and the school library. As another component of history day, they wrote process papers and developed annotated bibliographies. Select projects from each category will now advance to the regional Long Island History Day competition, to be held at Hofstra University in March. 

East School Shares American Revolution Explorations

East School Shares American Revolution Explorations photo

The entire fourth-grade of Long Beach’s East School gathered in the building’s gymnasium on Feb. 5, when they portrayed life during the American Revolution for an audience of parents and other guests. Classes spent time researching topics related to the theme, and showcased their discoveries through displays, presentations and performances.

An American Revolution timeline, a living museum of historical figures and a play that reenacted the Boston Tea Party were among the highlights of the Social Studies Fair. Throughout the event, students took on the roles of individuals that made an impact during the featured era and dressed in realistic homemade costumes. They eagerly shared details of their subjects’ contributions and experiences with spectators. 

The afternoon concluded when all students came together in front of the stage and sang “Proud To Be an American.” 

Long Beach Middle School Students Unite to Make Meaningful Mural

Long Beach Middle School Students Unite to Make Meaningful Mural photo

Long Beach Middle School students brought their artistic skills together to create an uplifting Unity Mural that will displayed in the building’s main lobby. Thanks to a partnership with acclaimed artist and children’s book author Joyce Raimondo, the school’s “No Place for Hate” initiative is supported through bright illustrations that signify unity and diversity.

Ms. Raimondo and her team of art educators visited the middle school on five separate days between Jan. 17 and Feb. 4 and worked with groups of students that rotated by period. They incorporated words such as “Empathy” and “Respect” into the design, as well as phrases like “Express Yourself” and images that represent kindness. The mural was developed in several panels that will be assembled to form the finished product. 


Fun, Fruit and Fitness Come Together at Lindell

Fun, Fruit and Fitness Come Together at Lindell photo

The Long Beach Public Schools’ Lindell Elementary School was transformed into a health hub on Feb. 1, during the building’s annual Fun, Fruit and Fitness Day. This event promotes overall wellness and teaches students fun ways to stay active, make wise decisions and embrace healthy lifestyles. Classes rotated an assortment of workshops and activities that fit the day’s theme.

Lindell staff members and guest fitness, dance and medical professionals from the community led a variety of workshops that focused on health, safety and physical activity. Among the highlights were jump rope, bootcamp, fitness, relay and dance sessions. Students explored African and Irish dance choreography in addition to other styles. They put their academic and athletic abilities to work during Movement Math challenges, practiced stress-reduction techniques in mindfulness sessions and learned bicycle safety protocol. 

Registered nurse Gabby Mancuso and chiropractor Dr. Robert Marks presented on their careers and how they help patients. Paralympian volleyball athlete Lora Webster shared her experiences and showed students how to play sitting volleyball. 

The day also included a nutritional component and provided healthy snacks and plenty of water. 

Lindell’s Fun, Fruit and Fitness Day is held every February in conjunction with American Heart Month. It supports the many ways that physical activity, positive choices and mindfulness are incorporated into the educational program throughout the school year. 


Lido Celebrates a Wonderful World of Reading

Lido Celebrates a Wonderful World of Reading photo
Lido Celebrates a Wonderful World of Reading photo 2

The Long Beach Public Schools’ Lido Elementary School took on the district’s World Read Aloud celebration with enthusiasm on Feb. 1, when the entire building participated in activities that focused on literacy.

The event kicked off with a schoolwide read aloud led by Principal Brenda Young, who shared the book “What a Wonderful World” by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. Throughout the remainder of the day, grade levels met in the Multi-Purpose Room to listen to stories from guests that included Long Beach Middle School Principal Paul Romanelli and a librarian from the Long Beach Public Library.

Students also completed a project that involved making clouds to go on the end of a rainbow painted on the windows in the main lobby. The clouds were filled with students’ statements and wishes for a wonderful world. 

Lido’s World Read Aloud Day culminated in the afternoon with a gathering in the hallway. Students and staff members, many of whom wore specially designed T-shirts for the event, sang Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” 

“Community Reads” Events Postponed

The Long Beach Public Schools “Community Reads” Events have been postponed.  The event will be scheduled at a later date. 

East Students Get Read-y for Unity Day

East Students Get Read-y for Unity Day photo

Long Beach’s East School celebrated Unity Day on Jan. 25 with the theme, “United in Reading.” Students, many of whom wore East colored shirts, participated in a variety of collaborative, literacy-based activities planned by the building’s Unity Committee.

The morning kicked off for kindergartners, first- and second-graders with a read-aloud led by Assistant Principal Cristine Zawatson. In the afternoon, Principal Kathleen Connolly presented a read-aloud to third- through fifth-grade students. The day also featured buddy reading sessions in which classes from different grades came together and students read their favorite books to peers. Some groups completed assignment sheets that tied in Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 

Additionally, each teacher read a story to a different class on their grade level and students followed up by creating projects such as bookmarks. Students enjoyed joining in for this celebration of literacy and school spirit. 


Coffee Hour with the Superintendent

Join Dr. Gallagher for coffee and share your thoughts on all of the ways we are working to make Long Beach a place where students shine.

Tuesday, October 23, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Monday, December 10, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, February 12: 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 16, 5:00-6:00 p.m.

All gatherings are in the Administrative Office Conference Room.