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Long Beach Public Schools

Office of Curriculum & Instruction


“Learning is a treasure which accompanies us everywhere.”
--Chinese Proverb

Welcome to the district web page for Curriculum and Instruction. Our department is responsible for curriculum development in grades PreK-12, and for teaching and learning throughout the district. Our goals are to reach for the highest levels of student achievement, to deliver a rich, inquiry-based curriculum in all disciplines, and to provide all students throughout the district with diverse and engaging opportunities for learning.

At Long Beach, we want learning to be an exciting, dynamic adventure that captures our students’ imaginations! In our classrooms, you will see children immersed in good stories, solving interesting and complex problems, and developing an appreciation for the arts. You will see students experimenting in science laboratories, learning to swim, and debating the causes of world conflicts. Our children are being prepared for careers which may not even exist yet, careers that will require them to be creative, reflective, global thinkers. We are constantly evaluating how we can revise and update our curriculum offerings in every area in order to best prepare our children for lifelong learning.

We invite you to frequent our site as new information is posted regularly. Our postings on this page will be expanded throughout the year and should give you greater insight into the exciting learning opportunities for all students within the Long Beach Public Schools.

Dr. Janna Ostroff
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
(P) (516) 897-2255
(F) (516) 771-3944