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Long Beach Honors All-State Musicians

Long Beach Honors All-State Musicians photo
Long Beach Honors All-State Musicians photo 2
Long Beach Public Schools honored three All-State musicians at its Jan. 11 Board of Education Meeting. High school students Olivia DiResta, Joshua Kapilian and Thomas Walsh performed at the NYSSMA Winter Conference, held at the Rochester Convention Center from Nov. 30-Dec. 3. Olivia joined the All-State Mixed Chorus while Joshua and Thomas participated in the All-State Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Director of Media, Visual & Performing Arts Julia Lang Shapiro honored the students with certificates of distinction on behalf of the district. Olivia and Thomas opened the recent meeting with a vocal performance of the National Anthem and were met with applause from members of the Board, administration and audience.

LB Board Meeting Honors Scholar Artist

LB Board Meeting Honors Scholar Artist photo
The Long Beach Public Schools’ Dec. 14 Board of Education Meeting began with a round of applause for student Jovanna Vicente from members of the Board, administration, staff and community. Jovanna, a high school senior, was named a Scholar Artist in the media arts category of the Long Island Arts Alliance’s Scholar-Artist Awards program earlier this school year based on her extraordinary photography talents. She was formally recognized at a celebration in September and will again be honored at a reception in the spring of 2018.

Winter 2018 E-Newsletter

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Virtual Enterprise Cultivates Collaboration and Business Skills

Virtual Enterprise Cultivates Collaboration and Business Skills photo
Virtual Enterprise Cultivates Collaboration and Business Skills photo 2
The Virtual Enterprise program, introduced at the NIKE Work Based Learning Center in 2016-17, has expanded to the high school this school year as a way to broaden business knowledge and experience among students as they prepare for college and careers. 

The programs from both buildings presented their work at the Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition trade show, held at Farmingdale State College on Jan. 9 and 10. The NIKE students won a silver certificate of achievement in the sales material category and the Long Beach High School group did an outstanding job at its first competitive event.

The students involved have taken on the challenge of developing and operating virtual businesses right in their classrooms, complete with departments such as marketing, human resources, sales, communications, arts and digital media. Each business has a CEO, CFO and COO.

The Long Beach High School participants are running a business called Beach Golf, which brings the equipment and certain concepts used in traditional golf to the beach with nets as goals. Those at NIKE are working from their O2H concept initiated last year. They have modified the product to an all-natural, freeze-dried water enhancer and anticipate a profit of approximately $400,000 this year.

The recent trade show featured an assortment of competitions such as commercial, business plan, website design, sales material, staff manual, branding package, employee handbook and company newsletter. The Long Beach teams competed against schools throughout Long Island and sold their products to 52 other firms from approximately 70 schools.

“It’s a great experience,” said Long Beach High School senior and Beach Golf CEO Gordon Gerstener. “My college major is related to business and I’m going in already knowing something about it.”

Dance Opportunities Focus on Technique and Creativity

Dance Opportunities Focus on Technique and Creativity photo
Seniors from Long Beach High School’s International Baccalaureate Dance Program and Dance Club presented an awe-inspiring showcase on Dec. 21. The talented students demonstrated the skills they have developed in choreographic devices and structure as well as their knowledge of various dance genres and techniques.

The results of dedication, collaboration and creativity came together on the high school stage as the students performed an assortment of pieces that they choreographed. Each participant introduced their piece and discussed the inspiration behind it.

“It was fun,” said Jackie Gravina regarding her experience as a choreographer. “It took about 10 days to put the piece together.”

“It really pushed me to change it up and explore some other styles,” said Jesse Scott.

This is the first year that the high school has offered the Dance Club, which meets weekly and is open to all students who have an interest in dance. IB Dance is a two-year program that focuses on modern ballet technique and performance in the first year and moves into choreography work in the second.

This past fall, IB Dance students participated in a residency opportunity with the Ailey II Dance Company through the New York City Center’s Education Department. They studied the history of Alvin Ailey, attended a Horton Master Dance Class at the City Center and learned a section of one of the company’s pieces as the first component of the project, then returned a week later to witness a performance by the company.

“The goal of the program is to create an appreciation for dance as an art and the performance, choreography and intention,” said teacher Christianne Vella.

BOE Work Session - Thursday, January 25 - Lido Multi-Purpose Room @ 7:30 PM

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Long Beach High School Dance Showcase

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Perfect score and strong results in WordMasters Challenge

Wordmaster photo
A student representing Long Beach LARC recently received a perfect score in the first meet for this year’s WordMasters Challenge™ — a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 150,000 students annually.

Fourth-grader Catherine Maguire earned a perfect score of 20 on the meet. Only 95 fourth-graders achieved a perfect score out of more than 6,000 students nationally taking the fourth-grade meet in the Gold Division. 

Other students from Long Beach LARC who achieved nationally recognized results on the first meet include fifth-graders Addison Bradley, Shea O’Hara and Ronin Rugolsky, fourth-graders Geddy Moss, LiLin Garfinkel, Jordan Haltrecht, Luke Morita, Nina Rugolsky, Marissa Miller, Enshan Ramkissoon, Brooke Nielsen and Sienna Warren and third-grader Jordi Perez. Dr. Caitlin King and Mr. Justin Sulsky coached these students in preparation for the event.

The WordMasters Challenge™ is an exercise in critical thinking that first encourages students to become familiar with a set of vocabulary words (considerably harder than grade level), and then challenges them to use those words to complete analogies expressing various kinds of logical relationships. Working to solve the analogies helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically.

Middle School students recycle beach litter to make art

Middle School Pic
Middle School Pic 2
A group of environmentally considerate and creative Long Beach Middle School art students demonstrated the power to use passion and talent to create a meaningful masterpiece. 

As a local community effort, more than 42 National Junior Honor Society members, Long Beach High School students and various other environmental organizations took part in the International Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept. 16 on Riverside Boulevard in Long Beach. 
The beach cleanup initiative was coordinated by the City of Long Beach, Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center and art teacher Laura Swan’s “Stewards of the Sea,” assisted by Long Beach High School student Harry Murphy. It brought members of the community together to make an environmental study of the debris found on our shoreline. Litter in various forms was removed and registered carefully to help preserve the beach’s natural beauty and cleanliness.

The middle school art students were requested by Cousteau to take the efforts a step further and make a “trash sculpture” from the debris that was collected. Thanks to the efforts of the beach maintenance crew, they assembled sanitized pieces of trash to form the image of a “sea person" that illustrates nature’s magnificence while spreading awareness about protection of the waters. They appropriately titled the piece, “Salvaged Riva,” as Riva means "from the shore" in French.

Materials such as bottle caps, beach toys, plastic lids, balloons and more were thoroughly washed and separated into categories. The students used these, as well as natural elements like shells and driftwood, to create their design over a paper mache foundation. Even the backdrop, a painting featuring colors of the ocean, was a discarded item repurposed for the project.

“After almost three decades of creating art with my students, this piece was extra special,” said Ms. Swan. “The artwork makes a strong statement of love for and destruction of our waters and how items that comfort us and make our lives ‘easier’ are sadly found in our seas.”

Fabien Cousteau, an aquanaut, ocean conservationist, and documentary filmmaker related to the famous Jacques Yves-Cousteau, joined New York State Assemblywoman Melissa Miller, district officials, staff members and students for an unveiling of the project at the middle school on Dec. 14. They shared memories and reflections from the beach cleanup and described how the artistic concept came to fruition, and Assemblywoman Miller provided each student with a Certificate of Merit. 
“I think the students made something really nice out of it,” said Cousteau. “It’s very representative of this community, which is concerned for and cares about the environment.”

Middle school spreads thanks

Middle school spreads thanks photo
Long Beach Middle School students created a meaningful project for New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration initiative, with credit going to eighth-grader Sarah Gusler for her ideas and involvement. Sarah’s vision came to life as her peers came together to develop a banner that reflects their grateful sentiments.  

Senator Kaminsky put out an invitation for essay, poetry or artwork submissions for possible inclusion in a Thanksgiving Day Showcase. Art teacher Laura Swan presented the Senator’s call for participation to her classes, and Sarah took interest. She proposed that the school develop a banner that spells out the word “Thankful,” with students’ own messages contained within the letters. 

Sarah wrote out the large block letters on boards of paper, each of which was assigned to a team grade. Students took time during their lunch periods to write out what they are most thankful for. The result was a collaborative outpouring of appreciation displayed in the school's foyer. 

For her thoughtful attitude, creativity and leadership, Sarah was provided with a certificate and letter of acknowledgment from the Senator.

Long Beach Athletes Rejoice Over Fantastic Fall Season

Long Beach Athletes Rejoice Over Fantastic Fall Season photo
Long Beach Athletes Rejoice Over Fantastic Fall Season photo 2
Long Beach Athletes Rejoice Over Fantastic Fall Season photo 3
Long Beach High School celebrated numerous athletic feats at its Fall Varsity Sports Award Night, held on Dec. 7. The event featured introductions of all fall teams and summaries of the season’s highlights. As in years past, the students were applauded for demonstration of outstanding sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance in their respective arenas. 

Badminton, cheerleading, cross-country, football, soccer, swim, tennis and volleyball athletes were recognized. Members of the boys volleyball team, coached by Bill Gibson, earned the 2017 Conference Champions title while the girls volleyball team secured the County Champions name under the guidance of coach Kerri Rehnback. 

The girls soccer team, coached by Michael Santoro and Kaysi Ward, also achieved Conference Champions status, as did the boys soccer team, led by coaches Leo Palacio and Rachel Ray. The boys badminton team, led by coach Andrew Rossi, was applauded as County Finalist and the girls swim team, coached by Lynn Volosevich and Phil Cabasino, celebrated four state qualifiers. 

Gibson, Rehnback and Palacio were each distinguished with Coach of the Year awards. The boys badminton, boys cross country, girls cross country, girls soccer, girls swim, girls tennis, boys volleyball and girls volleyball teams were recognized as Scholar Athlete Teams for maintaining grade point averages of 90 or higher.

West Shows that STEAM Learning is a MUST

West School brought students, staff members and parents together on Nov. 15 for an evening of inquiry, discovery, curiosity and hands-on learning. Math Uniting Science and Technology Night, better known as MUST Night, presented a series of interactive games and hands-on activities that led participants to explore scientific and mathematical principles in fun and collaborative ways.

MUST Night is an annual event at West that supports the curriculum and gets students excited about learning. It has evolved over the years to incorporate a broad range of opportunities that combine the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. 

For the first time MUST Night 2017 included a Math and Movement component in the gymnasium. This kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching math concepts features floor mats designed to incorporate physical exercise, stretching, cross-body movements and yoga into problem-solving challenges. A similar activity prompted students to strengthen their spelling skills. 

STEAM-based programs including coding classes, Dot and Dash competitions and more were led by Bianca Rivera from Long Beach Public Library. Attendees also took part in other grade level workshops such as bridge building, homemade maker spaces and more. 


Lido Supports Puerto Rico with Hurricane Relief Donations

Lido Supports Puerto Rico with Hurricane Relief Donations photo
Lido School presented a $1,500 check donation to the Surf for All not-for-profit organization in order to provide assistance to those in Puerto Rico who were affected by Hurricane Maria. Fifth-grade Student Government members felt a strong sense of compassion for those afar who are facing devastation from the disaster and wanted to do something to help.  

On Nov. 17, Woody Skudin of Surf for All visited Lido and graciously accepted the contribution. The students also prepared gift bags filled with school supplies generously donated by the Long Beach Walgreens. Surf for All will take the funds and items to Rincon, Puerto Rico, where they will be distributed to support those in need. 

Lido has made other efforts to help those impacted by this season’s storms. During the first week of school, students, families and staff members collected backpacks, school supplies, socks and other items for the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. The school, district and community that experienced Superstorm Sandy in 2012 have been eager to lend a hand and help other areas rebuild. 

LBHS at Newsday Marching Band Festival

Newsday Marching Band1
The Long Beach High School Marching Band did an outstanding job "Rockin' the 80's" at the 55th Annual Newsday Marching Band Festival on October 17. Watch the video here!