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Long Beach High School

Special Education Department


Faculty/Staff (516) 897-2036  fax (516) 771-3998




Mr. Peter Russo - Coordinator

Ms. Cathy Clarke, Secretary

Ms. Tara Roesch, TA


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Link To Extra Help Day/Room Schedule

Ms. Lauren Andersen

Life Skills, Resource Room

Ms. Kerri Bolkcom
Resource Room, Integrated Co-Teacher
MS. Krystal Cardenas

Integrated Co-Teacher, Resource Room

Mr. Cornelius Campbell

Integrated Co-Teacher

Mr. Michael Corrigan

Special Class, Integrated Co-Teacher

Mr. John Dean

Resource Room

Ms. Serena Whitfield
Special Class, Integrated Co-Teacher

Ms. Elena Frishman

Integrated Co-Teacher

Ms. Adriane Glassberg

Integrated Co-Teacher

Mr. John Graziano

Integrated Co-Teacher

Ms. Paula Podber

Resource Room

Ms. Wendy Guzman

Special Class, Resource Room

Ms. Kristin Susko
Special Class, Integrated Co-Teacher
Ms. Kaitlin Moorhead

Special Class, Integrated Co-Teacher

Ms. Janet Lotito

Special Class, Integrated Co-Teacher

Mr. Thomas Gaynor

Life Skills

Mr. Richard Rogers

Life Skills

Ms. Megan Scully

Life Skills

Ms. Sherese Tronolone

Special Class Reading




Dr. Matthew Morand
Mr. Bernard Valentin

Social Workers:
Ms. Karen Groening
Ms. Maria Yaker
Ms. Bonnie Scholfield



Ms. Tammy Newman
Ms. Gia Cody

Occupational Therapy:
Laura Ragona

Physical Therapy:
Renee Cieleski


•  The Special Education Department offers the full complement of services designed for the individual needs of students classified as having educational disabilities. Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) are available to students who have been evaluated and classified by the district's Committee on Special Education (CSE). Program options include consultant teacher, resource room, integrated co-taught classes, a departmentalized special class program, life skills programs, as well as related services.

•  The School Psychologists and Social Workers work closely with the department to serve each child's individual needs. We strive for the highest standards and support our students in achieving their goals.


Transition Planning

•  Transition into the adult world can present challenges for all young people. The process of transition is more difficult for many youth with disabilities and requires unique strategies to enable each student to achieve the maximum possible independence in working, living and participating in the community as adults.

•  Transition services include a coordinated set of activities that are designed to prepare the student for outcomes that he/she envisions for his/her adult life. This may include post-secondary education, employment, vocational training, adult education, adult services, independent living and community participation

 For a more detailed explanation of the transition process you can contact Christopher Webel, Transitions Counselor at 897-2019 and/or go to: Transition Planning

•  The following links may be of interest to parents and students with identified disabilities: