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Media, Visual & Performing Arts



About the Visual Arts

The visual arts are unique languages and symbol systems for communicating ideas, feelings, and different ways of knowing about oneself and the world.  The visual arts provide a record of civilization through diverse cultural artifacts that reflect aspects of human thought, action, and experience, and assist students in making connections across subject matter. Importantly, the visual arts develop essential workplace qualities of teamwork, collaboration, flexibility, and appreciation and respect for others’ ideas and personal expressions.

The visual arts engage the whole individual in the acts of creating and responding involving the intellectual, the intuitive, the emotional, and the physical being. The richness of the visual arts and its contribution to thinking and learning demand that every student have access to the knowledge, skills, and understandings of visual arts education.

The Visual/Media Arts Program (K-12) goals include having students experience the full range of the visual arts with an emphasis on the NYS Standards for the Arts.

  • Developing a lifelong curiosity about the arts, and understanding that art transcends time is one of the Common Core Standards in the Arts.
  • Through the process of art making, the study of art pieces, and art movements, the student will be able to make informed hypotheses about art and how it relates to common core disciplines and their world.
  • The student will also understand that art is a human endeavor that reflects the values that are important to cultures, society, and individuals.

Art is the lens in which we can learn not only about ourselves but also learn about the past, engage in present day society and collaborate with other individuals.

The varied curriculum of Long Beach Schools Visual and Media Arts department provides students with an array of opportunities to develop their curiosity for the arts and understand how art not only relates to them personally but to the world around them as well.

Our Visual and Media Arts department is as diverse and eclectic as our student body.

Our goal is to continue to provide opportunities for all learners to be able to develop the essential 21st century skills- the 4Cs- critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity- within our programs and help them make connections (the 5th C) to the other courses that they are studying.  

Art is truly the Common Language that we all share.