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Summer School Registration - June 27 - June 28 - 8 AM - 12 noon - LBHS Lobby

Fifth- and Eighth-Graders Move Up

Fifth- and Eighth-Graders Move Up Photo

Fifth-grade students from the Long Beach Public Schools’ four elementary buildings and eighth-graders from Long Beach Middle School celebrated their accomplishments and bright futures during the week of June 19, when they advanced to the next level in their education. Moving up ceremonies were filled with inspiring words, talented performances, special recognitions and plenteous applause.

The middle school ceremony, held on the evening of June 21, honored students’ completion of three years of determination, effort and teamwork. During the eighth-graders’ time in the building, it became Nassau County’s first-authorized International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program school. The students have experienced an educational program based on philosophies that will help them to succeed in the high school years that they will now embark upon.

At the elementary level, each school’s promotion had a specific theme that was portrayed through decorations, music and more. East School’s event was named, “You Can Be…,” while Lido School’s was titled, Aloha, Until We Meet Again.” Lindell School sent off its graduates with an “On Our Way…” program, and West School celebrated “Sailing into the Future.”

Student speakers from the five buildings addressed their peers and audience members with reflections about their experiences thus far, and the endless possibilities ahead. Middle school principal Paul Romanelli and elementary school principals Kathleen Connolly, Brenda Young, Karen Sauter and Patrick McKinney shared positive sentiments with their respective graduates, and Mr. Romanelli additionally welcomed the incoming sixth-graders with encouragement.

Lindell’s ceremony also included a special presentation to retiring Teacher-in-Charge Carol Cintorino, who has provided 20 years of service to the school and made many valuable contributions to students and staff members alike. Ms. Sauter expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Ms. Cintorino on behalf of the entire school.  

Superintendent David Weiss and Board of Education members also commended the fifth- and eighth-graders, and all ceremonies featured special award presentations to students who have excelled in academics, music, art, community involvement and a number of other areas.

New York State Triple-C awards, Senator Todd Kaminsky’s Junior Public Service and Leadership Awards, President’s Awards for Educational Excellence, President’s Awards for Educational Achievement and American Citizenship Awards, Principal’s Awards and PTA Awards were among the many honors that were granted.

East, Lindell and West Schools’ promotions were held in their respective buildings, while Lido’s took place in the middle school auditorium and Long Beach Middle School’s ceremony was held in the High School gymnasium.


Math Scholar

Math Scholar Photo
Long Beach Middle School eighth-grader Maiya Kubiak has been recognized as a Long Island Young Scholar of Mathematics – a distinction that grants her acceptance to the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students at SUNY College at Old Westbury.

Maiya is among 88 Long Island students selected out of approximately 600 entrants, based on their school transcripts, teacher recommendations, brief self-written statements and results on a rigorous entrance exam. She participated in Math Counts during her sixth- and seventh-grade years, and has also been involved in the middle school’s Math Club.

Beginning in September, when she enters the high school as a freshman, Maiya will attend Saturday morning classes that will cover advanced topics in mathematics.

West brings songs and smiles to local seniors

Musicians from Long Beach’s West Elementary School brought their lively sounds and spirits to senior citizens at the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA) center on June 13. A group of students paid a special visit to the organization’s Temple Israel location, where they presented an entertaining concert.

Members of West’s Recorder Club, along with talented vocalists who participated in the New York State School Music Association festival, performed an assortment of songs. They included several classics that drew smiles from the attendees.

Among the featured compositions that students sang were “My Favorite Things,” “The Bare Necessities,” “Castle on a Cloud,” “Never Never Land,” “The Water is Wide,” “The Rainbow Connection,” “Tonight,” “Poor Wayfaring Stranger,” “The Girl I Mean to Be” and “In My Own Little Corner.” The Recorder Club performed “Fur Elise,” “Wade in the Water,” “The Water is Wide” and “Dixie Cat.”

West School music teacher Vanessa Krywe introduced the performers, who provided an outstanding show. The audience members expressed their enthusiasm and enjoyment with many rounds of applause.

Film Festival a success for LBHS

Long Beach High School took the opportunity to showcase the success and skill of TV Studio Production students on June 2, when its Third Annual Film Festival was held. The event featured 32 submissions. And several awards and distinctions.

Students entered films/videos in the categories of trailer, PSA, commercial, comedy, drama, music video and documentary. This year, approximately 70 audience members voted in an interactive format by using Google Form and their results were instantly tallied.

Jack Rabin won a first-place award for the film “Milk,” Jeannie Ripley-Grier placed second for “Cereal Killer” and Sean Reilly, James O’Connor and Logan Kohn received a third-place distinction for “Work is Hell 2.” Additionally, teacher Eric Krywe was presented with a Citation from the Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano.

The high school’s TV Studio Production students achieved many awards and acknowledgments during the 2016-17 school year for films they created using the high school’s computers, Final Cut Pro software and recording equipment. Their work received spotlight in a variety of exhibits, festivals and other competitions.

Long Beach High School Honors 2017 Graduates

Long Beach High School Class of 2017 Graduation photo

Years of effort, determination, commitment, learning experiences and unforgettable memories for the members of the Class of 2017 were celebrated on the evening of June 23, when Long Beach High School’s 94th Annual Commencement Ceremony signified the beginning of new, opportunity-filled journeys. Within the rows of blue caps and gowns was a collection of success stories that represented the knowledge, talent, skill, creativity, sportsmanship and enthusiasm that this group of graduates has demonstrated.

The high school’s gymnasium was energized with family members, friends, teachers and district leaders who excitedly applauded the seniors for well-earned accomplishments and cheered them on in the ventures ahead. The graduation band performed “Pomp and Circumstance” as the Class of 2017 made its debut, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the graduation choir’s performance of the National Anthem.

Principal Jeffrey Myers welcomed all honorees and guests and reflected on his first year at Long Beach High School. He shared several inspiring quotes that were written by some of the individuals who perhaps best exemplify the importance of hard work and persistence: the graduates themselves.

“Your commencement today actually symbolizes the beginning of a new era,” he said. “You will all encounter new challenges, meet new people, learn new things, have new successes and new failures. Face these challenges head on and show your true Long Beach colors in life to accomplish your goals.”

Board of Education President Stewart Mininsky also addressed the graduates. “I hope your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,” he said. “And while you’re out there getting to where you’re going to, realize that somebody loves you and wants the same things for you.”
Salutatorians Kelly DiResto and Megan Sofield focused on the network of support that the Class of 2017 has built, comparing it to a performance they choreographed together in the International Baccalaureate Dance class in which they synchronized their movements and relied on one another for support.

“Kelly and I realized that this dance could be metaphorical for our high school experience,” said Megan. “We built networks of trust, community, and support that gave us a great foundation for the future, just as the lesson in weight-sharing gave us the foundation for our piece and proved the importance of trust and support.”

Kelly continued with an anecdote from the 2016 Pep Rally, and discussed the significance of rising up from challenges. “We have learned during our 4 years at Long Beach High School that struggles and disappointments can become a positive lesson for the future,” she said. “We use humor to deal with our stress and understand things are not as serious as they seem to be in the moment. And we know that when we do fall or fail, someone will be there to support us.”

Valedictorian Eric Ricci noted that “Every great invention, every effort to effect change has begun with a single step. When we recognize how important each of those small steps may be in bringing about change, we acknowledge the power we have to improve this world.” He illustrated this point with the personal example of overcoming an allergy through a scientific approach.  

Superintendent of Schools David Weiss thanked all who were present. He noted that Island Park Public Schools’ Board of Education members and Superintendent Dr. Rosemarie Bovino were in attendance to support the graduating seniors who had gone through Island Park’s elementary and middle schools. He then summarized the many achievements earned by the seniors.

“You have embraced the diversity of our school and community in all its dimensions,” he said. “You have encouraged students who were not as able as you to succeed, because you truly care, and so many of you have learned the importance of community after Superstorm Sandy. You inspire us, and I wish you all the best, as I know that you will continue to shine in the years ahead.”  

Sean Reilly provided remarks on behalf of the seniors. Mr. Myers then presented the Class of 2017 to the audience and joined members of the Board of Education and Administration in the distribution of diplomas. Student Government President Govinda Thomas led his classmates as they turned their tassels from right to left to represent their transition from students to graduates.

Upon the official announcement of this significant and long-awaited milestone, the graduates tossed their caps “onward and upward” as they set forth into new chapters.

Long Beach Middle School Moving Up 2017

Elementary School Fifth-Graders Move Up!

Long Beach HS Reunion Information

The Long Beach High School Class of 1967 50th Reunion will be held during the weekend of July 28. Information is below:

Friday, July 28 Billy’s Beach Café
Saturday, July 29 Long Beach Hotel
Sunday, July 30 Laurelton Blvd. Beach

For details, please contact Thomas J. McCabe at 949-525-1623

The Class of 1977 40th Reunion will be held on Saturday, October 7 at the Allegria Roof Top Garden. Information can be found here:

Lifeguards bring beach safety lessons to LB schools

Beach season is upon us, and students at all four of the Long Beach Public Schools’ elementary students received important lessons on swim and sun safety in May and June. Local lifeguards visited the East, Lido and West school buildings, and conducted a session with Lindell students directly on the beach.

The lifeguards described their roles and reviewed rules and tips for safety in and outside of the water. They noted that it is critical to use the leash cord on body boards, and advised body boarders and surfers to stay on the board if they find themselves in a rip current. 

The Long Beach Public Schools provides swim lessons as part of the educational program for all second graders, to help ensure safety at the beach and in pools, and the high school offers an elective physical education course in lifeguarding. As a beach community, the district makes an effort to emphasize proper protocol in and around the water. Click here for detailed summer safety guidelines and beach rules provided by the City of Long Beach.

National Scholastic Gold Medal Streak Continues for LBHS

National Scholastic Gold Medal Streak Continues for LBHS Photo
For the fifth consecutive year, a Long Beach High School student has achieved an elite National Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards program. Chrysalis Mandell earned this award for the poem, “My Mother Is a Tell All,” and Sophie Allen won a National Silver Medal for her writing portfolio. Sophie received a National Gold Medal in the 2015-16 school year. 

Students who participate in the high school’s Talented Writers Program earned 26 additional Scholastic Art and Writing distinctions. Sophie achieved Gold Key awards for her entire portfolio as well as the Flash Fiction piece, “Walk Home,” and a Silver Key in Flash Fiction for “Fey.” She received Honorable Mentions for her Poetry entries, “Sixer” and “We Will Not…” and the Flash Fiction piece, “Pretty.” Chrysalis Mandell earned Gold Keys in Poetry for “My Mother is a Tell All” and “Catching Sunrise.” Shae Sennett was awarded Gold Key distinctions in Poetry for “The Dust in My House…” and “Lucky Strikes.” Lucia Techera received Gold Key awards in Poetry for “The Children of the Tides” and “Janitor and His Son,”and a Silver Key in Poetry for “The Immigrant…”

Silver Keys in Poetry were also earned by Ava De Bruin for the entries, “For Lila and For America” and “Stargirl,” Jordan Landsman for “Veracity,” Kaitlyn Murphy for “It’s Hard to Stay Warm on Cold Winter Days,” David Newman for “Fragments for the Heart” and Iain Wall for “Exposure.” Isabella Attrachji was awarded an Honorable Mention for her Personal Essay, “Why I am the Isabella I am,” Kaitlyn Murphy earned an Honorable Mention for her Writing Portfolio, “High School,” Alyscia Batista received an Honorable Mention in Flash Fiction for “Life.” Alycia, Kaitlyn, Jordan and Sarah Mullins also earned Honorable Mentions in Poetry for their respective pieces, “Sunday Morning,” “I’m a Senior,” “Progression of a Lonely Soul” and “My Mother’s Father.” 

Board Meeting Honors Academic Achievements, Tenure Recipients

Board Meeting Honors Academic Achievements, Tenure Recipients Photo

At the Long Beach Public Schools’ June 8 Board of Education Meeting, many students were recognized for their achievements in academics. Congratulatory certificates were presented to those who have made excellent strides in science, writing and other academic areas. Additionally, the Board of Education granted tenure to 12 teachers. 

Science research students Savannah Kile and Leah Shokrian were commended for having been the first to publish a partial DNA sequence in the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s international database, GenBank. Vinny Pagano won first place at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair and an Honorable Mention at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and received the Mu Alpha Theta math award at both. Lauren Bulik and Emily McDonnell won third place at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and a bronze award at the Molloy College Science Fair. Joshua Kapilian was awarded bronze at the Molloy competition as well. 

High school student Joshua Kapilian won an award at the New York State Science Congress. At the Long Island Science Congress, distinctions were earned by Long Beach High School students Lauren Bulik, Nicole Celis, Nicole Codianni, Alexa Coffin, Andrew D’Alessandro, Aleisha Degillo, Joshua Kapilian (second place, selected for States Competition), Charlotte Kile, Emily McDonnell, Jacob Miller, Sophia Munier, Eddie Perez, Jarrod Pine, Kaley Skarren, Jaylyn Umana and Brett Weiner and Long Beach Middle School students Uma Arengo, Samantha Breen (third place), Ashley Friedman, Valentina Gonzales, Jacob Grant, Trey Heller, Jake Hetzler, Daniella Isaacs, Ariel Keynan, Bret Michaels, Daniel O’Connor, Arianna Quijano, Sebastian Quinn, Katherine Roll, Samantha Rosenbaum, Jillian Sondike, Alexa Weiner and Liam White. 

Numerous high school students were commended for their success in writing competitions. In the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards program, Chrysalis Mandell was awarded a National Gold Medal and Sophie Allen won a National Silver Medal. Scholastic distinctions were also earned by Isabella Attrachji, Alyscia Batista, Ava De Bruin, Jordan Landsman, Sarah Mullins, Kaitlyn Murphy, David Newman, Shae Sennett, Lucia Techera and Iain Wall. 

At Adelphi Poetry Day in April, Sophie Allen, Alyscia Batista, Lauren Bulik, Lucia Techera and Jess Thursland received awards and Rachell Koegel was awarded an Excellence for Teaching of Poetry award. Lauren Bulik, Richard Lilly, Dillon Razler, Skyla Robinson, Taylor Rudtner, Adriana Sadjoeri and Katelyn Salvato were recognized as winners in the Irish Cultural Society’s Gaelic Quatrain Contest. 

Elementary school students Emily Backlin, Jack Clancy, Eldjima Djandabri-Holt, Samantha Feingold, Ruby Patton, Shayna Rivera and Sean Sarmuksnis drew a round of applause for ranking tenth out of thousands of teams across the globe at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Michigan. Another team, comprised of Mia DiNardo, Orly Keynan, Laika Khan, Vincent Napolitano, Jack Passman and Zachary Souton, was recognized for placing third at the regional level. 

Several awards were bestowed upon elementary school students in the LARC program. Kira Argiro, Theodore Clancy, Tabitha Freeny, Gabriel Klarikaitis, Luke Morita, Marissa Miller and Ronin Rugolsky were honored for their exceptional performances in the Word Masters Challenge competition. Shea O’Hara and Sienna Warren achieved exceptional performances on the Robots of the Future Science and Engineering Contest. Melinda DeSantis, Dylan Dean, Ronin Rugolsky and Teagan Urich performed exceptionally on the UCPN Trivia Challenge, and Jayden Butcher, Hunter Stadtman and Aysu Unvej were commended for their exceptional performances in the Philosophy Slam Competition.

Tenure was granted to Cristi Busching, Ian Butler, Eric Fox, Susan Garcia, Lynn Harkins, Nilka McDonnell, Aileen Monahan, Ashley Monastero, Kaitlyn Moorhead, Noelle Policastro, Enza Salamone and Lindsay Smith. Administrators from various school buildings and departments provided remarks that reflected the dedication and commitment of these valued staff members. 

Following the recognitions, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Jennifer Gallagher and members of the SEL Committee led a presentation on SEL Interventions. Also at this meeting, the Board of Education considered a bid that would privatize the operation of food service. The proposal was tabled to the next meeting.

The Whole World Within West

West Elementary School in Long Beach offered a tour around the globe on June 9, when students and staff members presented Multicultural Day. Each class from grade 1-5 selected a country and researched all aspects of that region in preparation for this event. The outcome was a museum-like showcase of informative exhibits, artifacts, performances and demonstrations that celebrated the world’s diversity.

Students’ studies came to life as they portrayed a variety of traditions, clothing styles, sports, art, food and other characteristics of areas near and far. They created visual displays and dressed in attire that is customary in their locations of focus. Among the countries represented were China, Greece, Italy, Japan, Israel, England, Australia, Egypt, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, France, Mexico, Cuba, Sweden and Brazil.

As a highlight, students gathered in the gymnasium and captivated an audience of family members and teachers with perfectly-choreographed dance routines. The performances were synchronized with songs that either featured or originated in the classes’ assigned countries. 

Seniors shine on Academic Awards Night

With the 2016-17 school year winding down, Long Beach High School recognized seniors who have demonstrated exemplary efforts in academics, the arts, athletics, community service and other areas. Academic Awards Night, held on June 1, is an annual tradition that celebrates a range of achievements earned by members of the senior class.

Hundreds of awards were presented, totaling more than $100,000, thanks to the generosity of local individuals, businesses and organizations. Family members and friends came out to applaud the honorees, as did the district’s many educators who have been dedicated to student learning and success.

The Soundwaves vocal ensemble provided a musical interlude, and Mikayla Faria performed the national anthem. Board of Education President Stewart Mininsky, Superintendent of Schools David Weiss, High School Principal Jeffrey Myers and Guidance Coordinator Kerry Fallon welcomed all attendees with opening remarks. Senior Govinda Thomas addressed his class and audience, and summarized the many achievements that were earned throughout the year.

“Although we are here tonight to recognize your accomplishments, it is we who are honored,” said Mr. Mininsky on behalf of the Board. “Honored by what you have contributed to Long Beach High School. Commitment to excellence is what you have accomplished.”

Mr. Weiss paraphrased Thomas Huxley and shared the quote, “The wrung of a ladder is never to rest upon, but only to hold a person long enough to enable them to climb higher.” “Congratulations on your climb so far,” he said. “Best of luck as you continue your journey – you have our support.”

Awards were presented to promising graduates from 15 high school departments, and an assortment of scholarships were provided on behalf of local PTAs, teachers’ associations, government offices, civic groups and businesses. Several recognitions were presented as memorials in honor of individuals who have touched many lives and left a lasting positive impact on the Long Beach School District and community.

A steady STREAM of learning at Lido

A steady STREAM of learning at Lido Photo
A steady STREAM of learning at Lido Photo 2
A steady STREAM of learning at Lido Photo 3

The Long Beach Public Schools’ Lido Elementary School held its first-ever STREAM Fair on May 31. This event incorporated literacy into the STEAM approach to education, resulting in a celebration of science, technology, reading, engineering, art and mathematics.

An assortment of interactive projects and activities were showcased as examples of ways that these subjects can come together into engaging and enriching learning experiences. Teachers aligned their work with the Next Generation Science Standards, and projects were also reflective of the Student-based Inquiry Model.

Lido classes from Pre-K through fifth-grade presented interdisciplinary experiments, explorations and discoveries that supported learning through inquiry and collaboration. The Pre-K children learned about the life cycles of plants and insects with lessons that involved measurements and comparisons, predictions and observations, drawing and craft activities and music.

Kindergartners created stories based on those of Dr. Seuss as they focused on addition, slime and structures that can hold apples as their subject matter. First-graders put their engineering skills to the test while building bridges, experimented with magnets and created projects about their research of the solar system.

Second-grade students experienced the scientific method with their buoyancy explorations and constructed aluminum foil boats, for which they made predictions. The third-grade participated in inquiry-based activities that explored the concepts of force through measuring, designing and revising their thinking.

Fourth-graders studied a variety of cycles, such as electric circuits, water cycles, life cycles, food chains, ecosystems, recycling, Pi Day and poetry. Fifth-grade students concentrated on studies of Earth-related topics such as climate change, recycling, ecosystems, pollution, renewable resources and energy. They have brainstormed and applied ways in which they can help preserve the environment.

A multi-grade project was also on display and featured an architectural drawing of Lido Elementary School. It contained dimensions of the hallways and coding directions around the building.

Lindell creates garden through recycling efforts

Lindell creates garden through recycling efforts photo
Lindell creates garden through recycling efforts photo 2
Lindell creates garden through recycling efforts photo 3
A new garden at Long Beach’s Lindell Elementary School was brought from concept to fruition through efforts made by the Student Council. As a result of fundraising initiatives, an herb, flower and vegetable garden is now situated alongside the fence facing West Bay Drive.

The Student Council has encouraged water bottle recycling throughout the building and used proceeds to make donations to the Make a Wish Foundation and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Return profits from a Water Bottle Challenged enabled the students to create a Lindell garden that contains lavender, mint, basil, oregano, scallions, garlic, chives and cherry tomatoes. One of the four raised garden boxes was dubbed the "pizza box," as it contains herbs and tomatoes fit for a sauce.
The planting of the garden was accomplished by the Student Council members with support from head custodian Scott Vaaler, who played an essential role in facilitating schoolwide recycling, acquired garden beds and took on "master farmer" responsibilities.

“The goal is to have food from our garden available for students' lunches and at the same time develop an interest in healthy food,” said Student Council Advisor Jane Quinton. “We also hope that the garden can become a resource for hands on learning.”

Claire Ezratty accepted to NYSSSA School of Orchestral Studies

Claire Ezratty accepted to NYSSSA School of Orchestral Studies Photo
Long Beach High School junior and cellist Claire Ezratty was accepted to the New York State Summer School of the Arts’ 2017 School of Orchestral Studies. According to the NYSSSA, approximately 90 of the finest public and private high school musicians in the state are selected to this prestigious program through auditions each year.

From July 23 to Aug. 19, Claire will partake in master classes with guest musicians and study with members of the nationally-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra. The program will be held at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs.

A three-time All-County musician and four-time Long Island String Festival Association performer, Claire has played the cello since the fourth-grade. She participates in the high school’s orchestra, chamber orchestra and pit orchestra, and additionally plays guitar in the jazz band.

Also a Metropolitan Youth Ensemble performer, Claire has brought her talents to the stages of venues such as Adelphi University, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. She traveled to China and Spain with the MYO in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Claire is an officer for the Tri-M Music Honor Society and currently serves as Historian with plans to take the role of vice president for community service next year. She is passionate about music and plans to pursue a major in music education after graduating high school.

Art for the Sky

surf image
Nine-hundred Long Beach Middle School students and staff members created a work of art this afternoon, when they formed the shape of a gigantic surfboard for an Art for the Sky project. Oregon conceptual artist, author and educator, Daniel Dancer, led participants in this project and took photographs from a bucket truck thanks to the Point Lookout Fire Department. Click here to watch the video, and view our story in Newsday and on Fios!

62 seniors complete IB Diploma Program

62 seniors complete IB Diploma Program Photo
62 seniors complete IB Diploma Program Photo 2
62 seniors complete IB Diploma Program Photo 3
62 seniors complete IB Diploma Program Photo 4
62 seniors complete IB Diploma Program Photo 5
62 seniors complete IB Diploma Program Photo 6
Long Beach High School congratulated graduating seniors who successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program during a recognition ceremony held on June 6. The sixth annual event featured an open mindedness theme, which is one of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile traits.

Sixty-two students were presented with stoles, signifying their completion of two higher-level and three standard-level International Baccalaureate courses, internal assessments, external exams, Theory of Knowledge course, extended essay and 150 hours of community service this year, a monumental task on top of an already challenging high school academic program.

Long Beach High School became an International Baccalaureate World School in 2010. International Baccalaureate classes are known for their academic rigor and encourage students to be inquirers, well-balanced, thinkers, caring, reflective, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, risk takers and communicative.  

Superintendent of Schools David Weiss addressed the students and audience, and discussed the purpose – or the “why” – of International Baccalaureate. Principal Jeffrey Myers followed up these comments by describing the “how” – the ways in which the district makes it possible for students to receive this extraordinary opportunity for a world-class education.

IB Coordinator Jennifer Quinn shared remarks as well.

“It is with great pride that we come together this evening to celebrate our 62 IB Diploma Candidates,” she said. “They are a group that is really quite special and have captured the hearts of our teachers, counselors and administrators.”

Senior Sarah Wachs was chosen by peers as to speak on behalf of the IB graduates.

“The IB world lens on life provided us with a rich and full understanding of the topics we have studied, and allowed us to internalize knowledge, rather than memorize it in attempt to get a good grade on an exam,” she said. “All the hard work done inside the classroom opened our minds to the future, to the lasting world connections we have yet to make.”
Teacher Tamara Filloramo served as the evening’s Key Note Speaker and focused on the open-mindedness attribute.
“We open doors that would otherwise be welded shut; we are able to see and to wholeheartedly believe in life’s limitless opportunities and boundless possibilities,” she told the seniors. “We are in a constant state of evolvement, of movement, of growth.”

Each student’s name was announced and administrators presented stoles to Kayla Abbott, Kristen Abbott, Ian Adler, Liza Adler, Joseph Aebly, Kailey Ahearn, Mashiyat Ahmed, Jennifer Arnaud, Finian Ashmead, Melissa Baldeo, Emma Biffer, Samantha Chase, Chloe Curley, Robert Del Prete, Kelly DiResto, Luc Esformes, Brad Evangelista, Tamia Evans, Caroline Farrell, Alexander Gavilanez, Nicholas Gorlatch Boswell, Kate Hanson, Brooke Harrington, Bianca Hayes, Christopher Hutchinson, Christian Jovel-Arias, Savannah Kile, Justin Kolodny, Natalia Lake, Matthew Maquet, Jessica Marcote, Mary-Elizabeth McCourt, Peter McQuade, Samuel Miller, Shane Morris, Kaitlyn Murphy, Phillip Persky, Thomas Purizaca, Natalia Quintero, Siobhan Rafferty, Stacyann Ramsaran, Eric Ricci, Quincy Roman, Jorge Romero, Jonathan Rovitz, Erica Russell, Taras Rybalchenko, Farrah Salazar, Leah Shokrian, Blaine Siegel, Aidan Smyth, Ruany Soca, Megan Sofield, Charles Spada, Govinda Thomas, Alexandra Thursland, Jessica Umanzor, Fey Villagomez, Sarah Wachs, Iain Wall, Jarrett Weitz and Cassidy Zawatson.

Board of Ed Reorg and Regular Meeting - Thursday, July 6 - LBMS Auditorium @ 5:30 PM

First meeting of the 2017-2018 school year: annual reorganization and regular meetings 

LBHS introduces Business Olympics

LBHS introduces Business Olympics Photo
LBHS introduces Business Olympics Photo 2
LBHS introduces Business Olympics Photo 3
LBHS introduces Business Olympics Photo 4
Long Beach High School hosted its inaugural Business Olympics on May 31 as an opportunity to bring the Long Beach School-Business Partnership together with the school’s Business Department. Students enrolled in business classes networked with professionals from the community and broadened their understanding of what constitutes a successful business venture. Groups and individuals presented creative, unique ideas for efficient utilization of local property.

Students were assigned to develop simulated marketing plans to optimize Brownfield opportunities in the Long Beach area and try to capitalize these sites. They spent time prior to the event preparing ideas on ways to use these locations effectively, and sketched out pitches for an assortment of establishments, from fitness facilities to water amusements.

Sophia Elenson, Joseph Liabach, Leila Radin and Zeno Stout introduced their plan for All Time Sports. Cory Eisel, Ryan Levine, Kelly Monahan and Brenna Regan shared marketing ideas for Long Beach Water Sports. Kaia Cheung, Katie Frisch, Bryan Mizhirumbay, Aidan White and Elizabeth Zielinski presented their designs for Reef House. Dan Barto and Dane De Pasquale outlined their plan, LB Sports Stop, and Katie Gray and Brooke Shapiro introduced Long Beach Interactive Aquarium.

Karleke Dennis, Noah Eskenazi went the health club route with Elite Fitness, and Julia Candon presented a Long Beach Campus. Akilah Conquest, Jillian Domingo, Adelaide Donnelly and Briana Funches presented ideas for Seaside Water Sports. Maddie Allen, Isabella Defonte, Robert DiResto and Joe Morelli shared their marketing plan for Putt Putt Palace.

Students provided comprehensive overviews of their proposals, complete with websites, social media and Google slides. Each team/presenter shared statistics from research they conducted and covered strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and locations for their concepts.

Julia Candon was selected as the event’s winner. Her plan for a Bayfront Campus featured a waterfront business development with apartments on-site as a way to appeal to both companies and employees by eliminating high cost of City rent. She described her research on the campus-style approach and the benefits it can bring to the Long Beach area.

The Business Olympics was introduced by teacher Blake Malizia with the objective of giving students a greater awareness of the factors that impact businesses and inspiring them to think creatively about ways to potentially boost the local economy. Approximately 30 local business owners and professionals participated as judges and rated each presentation. They also attended a dinner with the students to kick off the evening with conversations related to the business world and students’ goals for the future.

Mary Pat Grafstein, International Baccalaureate Advisory Board director for the Smithtown School District, addressed the students.

“You have an excellent start,” she said. “We encourage you to continue taking business classes.” Leah Tozer of Engel & Volkers also provided remarks.

The high school extends special thanks to State Farm, Sideline Swap, Engel & Volkers and Brand’s Delicatessen for serving as sponsors for this business education showcase.

Phenomenal Photography

Phenomenal Photography Photo
Phenomenal Photography Photo 2
Long Beach High School’s photography students won four out of six honors at the Long Island Arts Council's High School competition. Erin Brown received a first place award for her entry, Sunset Shadow; Kaitlyn Murphy placed second for her photo, July Fourth; and Jovanna Vicente and Madison Murray were exhibitors for their respective pieces, Girl in the Rain and Security Blanket.

Jovanna additionally won a second place award in the national Photographic Society of America competition. Her photo, Rizal Boulevard, was submitted in the photojournalism category after placing in the Photographic Federation of Long Island contest earlier this season. Lindsay Kranitz, Kaitlyn Murphy, Phillip Persky and Jaci Zitman also had work accepted to this prestigious event.

Lindell get moving for Juvenile Diabetes

Lindell get moving for Juvenile Diabetes Photo
Lindell get moving for Juvenile Diabetes Photo 2
Lindell get moving for Juvenile Diabetes Photo 3
Students at Lindell Elementary School put their energy to good use during the month of May, when they participated in a “Move it Forward” fundraiser that benefitted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Held in conjunction with National Physical Fitness Month, the initiative promoted health and wellness and also supported the district’s emphasis on social emotional learning.  

The project kicked off with a schoolwide assembly, led by representatives from the JDRF, physical education staff members and Teacher in Charge Carol Cintorino. They informed students about juvenile diabetes and the overall benefits of exercise and fitness.

On May 12, students and staff members put their greatest efforts forward for the cause during a fitness hour, for which they received donations from family members and friends. Participants walked and ran around the field as a sign of their support for all children with juvenile diabetes, then rotated an assortment of exercise stations that featured activities such as jumping rope, hula hooping and relay races.

Board of Education Retirement Reception

Board of Education Retirement Reception Photo
On May 25, the Long Beach Public Schools extended gratitude to 15 valued staff members who will retire at the end of the 2016-17 school year. During a Board of Education Retirement Reception, Board of Education members, administrators, faculty members and other attendees expressed their appreciation of the professionals whose contributions will be continued and remembered for years to come.  

Patricia Anajovich, Robert Berkowitz, Carol Cintorino, Anita Daniels, Gail Davis, Linda Fuller, Mitzi Goodman, Michael Honstetter, Lionel Jimenez, Margaret Karthaus, Elizabeth Lebowitz, Gregory Lustberg, Jane Quinton, Linda Sandman and Jean Schlegel were wished well in their retirements.
Administrators shared heartfelt reflections and remarks about each of the retirees present that evening and provided them with commemorative plaques.

Sophia Elenson Earns Music Award

Sophia Elenson Earns Music Award Photo
Long Beach High School freshman Sophia Elenson has been selected by the Long Island String Festival Association Scholarship Committee as the recipient of the Studio Award.

Sophia is a bassist and has participated in LISFA and NYSSMA All-County concerts for the past two years.  LISFA presents a limited number of scholarships each year, and this particular award is only open to eighth- and ninth-graders across Long Island.

Tech Expo and Car Show

The Long Beach High School technology education department hosted its second annual Tech Expo and Car Show on Saturday, May 20. The event featured many professional-level projects that students have produced from start to finish through their participation in technology-related classes.

Students enrolled in woodshop courses showcased their handiwork creations, which included benches that were constructed this year. Architecture students presented MakerBot printing objects that they designed, and exhibited technically hand-drawn floor plans of their own dream houses. They also displayed the beginning of what will be a 1:440 scale model of the high school and surrounding area of houses, printed with the MakerBot. They searched Google Earth to model exactly the style and the paint/siding color of every house surrounding the school.

For the automotive students, many months’ worth of work was well worth it the time and effort when they unveiled their finished, fully functioning 1947 Ford hot rod truck. Throughout the school year they assembled and welded the frame, installed shocks, conducted bodywork, wiring and plumbing and painted. The floor of the truck bed was built in the high school’s woodshop.  

The vehicle contains a 1962 Chevrolet truck bed, a grill and Farmall tractor headlights from the 1930s and an engine from a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche. It was a highlight to the auto show component of the event, which drew many car enthusiasts. Attendees had opportunities to tour the school’s technology facilities and witness the unique and useful learning experiences that are available.

West School celebrates health

Various facets of health and wellness converged at West Elementary School in Long Beach on May 26 during the 2017 Health Fair. The day featured a variety of presenters, activities and lessons that covered everything from safety to fitness, from mindfulness to nutrition.

Students got moving with Zumba, hula-hooping, CrossFit, dance and relay race sessions. They focused on balance and relaxation in yoga, learned water and beach safety techniques from guest lifeguards and heard about ways to protect themselves in the sun. Local firefighters visited in the morning and taught students how to identify and take precautions in emergency situations.  

Teamwork and sportsmanship were also important components of the Health Fair, and students cheered their peers on and worked together during a “Minute to Win It” activity that involved building towers out of stacked cups.

Students and Parents Connect at Curiosity Convention

Students and Parents Connect at Curiosity Convention Photo

The Long Beach Public Schools hosted a Curiosity Convention on the evening of May 22, during which parents and students were presented with many opportunities to put their minds together and engage in learning activities and strategies that can be taken home. An assortment of workshops featured informative sessions as well as interactive projects that focused on inquiry, discovery, social emotional learning, STEAM, literacy and much more. The goal of the evening was to support parents in their efforts to cultivate children’s natural curiosity and extend learning beyond the school day.

The Curiosity Convention, held at Lindell School, was a shift in approach to the Parent Academy events that the district held in previous years. This year, the program was enhanced and expanded to involve elementary school students along with parents, allowing families to learn together and experience new techniques for fostering curiosity beyond the classroom. Administrators and teachers representing all four elementary buildings led the workshops.

“We believe that it is important to cultivate an inquisitive attitude in our students,” said Superintendent of Schools David Weiss. “The Curiosity Convention helps our parents learn new strategies to continue this approach at home with their children.”

Sessions included the Thick Question Game: Asking Challenging Questions; Kaboom! Magical Science; Wonderopolis: Wonders of Learning Never Cease; Wonder Surrounds Us: Cultivating Habits of Discovery; Bridges to Inquiry: Design and Build a Bridge; Self-Management Strategies: Improve Self-Awareness Through Wonder, Curiosity and Engagement; Exploring Math Challenges Through Inquiry and Discovery; Six Little Ways: Creating Curious Readers Using “Notice & Note” Signposts; Window: Using Wordless Books to Promote Wonder and Straw Rockets Are Out of this World.

Students and their parents worked together to explore chemical reactions through science experiments, construct paper origami sunglasses, express imagination through wordless book analyses, develop vision boards for goal-setting and time-management and create sensory boards by integrating social emotional learning and inquiry, among several other activities. The program presenters explained the ways in which the featured practices support enrichment, wellbeing and life-long learning.

“It was wonderful to see the smiles and excited faces on both parents and children as they left the workshops,” said Sean Murray, Director of Elementary Curriculum. “It had our intended effect of helping parents extend their children’s natural curiosity and wonder so as much learning can take place at home as in our schools. Parents asked me for more evenings like this.”

LB musicians go for the gold, silver and bronze at NYSSMA Majors

Long Beach musicians presented extraordinary performances at the NYSSMA Majors event, held at Hofstra University from May 18-24. Fourteen different ensembles representing the middle and high school levels earned top awards.
The performance groups received a total of four gold awards, nine silver awards and a bronze award.

The full list of awards is as follows:

•    Long Beach Middle School Sixth Grade Band: Level I Gold  
•    Long Beach High School Wind Ensemble: Level VI Bronze
•    Long Beach High School Concert Orchestra: Level III Gold
•    Long Beach High School Symphonic Orchestra: Level V Silver
•    Long Beach High School Mixed Chorus: Level VI Silver
•    Long Beach High School Ninth Grade Band: Level 4 Gold
•    Long Beach High School Symphonic Band: Level 5 Silver
•    Long Beach Middle School Seventh Grade Band: Level II Silver  
•    Long Beach Middle School Eighth Grade Band: Level III Silver
•    Long Beach Middle School Sixth Grade Orchestra: Level I Silver
•    Long Beach Middle School Seventh Grade Orchestra: Level II Gold
•    Long Beach Middle School Eighth Grade Orchestra: Level III Silver
•    Lido School Chorus: Level II Silver
•    East School Chorus: Level I Silver

The Long Beach Public Schools has been named one of the Best Communities for Music Education by the NAMM foundation for seven consecutive years. The district offers a strong music program complete with a range of courses, extra-curricular opportunities and performance groups, providing students with many outlets to explore and express their talents and interests.

Long Beach musicians participate in a number of regional competitions each year and the schools continue to celebrate students’ selections to NYSSMA All-State and All-County ensembles, the Long Island String Festival Association concerts and other prestigious events.

LB athletes applauded

LB athletes applauded Pic 1
LB athletes applauded Pic 2
LB athletes applauded Pic 3
LB athletes applauded Pic 4
LB athletes applauded Pic 5
LB athletes applauded Pic 6
Long Beach High School celebrated numerous accomplishments in athletics during a gathering held on May 12. Administrators, staff members and students’ parents applauded the victories of many athletes as well as two award-winning coaches.

Seniors Chrystal Posada and Sam Brown both signed Letters of Intent to participate on college teams. Chrystal will play soccer at West Virginia Wesleyan, and Sam will play lacrosse at Binghamton University.

Five members of the Girls Varsity Swim Team were honored for earning Academic All-American distinctions, which are presented by the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association based on athletes’ abilities to maintain a minimum unweighted GPA of 93.74. Maggie Aroesty, Kristen Romano, Blaine Siegel, Megan Sofield and Cassidy Zawatson were applauded for this achievement.

Recognitions were also extended to Varsity Wrestling Coach Ray Adams and Junior Varsity Coach Bernard Valentin. Adams, in his 21st year of coaching at Long Beach High School, was named the New York State Coach of the Year and the Region One Coach of the year by the National Wrestling Coaches Association. Under his guidance, Long Beach has been ranked the No. 1 varsity wrestling team in New York State for the past two years and received the Pascal Perri Cup in recognition of this success. Valentin is in his 16th year serving as a coach for the high school and was commended by the Long Island Wrestling Officials Association for Outstanding Sportsmanship and contributing to preserving the integrity of Long Island Wrestling. 

Budget Passes

Residents of the Long Beach Public Schools voted in favor of the 2017-18 budget, with a final tally of 1,967 yes votes and 589 no votes. Congratulations to Dr. Dennis Ryan and Maureen Vrona for their re-election to the Board of Education. Thank you to all who participated in the budget development process and for your interest in our schools and the education of our students. This budget will preserve all district programs and will continue to support opportunities for enrichment, learning and achievement.

LB students’ art and photography takes the spotlight

LB students’ art and photography takes the spotlight photo 1
LB students’ art and photography takes the spotlight photo 2
LB students’ art and photography takes the spotlight photo 3
L-R: Sunset Shadow by Erin Brown, July Fourth by Kaitlyn Murphy, Girl in the Rain by Jovanna Vicente, Security Blanket by Madison Murray.
Each spring, the Long Beach Public Schools celebrate numerous achievements in the department of media, visual and performing arts. Students recently earned several distinctions and opportunities to showcase their talents, dedication and creativity.

Long Beach High School’s photography students won four out of six honors at the Long Island Arts Council's High School competition. Erin Brown received a first place award for her entry, Sunset Shadow; Kaitlyn Murphy placed second for her photo, July Fourth; and Jovanna Vicente and Madison Murray were exhibitors for their respective pieces, Girl in the Rain and Security Blanket

Jovanna also won a second place award in the national Photographic Society of America competition. Her photo, Rizal Boulevard, was submitted in the photojournalism category after placing in the Photographic Federation of Long Island contest earlier this season.

Students from East, Lido, Lindell and West elementary schools, Long Beach Middle School and Long Beach High School all had their work on display during the districtwide Art Show, held on May 12 and 13. This annual event was held in the high school’s upper and lower commons areas and provided opportunities for students, staff, family members and other guests to view a gallery filled with artistic creations that were developed during the 2016-17 school year. Students learn a variety of techniques in their art classes and an assortment of mediums and inspirations were featured. Ranging from photographs to paintings, from sketches to sculptures, the designs demonstrated extraordinary skills, bright visions and unique levels of originality.

East students make Mother’s Day special

East students make Mother’s Day special Photo
Kindergartners at East School in Long Beach created special Mother’s Day crafts, thanks to a donation of reusable bags from the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. Under the guidance of teacher Mary Jane Rochford, students decorated the bags with illustrations and meaningful notes.

This project supports the City of Long Beach’s ordinance to encourage environmentally-friendly shopping and help reduce plastic and paper bag waste. Students brightened up their gifts with paintings of hand-print flowers and heartfelt letters.

The cards read, “I am like a flower that is raised with love by you. You help me grow up big and strong, Mom. Thanks for all you do!”

Math Medals for LB Students

Math Medals for LB Students Photo
Math Medals for LB Students Photo 2
Three Long Beach students recently excelled at the Long Island Math Fair, the final round of which was held on April 28 at Hofstra University. High school sophomore Joshua Kapilian and middle school eighth-grader Uma Arengo both earned gold medals, and eighth-grader Maya Arengo was awarded a bronze medal.

According to the Nassau County Association of Mathematics Supervisors, the math fair helps students who have an interest in mathematics explore topics outside the realm of the traditional required mathematics courses.

Joshua prepared a paper that focused on the number of degrees of multiplying a number’s digits to reduce an n-digit to a one-digit number. Maya created a poster board project that linked math and music, and Uma developed a PowerPoint presentation about her studies of irrational numbers.

All three Long Beach students have achieved several honors in mathematics during the 2016-17 school year. Maya and Uma were among a select group of Long Island Young Scholars of Mathematics accepted to the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students at SUNY College at Old Westbury. They both also received awards in the Grade 8 American Mathematics Competition. Joshua has been participating in the Institute of Merit's Math Research Program as a follow-up to his completion of the Institute for Creative Problem Solving program. He was additionally named top winner from Long Beach High School in the American Mathematics Competition.

LB inducts 116 new NHS members

LB inducts 116 new NHS members Photo
LB inducts 116 new NHS members Photo 2
LB inducts 116 new NHS members Photo 3
LB inducts 116 new NHS members Photo 4
On May 2, Long Beach High School celebrated the induction of 116 10th- and 11th-graders into the National Honor Society’s Arista Chapter. NHS members demonstrate the organization’s four key values of service, scholarship, leadership and character.

Board of education members and administrators joined the NHS officers and their advisor Jeanne O’Shea on the auditorium stage. Students’ families and friends, along with staff members, gathered in the audience to celebrate this educational milestone for the inductees.

Ms. O’Shea summarized the events, volunteer projects, fundraisers and donation drives that the organization has coordinated in the district and community through efforts guided by NHS officers Mary Sabedra, Megan Sofield, Sarah Wachs, Jen Arnaud, Natalia Quintero and Joseph Aebly.

Four candles were placed before the group, representative of leadership, character, service and scholarship. In a moment that signified their commitment to all of these principles, the inductees were called up on stage to officially be named the newest members.

The NHS annually recognizes a role model with the honorary membership distinction. NHS President Mary Sabedra spoke and presented to this year’s honorary NHS member, guidance counselor Patricia Baron. Musical performances by the high school’s Soundwaves and Chamber Orchestra ensembles provided entertainment throughout the event.

Event Postponed: Tech Expo and Car Show Rescheduled for May 20

tech expo poster image
The LBHS Technology Education Department will present the 2017 Tech Expo & Car Show on Saturday, May 20, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.! Stop by the high school (322 Lagoon Drive West) to see the many projects that our students have been working on, tour the TV Studio and take a ride in the student-built Hot Rod!

Long Beach LARC student scores perfect 20 in national competition

Long Beach LARC student scores perfect 20 in national competition Photo
Long Beach LARC fourth-grade student Theodore Clancy recently earned a perfect score of 20 in the second meet for this year’s WordMasters Challenge™ — a national vocabulary competition that involves nearly 150,000 students annually.

Only 116 fourth-graders out of more than 6,000 across the nation achieved a perfect score.

Other students representing Long Beach LARC who achieved nationally recognized results on the second and third meets include fifth-graders Troy DeFrancesco, Francesca Papetti, Jason Rea, Michael Rossi and Kira Argiro; fourth-graders Riley Mascolo, Ronin Rugolsky, Zachary Scouten, Jack Broughton, Vincent Napolitano, Leofwin Muskin and Henry Donahue; and third-graders Luke Morita and Marissa Miller. The students were coached in preparation for the WordMasters Challenge™ by Dr. Caitlin King and Mr. Justin Sulsky.

The WordMasters Challenge™ is an exercise in critical thinking that first encourages students to become familiar with a set of interesting new words (considerably harder than grade level), and then challenges them to use those words to complete analogies expressing various kinds of logical relationships. Working to solve the analogies helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically.  

LBHS senior Alexandra Thursland wins National Merit Scholarship

LBHS senior Alexandra Thursland wins National Merit Scholarship Photo
Long Beach High School senior Alexandra (Ali) Thursland has been selected to receive a scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Ali reached this level of distinction in the 62nd Annual National Merit Scholarship Program after many steps, which included recognition as a semifinalist this past fall and then a finalist in the winter.

This success was achieved based on academic excellence and outstanding PSAT and SAT scores. An estimated 1.6 million students from across the nation entered the initial competition by taking the PSAT, which serves as a qualifying test each year. Approximately 16,000 of them earned recognition as Finalists, and about 7,500 National Merit Scholarships are being presented.

Ali is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate focusing her extended essay on “How does Vladimir Nabokov's manipulation of language in Lolita mask Humbert Humbert's nefarious deeds?” She is president of Model Congress, a National Honor Society member and a student government participant. She serves as editor for the Fragments literary magazine and also participates in the high school’s Talented Writer’s program, through which she has earned awards. Also a musician and athlete, Ali plays the trumpet, piano and ukulele and has participated on the junior varsity tennis and track and field teams in previous years. She will attend Duke University in the fall.

East Students Place First in Nation in Sumdog Competition

Sumdog Competition Pic 1
Sumdog Competition Pic 2
A fourth-grade class at East School in Long Beach achieved first place in the National Sumdog mathematics competition that ended on March 31. They were up against approximately 2,000 other teams from across the country as they completed 1,000 math problems designed to sharpen and strengthen concepts covered through the curriculum.

Under the guidance of teacher Douglas MacConnell, the class collectively succeeded. Additionally, Isabelle DePalma attained the highest score in the nation out of approximately 17,000 students, with 995 correct answers out of 1,000. Patrick Henry was also within the top 10, placing seventh with a score of 970.
Sumdog promotes teamwork and fosters confidence in students. Teachers can set starting levels and create their own challenges for students, and the Sumdog program automatically makes problems more difficult as students excel.

The fourth-graders took on this challenge with a deeper motivation – they hoped that by winning, they would be able to help a second-grade class in the building receive a free Sumdog membership. After fulfilling their goal, they proudly wrote and presented cards to teachers Sara Hagen and Christine Walsh, informing them that their class would now have the opportunity to partake in educational games that promote learning and develop skills in reading and writing.   

Lido supports healthy lifestyles and habitats

Lido supports healthy lifestyles and habitats photo 1
Lido supports healthy lifestyles and habitats photo 2
Lido supports healthy lifestyles and habitats photo 3
Lido supports healthy lifestyles and habitats photo 4
Long Beach Public Schools’ Lido Elementary School observed its annual Health Week between April 24-29 with culminating events that celebrated Earth Day. This year’s theme was, “Find your selfie…be healthy!”

The program kicked off with a Stay Active Day, during which students wore their favorite team jerseys or sports shirts and heard a presentation about healthy food choices led by Director of Food and Nutrition Services Steven Kamlet. They also counted steps around the track for a Math-in-Motion exercise. Health Week also involved a presentation about the importance of hand washing, led by Nurse Teri Polivy, and various activities that promoted fitness, mindfulness, reading and getting sufficient sleep.

Students got moving in Zumba and yoga sessions, and the entire school gathered to dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” on the school’s lawn. Thanks to the efforts of PTA members, who donated seeds and volunteered their time, students ranging pre-K through fifth-grade planted flowers in the Lido Habitat.

As a highlight and conclusion to the week, Lido’s Habitat Committee organized a special event on Saturday, April 29. Students and their parents spent time exploring nature and planting perennials, vegetables and fruits. The “I Love Long Island” signs were put into the ground indicating that no pesticides or high nitrogen fertilizers were used.

LB Middle School Book Talk Promotes Acceptance and Builds Connections

LB Middle School Book Talk Promotes Acceptance and Builds Connections Photo 1
LB Middle School Book Talk Promotes Acceptance and Builds Connections Photo 2
LB Middle School Book Talk Promotes Acceptance and Builds Connections Photo 3
Long Beach Middle School hosted its second annual book talk for parents, students, staff members and district officials on Friday, April 28. The featured book was “Gracefully Grayson,” by Ami Polonsky, and participants discussed the theme, "What if who you are on the outside doesn't match who you are on the inside?”

“Gracefully Grayson” tells the story of an adolescent who comes into her own as a transgender girl and experiences struggles as well as strengths. Noting the importance of the book’s messages, Principal Paul Romanelli stated, “Identity is an issue that many middle school students struggle with, and we all have our own unique journey. At Long Beach Middle School, we want all students to know that they are welcome and accepted!”  

Students, teachers, administrators, Board of Education members and parents met in the middle school library and broke into small groups. Together they explored the main character’s journey and reflected on their own analyses of the story.

The main objectives of the book talks are to bring parents, students and staff together to connect over reading each year. “We love to welcome the community into our school,” said Mr. Romanelli.

LB Student Rewarded for First Place Photo

LB Student Rewarded for First Place Photo
Long Beach High School freshman Carmen Sabedra won first place in the Open category of Huntington Camera Club’s Annual High School Competition. This prestigious event is sponsored by Nikon and drew 1,100 entries from 17 different schools.

Carmen was awarded a Nikon Digital SLR camera and tripod as a prize for her achievement, and was formally honored at an award ceremony held on April 25 at the Huntington Library.

The Huntington Camera Club’s Annual High School Competition recognizes student photographers for their creativity, technical aspects and ability to fit the category theme. This is the third year in a row that Long Beach High School students have participated in this competition and earned awards.

More awards for LBHS TV Production students

More awards for LBHS TV Production students photo 1
More awards for LBHS TV Production students photo 2
More awards for LBHS TV Production students photo 3
Long Beach High School students took the spotlight at LIU Post’s Video Festival on April 28, when they achieved two out of the three awards that were presented. Scott Powers, Sean Reilly, James O’Connor and Logan Kohn represented the TV Studio Production classes with talent and excellence.

Long Island high school students entered original films in the categories of documentary, narrative and open genre. Scott's film, "Nepal Visual Documentary," won for best documentary and received complimentary remarks from Jean Carlomusto, an Emmy Award winner and director and professor of the LIU Post Television Center who served as one of the event’s judges. A collaborative work created by Sean Reilly, James O'Connor and Logan Kohn won for best narrative. All were presented with certificates and each winning video/film received a $100 Visa gift card.

The festival featured screenings of the featured videos/films and all participants had the opportunity to critique one another’s work. The Long Beach students were praised by the facilitators for their ability to offer constructive criticism that was very contemplative.

“This is something we practice in class and put to practice at the festival,” said teacher Eric Krywe. “It reinforced the effort made in class to delve deeper, not only in the technique of the work we produce, but also in the theory and vision behind the work we produce.”

Career Days Inspire Students at Lindell

Career Days Inspire Students at Lindell
Lindell Elementary School in Long Beach held two consecutive Career Awareness Day events for fifth-graders on April 20 and 21. An array of vocational fields were represented by parents who volunteered their time to visit classes and discuss their roles and responsibilities.

Students gained insight from a physician’s assistant, dietician, physical therapist, mechanic, news reporter, interior designer, attorney, teacher, firefighter, police officer, personal trainer, non-profit organization affiliate, sanitation worker, librarian, chef and business owner, among other professionals. The presenters described their typical day at work and the qualifications and skills that their jobs require. They also shared the reasons they chose their careers and the most rewarding aspects of their occupations.

Each fifth-grade class had the opportunity to explore approximately ten careers, and students found inspiration in the variety of possibilities to which they can apply their talents, enthusiasm and interests.

Paws-itive Role Models at LB Elementary Schools

Paws-itive Role Models at LB Elementary Schools
Elementary school students in Long Beach took action to make a difference by supporting a pet food drive coordinated by Assemblywoman Melissa Miller’s office. The initiative is providing much-needed items for animals and benefits Baxter’s Pet Pantry, operated by Long Island Cares, Inc.

Assemblywoman Miller visited Lindell and West schools in April, and will go to East on an upcoming date. She was met with enthusiasm from students who had gathered donations of food, treats and new toys for dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, ferrets and other pets during March and April.

“We don’t want animals to go hungry,” Assemblywoman Miller told the students. “This is really important -- to be able to get food donated so that pets can stay with their families. I really appreciate you all doing this.”

West’s efforts were spearheaded by third-, fourth- and fifth-grade Student Council representatives, pictured, as a service project. They eagerly involved classmates, faculty and family members in their effort to help.

Nominations and Applications for the Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award

Governor Cuomo is accepting nominations for the Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award. Students, parents, colleagues, and others can nominate a teacher and teachers can “self-nominate” and fill out the application immediately.

Every day, thousands of teachers across the State of New York are making a difference in the lives of children. These teachers hold high expectations and academic goals for each one of their students, fostering critical thinking, cultivating creativity, and instilling a love of learning. They are eager learners who pursue meaningful professional development throughout their careers.

‎This year, Governor Cuomo will award 60 teachers from across the state to receive the Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award. Awardees will receive a stipend of $5,000 for continued learning and professional development, and have the opportunity to directly advise education policy makers. To apply for the award, or to nominate an exceptional teacher, visit: