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Thankful for Collaboration and Creativitiy

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NIKE Work Based Learning Center art students collaborated with a special education class at Lido Elementary School in creating a festive holiday window display for Ooh La La boutique on East Park Avenue in Long Beach. They revealed their project at the store on Nov. 21, when they proudly presented the fall-themed decorations and "Thankful" sign that they designed and constructed.

"Curiosity Convention" Elementary Family Academy November 2

Elementary Family Academy – November 2, 2017 
Lindell School @ 6:30pm 

Please join us for another family-oriented version of Parent Academy. The evening will begin at 6:30pm with a brief explanation of inquiry-based learning and why it is good for children (and everyone!) presented by Sean Murray. Following this 15-minute presentation families will attend two 30-minute workshops led by our amazing elementary teachers, administrators, and coaches. Each workshop will present ways parents can encourage and support curiosity, wonder, questioning, and inquiry in their elementary age children. Workshops will be hands-on and interactive for parents and elementary age children alike. 

Lido thanks dedicated drivers

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Lido Elementary School took the time to pay tribute to staff members who play a pivotal role in making each school day possible – the bus drivers. Nov. 17 was dubbed “Thank a Bus Driver Day,” and featured a heartfelt program presented by students.

Twenty-seven bus drivers were attended a gathering in the multi-purpose room, where they were treated to breakfast courtesy of the Lido PTA and cookies and coffee from the Pre-K PTA.

Students made cards, posters and letters that expressed gratitude for the individuals who, as stated in the event’s program, “are sometimes the first smiling adult we see each morning and the last before we get home. You always brave the weather to get us kids safely where we need to be, while being a shining example as you do it.”

Students also provided their dedicated bus drivers with “survival kits” filled with candy and various other items, each with special meanings behind them.

Kindess Starts With Me

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October 17-21, 2016 marked Lido School's Bully Awareness week. This year's theme is "Kindess Starts With Me" which will be reinforced throughout the year with lessons and books. Upper grades were buddied-up with younger students to talk about how they show kindess to others. Together they made signs & posters reflecting these conversations. The entire school participated in parade on school grounds carrying their posters chanting "We are bully free, kindess starts with me!" The week ended with the dedication of Lido School's first Buddy Bench.

Buddy Bench

On October 24th Lido School had a dedication ribbon cutting to introduce students to Lido's first Buddy Bench. A buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. A student who finds himself lonely on the playground can sit on the bench and Must say yes to the first friend who invites them to play or walk and talk. More information can be found at