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"Curiosity Convention" Elementary Family Academy November 2

Elementary Family Academy – November 2, 2017 
Lindell School @ 6:30pm 

Please join us for another family-oriented version of Parent Academy. The evening will begin at 6:30pm with a brief explanation of inquiry-based learning and why it is good for children (and everyone!) presented by Sean Murray. Following this 15-minute presentation families will attend two 30-minute workshops led by our amazing elementary teachers, administrators, and coaches. Each workshop will present ways parents can encourage and support curiosity, wonder, questioning, and inquiry in their elementary age children. Workshops will be hands-on and interactive for parents and elementary age children alike. 

Lindell get moving for Juvenile Diabetes

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Students at Lindell Elementary School put their energy to good use during the month of May, when they participated in a “Move it Forward” fundraiser that benefitted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Held in conjunction with National Physical Fitness Month, the initiative promoted health and wellness and also supported the district’s emphasis on social emotional learning.  

The project kicked off with a schoolwide assembly, led by representatives from the JDRF, physical education staff members and Teacher in Charge Carol Cintorino. They informed students about juvenile diabetes and the overall benefits of exercise and fitness.

On May 12, students and staff members put their greatest efforts forward for the cause during a fitness hour, for which they received donations from family members and friends. Participants walked and ran around the field as a sign of their support for all children with juvenile diabetes, then rotated an assortment of exercise stations that featured activities such as jumping rope, hula hooping and relay races.

Career Days Inspire Students at Lindell

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Lindell Elementary School in Long Beach held two consecutive Career Awareness Day events for fifth-graders on April 20 and 21. An array of vocational fields were represented by parents who volunteered their time to visit classes and discuss their roles and responsibilities.

Students gained insight from a physician’s assistant, dietician, physical therapist, mechanic, news reporter, interior designer, attorney, teacher, firefighter, police officer, personal trainer, non-profit organization affiliate, sanitation worker, librarian, chef and business owner, among other professionals. The presenters described their typical day at work and the qualifications and skills that their jobs require. They also shared the reasons they chose their careers and the most rewarding aspects of their occupations.

Each fifth-grade class had the opportunity to explore approximately ten careers, and students found inspiration in the variety of possibilities to which they can apply their talents, enthusiasm and interests.

Lindell’s Colonial Day Combines Core Subjects

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Fourth-graders at Long Beach’s Lindell Elementary School brought Colonial times into the 21st century with an exhibit of projects that incorporated literacy, technology, research and visual components. The building’s first Colonial Day event served as an opportunity for students to share the knowledge they have learned and engage with guests and each other.

Dressed in hats, bonnets, long dresses, vests and slacks, the students enthusiastically provided detailed descriptions of the Colonial period. They presented projects that centered on topics of their choice, some of which included Colonial daily life, transportation, games and toys, education, medicine, clothing, food and trade. Parents and guests from the district toured the informative, museum-like classroom settings.

The entire initiative aligned with a curricular unit on the Colonial period. The students spent approximately six weeks developing their work from start to finish, which involved extensive research in addition to classroom lessons. They utilized the building’s computer lab to create PowerPoints, formulated questions to generate conversations with the event’s attendees, and prepared display boards that contained written pieces, illustrations and images, and even props.

All of the projects were produced through inquiry-based learning. Students were required to conduct their studies with specific questions in mind, such as whether the Boston Tea Party was just, whether they would be a Patriot or a Loyalist, and many others.

"This is a great example of how we have integrated content area curriculum into our Nonfiction Units of Study,” said literacy coach Lauren Kaufman. “Literacy is infused into all academic areas. We have been working toward a more student-centered approach to learning."

Lindell Holds "Bee a Buddy" Assembly

Lindell was "Buzzing" on Tuesday 10/25 and presented an informative and exciting assembly, "Bee a Buddy" Students learned about our 3 new buddy benches and their purpose: The benches will help eliminate loneliness, foster caring, kindness, and friendship.