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Long Beach High School

Principal's Message

August, 2016

Dear Long Beach High School Students and Families,


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  It is with great pride and excitement that I greet you as the newly appointed Principal of Long Beach High School.  As principal of our excellent high school, I enthusiastically embrace the district’s mission of developing inquiring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic students who value and demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.  I look forward to getting to know you and your students, and working with our wonderful staff to support our students in doing their very best. 


In order to assist your transition into this new academic year, I would like to highlight a few important items as we prepare for the new school year.


First Day of School:  Classes begin Wednesday, September 7, 2016.


Scheduling Information:  Enclosed with this letter is a copy of your schedule.  This year we will minimize the number of schedule changes.  Each schedule change involves a disruption of learning and teaching continuum that is generally counter-productive for students.  In an effort to ensure the best decisions, we do not allow changes to be considered before September 21, 2016.


Please allow me to also highlight the following points:

  • Cell Phones/I-pods/Mp3 players: These items are not permitted to be used or visible, in any instructional area of the building.  These items are only permissible to be used in the cafeteria during the student’s regularly assigned lunch period.
  • Attendance: Students who are absent from class risk missing essential learning opportunities.  Please note that students who miss school for any reason must bring an absence note from a parent/ guardian with them the first day they return to school.  Please take not of the following policy:

Students who accrue 14 absences in a half-year course or 28 absences in a full year course, may face the denial of course credit.  In addition, the student’s transcript will be marked with a NC (no credit).  For the purposes of denial of course credit three unexcused tardies shall count as one absence.  Students and their parent/guardian will have the right to appeal the denial of course credit.


  • Fighting/Violent/Disruptive Behavior: Students who engage in a fight or violent or disruptive behavior will face serious consequences; including suspension from school.  Students should always be encouraged to approach a trusted adult to help mediate any disputes.




The caseloads for the Vice Principals and Dears are outlined below.  As a general rule, classroom concerns should be addressed in the following order:  1 – classroom teacher, 2 – guidance counselor, 3 – Vice principal.  Discipline issues should be addressed through the classroom teacher, dean then the Vice Principal.


Vice Principals


Dr. Andrew Smith                  A-F

Phil Bruno                            A-K

Claude Irwin                           G-O

Chris Brown                         L-Z

Dr. Francine Newman          P-Z



This year we will host a “Back to School” night for parents on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 beginning at 6:00 p.m.  It is listed on the district website and more details will follow as we plan for the event.


Please refer to the district calendar for other important information including early pick-up procedures, emergency closing/delayed opening procedures, and pesticide notification information.  Please refer to the district website for free and reduced lunch applications and the September lunch menu.



Jeffrey R. Myers