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2012-2013 Budget Information Archive

Connections - Budget Newsletter 2012

• April 18 Budget Presentation at PTA and civic association meetings

April 17 Budget Presentation from BOE Meeting (posted April 18, 2012)

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March 27 Budget Presentation from BOE Meeting (posted March 29, 2012)

March 13 Budget Presentation from BOE Meeting (posted March 22, 2012)

First Draft Budget Code Summary (Posted March 15, 2012)

• Election/Voting Materials

Summary Budget Report by Function - No Longer Valid as of 4/9/13


Run-Off Election: June 26

After the Long Beach School District’s annual Budget Vote and Trustee Election concluded on May 15 with the two incumbent trustees, Darlene Tangney and Gina Guma, each winning 1,618 seats, the district is required by law to conduct a run-off election. The run-off election will take place on June 26 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at East School, 456 Neptune Boulevard, Long Beach, NY.

As announced earlier, Trustee Guma has decided to forgo the run-off, effectively making Trustee Tangney the de facto winner of the seat, but state law still requires that the district hold the run-off election.

Changes to the normal polling procedures have been made in order to limit the cost of the election, reducing expenses from the usual $40,515 for a regular election to only $1,825 for the special run-off election. Cost savings were limited by decreasing the polling hours, using only one polling place instead of the usual eight locations, replacing voting machines with paper ballots, and forgoing the use of BOCES Election Services. While BOCES Election Services would have made the election eligible for significant reimbursement aid, the total cost of a traditional general election would have still been significantly more than the revised format. Limiting the size of legal ads and reducing the number of election clerks used to conduct the election will result in additional savings.

“Special thanks should be given to District Clerk Carole Butler, who left no stone unturned in seeking solutions that would dramatically reduce the cost of this special election,” said Superintendent David Weiss. “Given the fact that Trustee Tangney is now running unopposed, and we are still bound by law to conduct an election, it makes perfect sense to reduce costs as much as possible for our taxpayers while still providing people with an opportunity to vote.”

Board of Education to Hold Run-off

Trustee Guma Decides to Step Aside; Trustee Tangney Now Uncontested for Seat on the Board of Education

The annual Budget Vote and Trustee Election concluded on May 15th with an unusual outcome: the two incumbent trustees running for the Board of Education each ended up with 1,618 votes.

There were two contested seats in the election. Challenger Stuart Mininsky garnered 1699 votes to capture one seat, while incumbents Darlene Tangney and Gina Guma each received 1,618 votes. Therefore, under the law, the Board must hold a run-off election between these two candidates (new entrants to the election are not permitted); however, Trustee Guma has decided to forego the runoff, effectively making Trustee Tangney the de facto winner of the seat.

“I have been honored to represent Long Beach residents on the Board of Education these past several years,” said Mrs. Guma, who noted that she also served as a Board of Education member in the past from 1997-2003 before being elected again in 2009. “Obviously, no one could have envisioned such an unusual outcome. But I am not interested in pursuing a head-to-head race with my friend and colleague, and for that reason, I will not participate in the run-off. I thank voters for their support of my efforts, and appreciate their kind words and thoughts on my candidacy.”

The Board of Education voted at its meeting on May 22nd to hold the special runoff election on June 26th, but with changes to the normal polling procedures in order to limit the cost of the election. The polls will only be open from 11 am to 8 p.m. at East School because of its central location, and only paper ballots will be used.

“This is the right thing to do for the community,” said Dr. Dennis Ryan, Board of Education President. “While we must comply with the law by holding the runoff election, there is no need to go the expense of a typical election, given that this is a run-off with only one candidate. Therefore, we will save our taxpayers approximately $20,000 by limiting the hours of the run-off election, while living up to our lawful requirement.”


Budget Book 2010-2011 - .pdf posted 05/17/11

Connections - Budget Newsletter 2011