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Long Beach Middle School

World Language Department

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Long Beach schools offers second language studies beginning in grade 7. In the sixth grade, our students have an opportunity to explore and experience all three languages through our project based FLEX (Foreign Language Exploratory) program.  At the end of sixth grade, our students will choose the language of their choice to study for the next four years. Our comprehensive program provides our students with a full course series whereby they achieve proficiency, and for many, mastery of the language selected. We currently offer three languages: Italian, French, and Spanish. At the conclusion of their first 2 years in the Middle School, our students take the new FLACs proficiency exam and receive one high school credit towards their Regents Diploma. In tenth grade (and ninth grade for those students in the Native Language classes), our students take the Foreign Language Regents, and receive, 2 high school regents credits towards their diploma. At the conclusion of tenth grades, our students will have earned a total of 3 regents credits. Our curriculum is thematic and uses a communicative approach. Many of our students continue their Foreign Language studies beyond 10th grade by continuing with their chosen language or starting a new one. We encourage all of our students to study more than one language. Our program offers up to level 4, AP both in French and Spanish, SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advanced) in Italian and Spanish, as well as IB courses in all three languages.  Our former dual language students and those whose native language is Spanish can also take our Native Language Spanish courses which emphasize literature and essay writing.  It is our goal and objective to give our students a thorough knowledge and understanding of the language(s) of their choice, including providing them with a deep appreciation for the culture and customs of the country whose language they are learning.


Our program goals and expectations are:

6th Grade Expectations
  • understanding simple statements, questions and commands
  • initiate and respond to simple statements using basic communicative skills
  • understand the main idea of reading materials containing simple structures when relying on visual clues and familiarity with topic
  • compose basic, short messages on very familiar topics
  • show knowledge and understanding of second language culture
7th Grade Expectations
  • understand the main idea of longer but simple conversations and messages
  • initiate and respond to statements using more advanced communication skills
  • understand essential content of short and general statements
  • be able to write paragraphs and longer compositions on familiar topics
  • show more in-depth knowledge and understanding of second language culture
8th Grade Expectations
  • comprehend common commands, directions, statements and questions about familiar topics
  • engage in short conversations with the ability to express personal needs and preferences
  • understand a variety of authentic written materials and short topical readings
  • be able to write compositions and express interests, needs, and opinions in writing
  • be familiar with and able to appreciate the second language culture

As a requirement for high school graduation, students must pass the new FLACs Language  Proficiency Exam with a grade of 65 or higher.